Cheshire Police – Operation Lock Up – Home security advice

Cheshire Police – Operation Lock Up – Home security advice

One of the first lines of defence are your gates if the gate is open then a thief can just walk in and start having a look what you’ve got that is worth pinching. But just the fact that you’ve got a gate – it doesn’t need a fancy lock – just the fact that it is there and like this one is bolted shut means they have got to form a decision to break-in while they are out in the street, which here means people are overlooking and can see what’s going on. Got a nice house here: twin garages. Most theieves don’t carry the tools of the trade with them
because the police know who they are. If they are seen out and about they are stopped and searched, so they will break into a garage or a shed to get the tools to commit their crime. So the fact that the garage is locked and kept shut will keep the thief out. You’ve got the motorbike, you’ve got bicycles the golf clubs… …realistically those of the sort of things that do get stolen, so it’s important the door is kept shut. And making sure the door to the rest of the house is kept locked, so that if somebody does come in if you have left the door open on a nice day while you are doing something else they can’t get into the rest of the house. The burglars aren’t that daft. If you leave the key under the plant pot for family, there’s a good chance they will have a look there for the key as well. Thirty five per cent of burglaries there’s no force used to break into the house. The thief has come in through an open door, or an open window or an insecure door. This door can be quite secure. This is a Yale night latch. So sometimes during the day, especially during the summer,
people will leave that what they call on the latch, which means it’s easy just to open the door. But this door is quite secure. There’s a door chain,
So if that’s put on you can get vet callers, and you can talk to people without letting them into the house. The night latch is one level of security. And this is a five-lever mortice lock.
You can tell it is a five-lever mortice lock because ‘5 LEVER SECURITY’ is on the striking
plate, there, And if you are not quite sure in your own house, if you have a look at the key and if your key is that shape with the little ridges and hills and valleys on it that complicated: it’s a five-lever mortice lock. And the minimum standard for locks we ask for is a five-lever British Standards mortice lock and that will keep your door quite secure. It’s important that the keys are not left in sight of the door. One method of breaking in is going through the letterbox and hook the keys out or if the thief can look through the letterbox or look through the glass and see
the keys are easily accessible, then they might break-in to get the car because nowadays, so much security is built into cars you can’t just steal them from the street, so the need to break into the house to get the keys.
In their subconscious before the break they will do a risk assessment. So if they can approach the house they’ll put their nose to the window and look in, and they are starting to get excited then.
If they can see their reward then it is worth committing the crime. And if they can’t see their reward then they don’t know whether it is worth taking
the risk. For a situation like this, you have got a laptop charging, a mobile phone quite near the window. If they have got their nose to the window they are getting excited and they can see their reward. If the curtains were shut, if the blinds were shut or the laptop was put somewhere
out of sight Then they don’t know what the reward is and they are less likely to commit the crime. All the statistics say that the older you get, the less likely you are to be the victim of a crime and certainly for most of the residents in Cheshire, they are living in a safe area. The most likely person to be the victim of
a burglary will be a single person on a low-income in rented accommodation because although they have probably got the things worth stealing, like a laptop, or a mobile phone or a bit of a cash, they haven’t got the money to spend on security and it is not their house. So for some parts of the county that will be student
accommodation, multi-occupancy. For some parts of the county it might be single parents in social housing so it’s certainly important for the students, for people in those sorts of accommodation that you keep the doors shut, keep the windows shut and just prevent that burglar walking in.

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