Blink XT2 Home Security Camera Review

Blink XT2 Home Security Camera Review

Gabe: Hey, folks. This is Gabe with Security Baron. Today I’m reviewing the sequel to the Blink
XT, the Blink XT2. [music] Gabe: In today’s review of the Blink XT2,
we’re going to check out some of the more alluring elements of this refresh by putting
it to the Security Baron necessary features test and diving into its mobile application,
the Blink Home Monitor app, to make sure you have all the information you need to make
the right decision. If you’d love to see a list of our favorite
home security cameras? Google “Security Baron best home security
cameras.” You have a question about today’s review? Leave us a comment, and I’ll get back to you. Let’s put the Blink XT2 to the Security Baron
necessary features test. Here at Security Baron, we think that every
home security camera should have stellar video quality, two-way audio, night vision, local
and cloud storage, smart platform integration, artificial intelligence, convenience, and
value. [music] Gabe: Stellar video quality is a Security
Baron necessary feature. By that we mean we like to see a video quality
of at least 1080p high-definition video and a field of view of 120 degrees. Now the Blink XT2 does well with this 1080p
high definition crisp, clear vision, but it only has 110 degree field of view, about 10
degrees fewer than we like to see. It’s going to be a little bit narrower than
what we like to see with our home security cameras. That being said, it does have a digital zoom
and while there are a few hiccups depending on your connection, we do feel that it has
a nice view that you can capture what’s going on in any particular room or even outside. When it comes to the Security Baron necessary
feature of stellar video quality, we’re giving the Blink XT2 half marks. A two-way audio is a Security Baron necessary
feature. It allows you to speak to whoever’s in the
vicinity of your camera and hear what they have to say back. Now this is a tremendous upgrade from the
predecessor the Blink XT2, the Blink XT, because it actually comes with two-way audio. When it comes to Security Baron necessary
feature of two-way audio, we have to give the Blink XT2 full marks. Night vision is a Security Baron necessary
feature. The night vision on the Blink XT2 is actually
pretty good. Now we do want to note a couple of things. One is that there’s a pretty significant variants
for us when it came to the live viewing versus the recorded clips. We even felt that we had a pretty strong connection
for most of that period. Once you looked at that recorded clip, the
night vision is actually clear, it’s using infrared LEDs to give you that nice, clear
night vision. Another thing you want to note is that when
you are recording with the Blink XT2, a little blue indicator light does come on which could
tip anyone out to the fact that there is a camera there. That’s one thing to keep in mind when you
are thinking of night vision with the Blink XT2. Overall the Blink XT2 has plenty excellent
night vision and for that we give it full marks. [music] Gabe: Whoa, hold on, I hope you’re enjoying
today’s review of the Blink XT2. Want to be kept up to date on the newest in
home security cameras, password managers, VPNs and smart home security? Subscribe to our channel Security Baron. We’re dropping new, hot content weekly. Let’s get back to the video. [music] Gabe: Local and cloud storage is a Security
Baron necessary feature. We like the ability to throw thing up in the
cloud so it access them from anywhere or it just had them locally on something like a
hard drive and a hub or the camera itself. Unfortunately, with the Blink XT2 you only
get 7,200 seconds up in the cloud or two hours in the cloud but that lasts up to a year. I think I should mention that it’s free. With Blink once you buy your camera everything
else is already built in. We would love for there to be an ability to
save to the sync module or the camera itself, but that is just not an option. Of course you can take those 7,200 seconds
up in the cloud and download them to a local hard drive that you have but it’s just not
an option directly into either the Blink XT2 itself or its sync module. When it come to the Security Baron necessary
feature of local and cloud storage, we have to give the Blink XT2 half marks. Smart platform integration is a Security Baron
necessary feature. Amazon owns Blink XT2 so it does integrate
with Amazon Alexa. For instance, you can ask it to arm your camera
or you can say, “Hey, send it to Amazon Echo show,” for example, on my Amazon Fire TV and
then you can actually check out the live stream of your Blink XT2. When it comes to smart platform integration
and the Security Baron necessary features test, we have to give the Blink XE2 full marks. Artificial intelligence is a Security Baron
necessary feature. It typically relates to a camera’s ability
to either recognize people’s faces or at least people in general or vehicle or even package
detection. That allows you to get smarter, more specific
notifications and distance doesn’t ring your phone anytime something goes by and it detects
motion. Unfortunately, the Blink XT2 lacks any of
these features. When it comes to artificial intelligence,
we have to give it zero marks. Convenience is a Security Baron necessary
feature. When we’re speaking convenience, we’re talking
about the installation and everyday use of your home security camera. Now, with the Blink XT2 you have to use it
in conjunction with a sync module. That’s really straightforward. You plug in your sync module, you put it onto
your WiFi using your mobile application, Blink Home Monitor app and the sync module’s ready
to go. That’s the first element, the first facet
of the process. The second one is just as easy. You’re going to take your Blink XT2, take
two AA lithium batteries, put them inside and voila. Once you sync it with your sync module, you’re
ready to go. Now remember, with those two AA lithium batteries,
Blink is purporting that it’s going to last for up to two years. That’s a really set it and forget it type
system because you can basically place this directly on a shelf, a mantle or use the swivel
mount. Screw it in anywhere you’d like in indoor
or outdoors of your home and you’re ready to go. That is the quintessential, simple and convenient
process for installation and everyday use with the home security camera and for that
we give the Blink XT2 full marks. A Security Baron necessary feature is value. Honestly, we think the Blink XT2 brings tremendous
value. It comes in at $99.99. This is an indoor/outdoor camera, but that
outdoor element with the IP65 weather-proofing is pretty impressive. That means is completely dust-tight and it
can definitely handle some rain. The Blink XT2 is the only camera in that pricing
range that brings that element. Any other camera on the market with that type
of IP rating is definitely going to cost you probably upwards of $300 or so. The Blink XT2 with its Activity Zones, its
temperature monitoring, its ability to withstand the elements — it’s bringing something really
special to the market. When it comes to value, we’re going to give
the Blink XT2 full marks. [music] Gabe: Now that we’ve put the Blink XT2 through
the Security Baron necessary features test, let’s go ahead and check out its mobile application,
the Blink Home Monitor app. Now, we’re going to be doing mostly with interfacing
with your Blink XT2, watching live streams, setting up activity zones, just generally
going through the processes of making sure your home is secure. It has a pretty decent score in the Apple
App Store with a 3.5 out of 5 star rating and does a little bit better in the Google
Play Store with a 3.7 out of 5 star rating. Let’s go ahead and check it out on my iPhone
7 Plus. Here I am checking out the Blink XT2 on the
Blink Home Monitor mobile application. You’ll see here as soon as you jump in, we’ve
not renamed this, it’s called the Blink XT2. This space is called the Baron Blink. There’s just a shot of me lying on the couch. Now, if I want to go look at a Live View,
I would just hit the video camera icon on the bottom left-hand corner. Voila, now we’ve got a live view of the outside,
you can see what’s going on down below. If I wanted to speak to someone, I would just
hold this talk button in the bottom and I’d be able to hear what they’re saying. If you note in the top right-hand corner,
there’s an icon for the microphone, which I have turned off because I actually don’t
want to hear. If you note right now at the bottom it says
Continue. I tapped on Continue because the way that
the Blink always tends to work is that every 30 seconds you need to say, “I’d like to keep
watching,” otherwise, it’ll turn off that Live View in order to conserve the battery
life. This is how that Blink XT2 lasts for two years. You’ll also note right inside of the Live
View, you get the opportunity to decide to save or discard this particular thing. Once again, I’m going to tap on continue. This time, I’m going to hit Save. Now it’ll save this Live View of the past
few seconds. That’s just one thing to note about jumping
into the Live View on your Blink XT2. There are hosts of other features right inside
the app. Let’s click out of here. In the top left-hand corner, I tap close. Of course, the first thing you note is the
screen. Once again, I can hit Add a Blink device. I can decide to arm or disarm in the bottom
right-hand corner. Now disarm the device. Let me arm it again. I can go into the upper right-hand corner,
see that folder, tap on the folder. You’ll see all of the different videos that
I have saved. One is just from motion detection. You see that from the person running icon
right there in the middle. Then these are when I had live screens that
I wanted to look at. Let’s go ahead and check out what we were
just seeing. Now, I’m just in the clip role, checking out
the live footage, person walking by and that’s useful. If I want to click out, tap on the upper left
hand corner. Let’s go look at some night footage. You can see here, this is a night vision. Get a nice wave from me. I’m pretty close to the Blink XT2 in that
perspective. Now, you see me walk to the back and give
you an idea of what it’s like from about 10 feet away. You see here, it’s pretty easy to use, and
its clips are pretty solid. It definitely seemed to improve in quality
once you’re looking at a viewed clip versus an actual live streaming. If I go and tap right above the actual image
itself, I can go into settings. I can change the name here. If I want to call it Blink X, if I want to
say “Blink Action,” change the name. I can look at the battery. I can look at the temperature, 85 degrees. I can enable motion detection, disable motion
detection. Look at the re-trigger time, the sensitivity. The clip length — end the clip early if motion
stops. Even do things with my infrared illuminator. There’s a host of different options. I can do the enhanced option for the video
quality. I can look at the best option or the poorest
quality, which, of course, will also help you extend the life of your battery. It also will give you updates related to your
firmware, how connected you are to the WiFi and your sync module itself. One thing I want to note here, I can go and
save this. When I go into activity zones, I can decide
where I would like to actually have an active zone. I click like this. These gray zones are inactive. I know that I’m constantly going to have a
bird coming into one particular part of my camera and I don’t want to record that bird
each time it comes, let’s say the left side. I’m clicking all of these left-side images. Now, I shouldn’t have to worry about any motion
there being activated. That’s a really useful element with the Blink. You can try to reduce the number of notifications
you get to your phone manually. Because there’s no artificial intelligence
with the Blink XT2, doing activity zones is especially useful. I can just reset the zones by clicking on
reset. Viola, now I am finished. I can tap on done and it saved that for me. The final thing I want to note on dealing
with your Blink XT2 is you might see beside the Settings button in the upper left-hand
corner, you’ll see a icon of three people and that is just the Ring neighbors’ application. Blink and Ring are both owned by Amazon. That will take you to the Ring app. It is not necessary to really get the most
out of your Blink camera. That’s our look at the Blink Home Monitor
app — really intuitive, really straightforward, and really helps you to get the most out of
your Blink XT2 home security camera. Here I am checking out the daytime quality
on the Blink XT2. It looks pretty good. It can capture everything in this room. I can do a little zooming. One thing to note is that it only is capturing
110-degree field of view, which is narrow in comparison with some of the other cameras
that we’ve seen. Of course, I have to continue to tap “Continue”
at the bottom of the screen in order to keep that view going. Let’s go ahead and give a little bit of a
test here, check that out. You can see that it looks pretty good. Let’s go ahead and look and got a little Africa,
Asia, Middle East action here. Overall, I’m a pretty big fan of the quality
on the video with the Blink XT2. Here I am checking out the night vision on
the Blink XT2. I’m about six or seven feet away. She’s in that infrared LED, I see the blue
indicator light is on. I honestly can see pretty well. I can look at the globe. With my phone, there’s a weird sheen on the
globe. Overall, I think does a pretty good job of
actually showing me what’s happening in this room, in this space. My face is easily distinguishable. You get an idea of what’s all around me. No confusion, no blurriness. It’s actually a clear view on the night vision. We’re of course dealing with a little bit
of lag, but that’s to be expected in the middle of the day when that [snaps] connection goes
up a bit. Looking at the Blink XT2’s night vision, I
am satisfied. [music] Gabe: Let’s recap how the Blink XT2 score
on the Security Baron necessary features test. Video quality, half marks. While the Blink XT2 has crisp clear 1080p
high-definition video, it only has a 110-degree field of view. Two-way audio, full marks. The Blink XT2 gives you the ability to talk
and listen to whoever is in front of your video device. Night vision, full marks. The infrared LED lights on the Blink XT2 really
give you a nice shot or whatever’s going on in the dark. Local and cloud storage, half marks. While the Blink XT2 does give you cloud storage,
it does not give you the ability to hold anything locally. Smart platform integration, full marks. The Blink XT2 does integrate with the Amazon
Virtual Assistant. Artificial intelligence, zero marks. Unfortunately, the Blink XT2 has no artificial
intelligence capabilities. Convenience, full marks. The Blink XT2 not only is an easy installation
process but the two-year battery life means you can set it and forget it. Value, full marks. The Blink XT2 has an impressive feature set
for under $100. [music] Gabe: We’ve come a long way with the Blink
XT2 but you want to know, “Gabe, which is the right home security camera for me?” and
I’ll say this. You want an indoor outdoor camera that’s IP65
weatherproof, or the set it and forget it convenience that can only come by being powered
with two AA lithium batteries for up to two years, or the tremendous value from the home
security camera that cost less than $100? Then you want to look at the Blink XT2. However, if your heart is set on artificial
intelligence or you need a super-wide field of view then you should check out one of its
competitors. That being said, I’m impressed with the improvements
that Blink has made with the XT2 over its predecessor, the Blink XT, and think it’s
a great option for your next home security camera. [music] Gabe: That concludes our review of the Blink
XT2. If you appreciate today’s video, give us a
like and hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. [snaps] Be secure. [music]

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