BrandsMart Answers Lab: Home Security with Ring, IZON & Philips

BrandsMart Answers Lab: Home Security with Ring, IZON & Philips

Hi, Brad from the BrandsMart Answers Lab. Technology changes daily in home security
and smart homes. Here’s something new with… the doorbell! With the RING Doorbell, you can see who’s
there, from anywhere! And it’s a lot more than just a doorbell. The RING Video Doorbell has wide-angle HD
video, two-way talk–and even night vision. RING works with your home’s Wi-Fi. So you can get alerts and see AND talk to
your visitors over your smartphone or tablet– from wherever you are. And you can hear a traditional alert anywhere
in your house by just adding a RING chime in any room. Want more security? Add the RING wireless Stick Up Cam. It has night vision AND motion sensing. With cloud video recording to preserve any
activity in and around your home, and the ability to connect the RING Doorbell system
with your favorite smart locks–you get complete control and better security. The RING Doorbell system is powerful, expandable
– and best of all It’s easy to install yourself! Or maybe you’re just looking for an easy-to-install
camera system. If so, look at the Stem Innovation IZON Wi-Fi
Security camera or the Samsung WI-Fi Video Security System. Both systems have FREE Android and IOS APP’s
for remote viewing for you to see whatever is going on anywhere in your home–whether
you are there or not. These cameras detect noise and motion, and
with a 360-degree rotation, and 45 degree angle of viewing, plus night vision–you’re
going to see everything. And not just see–but record–you can save
up to 100 recordings. You can network up to ten cameras to cover
the whole house–and the set-up over your home Wi-Fi can be done easily by anyone in
just minutes! Now, we all know that leaving a light on at
home might not fool a smart prowler. But with the Philips HUE, you can control
the lights in your home via your smartphone or tablet with the ability to set up lights
to come on and off on a schedule, and you can easily vary the lighting at any time to
make it look like you are at home. Plus, with the HUE system, you can always
grow your Philips Hue family. Once you’ve set up your Philips Hue system,
you can go on and add up to 50 Philips Hue lights, luminaires, switches and other accessories. Create the ambience you want with different
color bulbs. Lighting for waking in the morning, different
lights for reading, for relaxing, for whatever you’re into! You can even sync these lights with your music
and movies! Now that’s a bright idea! If you’re looking for the latest technology
in home security and smart homes come into Brandsmart today and talk to the trained staff
who can help you get what’s right for your needs and home. Discover the BrandsMart way!

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