BREAKING NEWS !!! The EZVIZ ezGuard Outdoor WiFi Camera Keeps Homes Surveilled

BREAKING NEWS !!! The EZVIZ ezGuard Outdoor WiFi Camera Keeps Homes Surveilled

the ezviz ezguard outdoor Wi-Fi camera
comes as an advanced piece of security equipment for the modern home that will
provide users with the ability to keep their space secure without the need for
bulky devices capable of being installed outdoors thanks to the rugged design and
it available for $109 always know what’s happening around your house with the ez
was easy guard outdoor Wi-Fi camera this wall-mounted camera comes with active
sound alarms and light to increase protection once the camera detects
suspicious activity it activates pre-emptive defense to deter intruders
likewise this sound alarm reaches up to 100 decibels effectively covering all
areas under surveillance additionally the internal waterproof
microphone picks up audio within 5 meters the EZ guard also records video
with sound and it supports two-way audio and features with efficient loudspeakers
it also filters background noise to enhance voice quality thanks to the
integrated denoising algorithm moreover the outdoor camera uses powerful dual
antennas ensuring reliable wireless transmission without interference with
an IP 66 rating the camera is resistant to rain snow dust and more the easy
guard camera also works well at night offering 30 metres of night vision

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  1. this unit is great in situations where you dont want to use IR… with this you can detect motion in objects that dont emit heat..

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