Can I Use the Skybell DBCam Trim w: a Lyric Security System?

Can I Use the Skybell DBCam Trim w: a Lyric Security System?

Hi, DIYers. Joey here from Alarm Grid. And today we’re
going to talk about if the Skybell DBCam Trim
is compatible with the Lyric system. And it is. We have a Skybell
Trim right here. It’s smaller than the regular
Skybell, and it is 1080p. And the Skybell DB Trim
and the Skybell Trim Plus are actually the same model. Either of those are going
to work with the Lyric, with Honeywell, or
with Total Connect 2.0, or with the Skybell app itself. If you have an system and you do want to use the Trim
or the regular Skybell, you’re actually going to have
to purchase the version of that. If you do get that
model, don’t try to enroll it to the
regular Skybell app, as it may try to download
a firmware update that’s going to brick the Skybell. So just keep in mind,
if you have, you have to get the
version of the Skybell, and you can only use it
with the app. For all intents and
purposes, though, today we have a
regular DBCam hooked up that we’re going to use to
hook up the Lyric system. We actually have it connected
to an AD12612 Honeywell power supply. If you go to
install your Skybell and you find that the existing
wiring or the existing doorbell is not going to
power it, you may have to install a power supply. The only thing to know
about installing a power supply with the Skybell
is that one of the legs needs a 10 ohm resistor. It’s very important
to install this, or you may damage the unit. So we have our Skybell
DBCam right here, and we have the Lyric
system right here. One thing to know before going
and doing your integration, there’s actually something
you have to do online to have this be able to work. If you go to our website and you
type in Skybell Total Connect integration, you’re going
to see a document that says Skybell DB Trim
integration guide, or something of the sort. Click on that, and
that document is going to have a few pieces
of information on it. One is going to be a
website, which it’s going to tell you to go to. It’s a Honeywell website. And it’s also going
to give you a code. So there’s going to be
two data entry lines. So you’re going to put the
code in on one of the boxes. And on the other box, it asks
for the Skybell serial number. You’ll have to enter the
serial number of the Skybell. To find that, we have
our back plate on, so you can’t really see it, but
if you look, that number right there, that’s the serial
number of the Skybell itself. So if you take that number, you
go to that website, put that in, hit OK, that’s going to
tell Skybell that it can now work with the Lyric system, and
that will allow it to link up. If you’re having
trouble integrating it, that’s very likely
the step that you’ll need to take to get
it onto the system. Now, the functionality
between Skybell and Lyric is really basic at this time. All it can do is chime the
name that you give the Skybell, just like another door,
another zone in this system. And we’re going to walk
through this right now. So if we look at our Lyric,
the first thing to know is that you want
the Lyric itself and the Skybell on the
same Wi-Fi network. From here, we’re going
to click on Tools, and we’re going to go
into the Master Code menu. On this menu, click the
arrow to go to the side, then click Skybell Setup. It says, to enroll
a doorbell, press a button on that doorbell. Can hit OK. And then we’re going to hit
the button on the Skybell. [BEEPING] And there we go. So the Lyric picked it up. From here, you can click this. And we can add a descriptor
or you can change the chime. To make this easy, we’re just
going to name this Door today. Door. Click Save, and then click Save. So now we’re locked in. So we head back
to the main menu. When somebody
presses the doorbell, this should chime door. [BEEPING] Door. And there you go. That’s pretty much the
extent of the integration between the Skybell and
the Lyric system itself. If you have Total
Connect 2.0, you can also integrate it through that app. And that looks very
similar to the options that you’ll find
in the Skybell app. Thanks for watching. If you did enjoy the
video, hit subscribe. If you want to be notified
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head over to And also, you can send an
email to [email protected] Thanks for watching,
and have a great day.

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