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100 Replies to “Caught On Tape: Suspect Drop Kicks Arnold Schwarzenegger In South Africa”

  1. Lmao, I thought he picked Arnold up and dropped kick him
    Holy shit this wasn’t even by me someone hacked this account holy shit

  2. Man.. if i was near when this shit happened i wouldnt just drag the moron away i would stomp him into the ground on spot

  3. Ok from the second angel it looked like he barely moved like he’s made of stone 😂 that man just put all his force into that kick and it barely made him take three steps

  4. That was a idiot move. Sorry that happen to you Mr Schwarzenegger. Everbody be really careful out there because more & more idiots are surfacing nowadays. Happy Holidays & God bless us all.

  5. Arnold Schwarzenegger Inc. probably paid this guy to drop kick him to get millions of views.

    Everyone knows we don't give a SShit about Kids in Wheelchairs. …But add some Famous guy, and drop kicks by random guy = Hella INTERESTING SHIT! 💸💸

    That's why Arnold didn't fall. It was staged for publicity

  6. It's how funny how everyone are making it has a joke but it's it would've been a black celebrity being kicked viciously from the back by a white dude everyone would've been offended and would've said the white dude did it because he's racist! Some people are so hypocrite fuck you all!

  7. Who in their right fucking mind would think it would be ok to do that in the first place? I'm so flabbergasted tf, like to what end?

  8. That impulsive kid/punk didn't survive the attack very well I'd say. Looks like a bodybuilder putting a choke hold on him right afterward. Wrap your head around the thinking it took to plan that move.

  9. Arnold: gets drop kicked
    Also Arnold: I Felt A Slight Tickle On My Back, Is There Someone Who Requires My Attention For Possible Questions?

  10. I'm super glad that someone was able to capture a second camera angle. When the video first released it really looked like Arnold may have gotten hurt since he stumbles out of frame, but now with this second angle it's clear that he was essentially unaffected. Bodyguards should be fired though.

  11. Truly epic how a 72 year old got attacked from behind and didn't even effect him just was a little push to him, What a beast.

  12. Should of took him outside and let Arnold beat his ass….
    Authorities(:What happen?)
    Arnold's body guards:(He tripped officer.)

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