Build Vault Anti Maling Auto Tampan!!! | Lifeafter Global

Build Vault Anti Maling Auto Tampan!!! | Lifeafter Global

Yuhuu is back at gaming cug hello friends wherever you are yeaah back again us in a handsome cug gaming video so in our video this time, I want to love building an anti-theft vault and anti-storm LOL certainly build handsome LOL you want to know how the process of development? just need a few ingredients we just need only two ingredients that is simple wooden wall and simple wooden floor ok, so how is the excitement and good looks of this build vault later you can see for yourself in our video this time but before we continue to the video it’s good that you support the CUG GAMING first like subscribe and activate the notification so you don’t miss it the latest videos and other interesting info and don’t forget to share the video with your friends so they know the new info this time okay happy watching this is our handsome video this time ok bro you can see for yourself This is the vault of the handsome warrior the video is really fast ok bro you can see what we want to make That’s right, bro, we want to make a maze make the thief confused to find the wardrobe that we hid so here we have to provide 88 simple wooden floor and 200 simple wooden wall and that doesn’t include the enchantment either you have to calculate for yourself how much enchance is needed to make it stronger and handsome lol so here I am really deliberately adjusting the closet in the middle of the middle, why? so the thief is confused even safer Strengthen the floor first with the cupboard why must be strengthened? because if the floor is lv 1, it’s really easy to destroy because in the vault, thieves don’t need to destroy the cabinets directly just copy the floor, automatic cupboards there immediately destroyed so it’s very important to increase the strength of the floor and then all we have to do is cool everything so left and right front and back on the wall so that the thief who tries to find the cupboard is confused to find where the cupboard is if you can strengthen it to a greater level so we make it like this bro everyone, try to put the cupboard first and really try large level walls for each cupboard if you set the wall you find problems like this you can just rearrange the wardrobe and here I give advice If you want to arrange the closet, move it close to the wall Why?? for example if the thief wants to break the wall and break it still blocked by the cupboard they automatically get an obstacle to get into the wall just make it like this, bro if like this it’s really easy to destroy ?? use assault howizer ?? but here bro we make it like this not just to confuse the thief because here we rely on poison gas from the vault so the thief will take a while to reach the closet that we hid okay thief you must enjoy the thrill of stealing in this build vault so why do we make it like this? I guarantee to you bro if they try to steal here they will automatically require a lot of time and also trigger our poison gas has spread beforehand here they will automatically fail and die in vault that’s the reason I made a vault like this so everything is put on the wall all and to be even safer enchan the wall to a larger level so it’s harder for thieves to steal so you don’t need to be afraid they must have failed to try it because we have the vault’s strongest weapon poison gas so I suggest to vault it’s enough to only have 1 floor because it requires a little wall and also the floor and enchance level Suppose you have up to 3 floors in a vault and you make builds like this in vault number 2 they will automatically shoot from under the floor so they won’t be trapped inside and the thief is easy to escape so I strongly recommend that vault only have one floor and you can see again the process of making this anti-theft vault if the thief still wants to steal here they must carry a lot of ammunition and they must be prepared to die here die with poison I deliberately made this anti-theft build video because there is a viewer asking to make a video about vault and here it is the result of building a vault anti thief cug gaming super duper and definitely auto looking LOL if I become a thief after seeing like this I give up first LOL trigger death with poison gas bro LOL rather than meeting LOL’s wealth for the wardrobe layout you can set it yourself and try not to be close to each other I guarantee very much to you guys the thieves who enter will die here and fail to steal later at the end of the video you will see some thieves who failed to steal here don’t forget to like and SUBSCRIBE dude to make a vault like this we need patience and also the language I told you at the beginning of the video and we call this build is the handsome labyrinth vault LOL why are there so many walls? because poisonous gases will start to break when they destroy the walls, the more they destroy the walls faster and faster the poison gas will come out and toxic gas levels will be faster to rise and I am very sure the thieves will die before they can get out of here and for the last touch, if you guys have made it like in this video you can enchane the edges of the walls bro so that the walls in our vault are getting stronger and better looking LOL just watch it thieves will think twice about thieves here and smart thieves will definitely go home LOL and here I made a little trick so here later I will install the door as an attraction so they smash the walls from front here, even though we put the cupboard right in the back row of LOL because if we are usually a thief in a manor’s place we must first destroy the door first and that is the instinct of the thieves in the LOL life after so thieves please steal in my manor LOL and here I give a cupboard so they don’t go home empty-handed LOL so we do a little good for them LOL and don’t forget to increase the level of the door later you can see how many thieves you have who tried to steal here, and failed LOL uhuuuy okay, it’s finished building and now we will see some thieves who failed to steal here we can see the results on the signboard in the manor ok this is a list of thieves who tried barge into this handsome vault and the results they failed all LOL thank you for those of you who are still at home watching this video and if the subtitles are not very good and please support this channel by like subscribe and activate the notification and don’t forget to share to other friends

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  1. Beneran dibikin requestnya dong, makasih bang, warga trubulent city auto pensi liat vault tampan cug gaming nantinya, wkwkwkwk

  2. tampan. klo mao jadi maling. jadi bingung mao hancurin yg mana dulu 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 ujung2 maling.ya knock dulu.

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