Canary Security System Review Hands-On

Canary Security System Review Hands-On

Hey y’all it’s Rose. Today we’re going
to take a look at Canary. And Canary is my favorite home security camera and that’s
saying a lot because I have a lot of home security cameras. And I’ve owned it for
over a year, I’ve never done a video review, but I’m going to do one today because they
released an update with a couple of new features including notifications for extreme temperature
changes and also notifications that’ll let you know if the camera goes offline. So I’m
excited because today we’re going to test out those features and you’ll get to see
if they work or not and I’m also going to give you a basic overview of what the camera
can do in general. I like Canary because as you can see the video
quality is awesome, but I also like it because it’s simple. You just plug it in and it
works. It automatically arms and disarms itself based upon my smartphone’s location. And
it also works using 3 modes –3 – simple, I’m telling ya! It has an armed mode where it looks out for
motion events, a disarmed mode where you can check in on things, but it’s not actively
monitoring for motion, and it has a privacy mode where the camera and microphone are completely
off. You know what mode its in thanks to the LED ring on the bottom of the camera. Canary uses automatic LEDs for night vision.
In fact, when it swaps between day and night vision it freaks itself out sometimes causing
a false alarm. And that’s a problem that’s gotten a little bit better over the past year
because Canary is actually a learning system, it can self-resolve problems over time. However,
that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. In fact, let’s go take a look at some gotchas. First gotcha, it includes free cloud storage,
but it’s limited. The free plan includes 12 hours of video history, 3 video downloads,
and 5 video bookmarks. While this may sound limiting, there is another new feature Canary
recently launched and it’s called video sharing. It’s kind of like a free storage workaround.
Tap on the share icon when viewing a clip, let the video process, and you can share an
unlimited amount of videos via text, email, Facebook, Gmail, etc. There are some other gotchas. Second gotcha,
it has a siren, but the siren doesn’t automatically sound, you have to trigger it manually when
viewing live footage or viewing an event. From the same screen you can call for help
if you see something that’s concerning. Canary is programmed to always call your hometown
emergency dispatch crew even if you’re on vacation hundreds of miles away. Third gotcha is that Canary lacks local storage,
unless of course you count downloading videos to your phone’s gallery as storage. The
next gotcha is that it doesn’t work with a lot of other devices. It does work with
the Wink home automation hub and through Wink you can actually connect Canary to IFTTT and
Amazon Echo, but you can’t connect to either without a Wink Hub and since I don’t own
one that’s sort of a bummer for me. The final gotcha is that Canary doesn’t have
any sort of battery backup and in the past there wasn’t even a notification that would
let you know when the camera lost its power source. Now, of course, that’s supposed
to of changed with the most recent update … And actually … let’s go ahead and
find out if that’s true. I’m going to unplug the camera and we’ll see what happens. And 15 minutes later it did let me know and
it let me know instantly when Canary was back online. Canary has added the ability to get alerts
for extreme temperature, humidity, and air quality. I received a temperature alert after
5 minutes of leaving Canary in the oven, but I didn’t get a humidity alert at all. You
can adjust the sensitivity settings within the app and it’s possible that I didn’t
break what I’d set as a normal humidity level. Over the past few days I’ve been getting
lots of false abnormal air quality alerts. I get them, swipe them open, and air quality
shows as normal. So I guess my verdict is that the features still need to work themselves
out a little bit, but I have confidence that they will. So, that’s Canary in a nutshell. I like
it because it’s simple and it doesn’t take a lot of thought. You plug it in and
it works. Easy, right? So, thank y’all for spending time with me today. If you have any
questions about the camera feel free to comment below. And if this videos been helpful at
all I would appreciate a thumbs up. I’ll see y’all later!

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12 Replies to “Canary Security System Review Hands-On”

  1. That home is so clean. Does anyone actually live there?

    Some junk mail on the coffee table would make it look more believable…

  2. Love your vids keep em coming ….will you be reviewing the Ring pin up camera….I saw that you reviewed the doorbell which I own; "the pro version" I am very pleased with it.

  3. when you're showing us sample videos from the Canary, are you using your own mic, or is this from the device itself.

  4. Hey Rose 🙋
    Today there was an update from Canary that lets you add a "mask" – An area where the Canary won't notify you if there's motion.

    This is the opposite of other competitors like Nest & Ring and I was wondering if it worked as well. Is there any chance you could test this feature out and give your view on it? Thanks!

  5. I moved from a personal to a brand account on YouTube. In doing so, I lost the hundreds of comments I’ve made since early 2016. I apologize that all the data was lost, but we can start again. Let me know if you have a question, even if it’s a repeat!

  6. Updates:
    01/03/2018: At CES 2018, Canary launched a new camera called Canary View, Package Detection, and an integration with Amazon's Alexa.
    12/17/2017 Canary is adding person detection for free and they now allow you to add five cameras to your Membership for $9.99 per month. Also, they are no longer offering a Home Deductible Reimbursement and have extended the recorded clip length back to 30 seconds.
    11/17/2017 Canary has added Night Mode back to the free plan. They’ve also extended clip length to 30 seconds.
    10/28/2017 Canary works with Google Home. You can use the integration to check your HomeHealth statistics.
    10/4/2017 Canary no longer offers all Modes for free. You must pay to access Night Mode and you must pay to customize modes. For free you still have access to auto home/away, Home Mode, and Night Mode. These changes, and the changes from 8/27, do affect my opinion of Canary. It is no longer quite as wonderful as it once was.
    8/27/2017 Canary updated cloud Memberships. Non-members (free) now have 24 hours of storage per device for up to four cameras, but only have access to 10-second clips. You can still share clips, but downloading them to your phone requires a Membership.
    8/14/2017 Canary All-in-One now offers two-way audio and Web App access to Members. They’ve also improved Watch Live by reducing latency.
    5/31/2017 Canary now has Masking, kind of like Activity Zones.
    2/2/2016 Now offers custom sounds for push notifications.
    12/1/2016 Canary now supports Apple TV & iPad

  7. Hey Rose, great review. Did you record this video using canary? I am trying to get a sense of how good their video quality is.

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