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100 Replies to “Brazilian Off Duty Fends Off Supermarket Robber”

  1. Must have been firing blanks. I mean the suspect was literally 2 feet away. I could have made that shot blindfolded using a hi point. This is what you call a failed victory. Lol

  2. Store ad next day in local paper, Wanted: Security Guard – No actual work required – Laying around encouraged! Receive FREE weekly paychecks!

  3. He should’ve just thrown the damn gun at the bad guy! It could have hit him in the neck instant paralysis! 👊 bam! Just as much of a chance of MISSING 8 TIMES! 🙄

  4. Hum, robber leaving- no one hurt, and guy starts throwing lead with TWO bystanders in right corner backstop. Should he have risked hitting the bystanders and other bystanders while bad guy shoots back at him? LET HIM TAKE THE MONEY, NOT WORTH IT! Follow bad guy out and shoot if necessary.

  5. The whole thing was a setup. From the security guard dropping his batton (and placing it next to himself) to the guy missing at point-blank range.

  6. That security guard could teach the armed forces the golden rule in combat, “never drop your weapon, if you do you are as good as dead”

  7. Watching the off duty was like watching a replay of me in an fps game when any 1v1 encounter occures, gets super tactical like a pro and then unloads the entire mag without getting a single hitmarker

  8. I thought the bad guy would make the room temperature challenge, but his guardian angel was Neo from Matrix, bending reality so bullets flew harmlessy around him.

  9. No this was a movie scene I've seen it in every movie that has people shooting at each other. (Someone needs to go to the range)

  10. Unarmed security guards are a cruel joke. Not the people that do the job; but the practice of having people "guarding" things without the proper tools for protecting life and property.

  11. I don’t believe the “undercover” was Brazilian, or at least he wasn’t born there! They don’t miss like this! John’s videos have proved this much!

  12. 'Good Guy' "Won"?
    It was a DRAW at best!
    Threw a bunch of rounds around in a crowded area for NOTHING.
    Might as well have just let the perp leave.

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