Bosch Security Systems EXPERIENCE center | Hello Morocco

Bosch Security Systems EXPERIENCE center | Hello Morocco

Bonjour Moncef, It is nice to see you again. Welcome to Morocco, one of the two head offices in Africa, where we have our training and experience center. Together with our partners we provide safety and security solutions. Our experience center offers to our customers from all over Africa the chance to see and work with our products so they can make better decisions. We expect more than 500 visitors per year. Not only from Morocco, but also from other countries we support like Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Ghana, but also Nigeria. Consultants, partners and customers can visit our website. We have a wide range of products available. Products such as Fire detection, Intrusion, Video Systems, Public Address and Conference, Access Control solutions, as well as, Management Software. With our portfolio, we are able to provide practical solutions for every application and every size. Future proof, intelligent and of course very reliable. Please watch the video from our team in Egypt to find out more about our solutions. Customers really value to experience our products first-hand. It helps them to make decisions about what products are right for their clients and their business. We visit the center as often as possible. We always try to make our most important clients visit the center. Of course, it is always nicer to see the real thing than place an order based of data sheets. It is helpful that the team is bilingual. We trade internationally and it is very important to have people speaking different languages. Customers can see our products here in our experience center, but they can also see them in the showrooms of our partners who became experts trough dedicated trainings in our solutions. From the experience center we learn how to showcase products and solutions. The customers notice that it is your field of expertise and it helps you gain more business opportunities. Experience the products is one thing, but it is also very important to understand the products in order to get the most out of it. Therefore, here in Morocco, we have a training center where we offer you an extensive portfolio of trainings for our partners, consultants and end-users. So be sure to watch this video. It will tell you how we support our partners with expert training on our products and solutions. So I would say hello or, as we say in Morocco, Salam to our training center. And if you would like to know more about it, please visit our website

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  1. dear madam respect i have been doing a call center agent for 4 years in morocco and in Dubai im interested to work in your company may i know how to apply

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