China: New Zealand Massacre Justifies Xinjiang Mass Surveillance of Uighurs | China Uncensored

China: New Zealand Massacre Justifies Xinjiang Mass Surveillance of Uighurs | China Uncensored

China is using the New Zealand Massacre to justify mass surveillance of Muslims in
China Are you really surprised? This is China Uncensored, I’m Chris Chappell. The March 15 massacre at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand shocked the world. A lone gunman killed 50 Muslims. This is and will be one of New Zealand’s
darkest days. Now we can all agree it was a dark day for
New Zealand. But no country was hurt more by this senseless
massacre, than China. That’s because the Chinese Communist Party deeply loves all Muslims. You can tell by how they treat some of the Muslims under their own rule— the ethnic Uighurs in the Xinjiang Uyghur
Autonomous region. The Chinese regime has installed a mass surveillance
system unlike anything the world has ever seen. “The security here is incredibly tight. There are armored cars on the street. Police stations on every corner. And tons of surveillance cameras. In the past year, police have stepped up security. The region is now under probably the most intense government surveillance in
the world.” Wow. The Communist Party is really sparing no effort to keep the Uighurs safe. And the New Zealand Massacre is an important reminder as to why. At least according to the Xinjiang government. Why, they’ve event sent a fax to the Wall
Street Journal saying just that. The fax said, “The recent mass shooting in New Zealand that harmed so many innocent lives is a strong
warning. The goal of improving security at mosques is to protect the ability of the Muslim community to hold normal, orderly religious activities.” Yes, the Chinese regime is using the New Zealand massacre to justify its mass surveillance of Muslims. And don’t forget, according to my favorite Chinese state-run
media, the Global Times, it’s a model worth copying. The Xinjiang government felt they needed to straighten things out with the Wall Street
Journal in their fax. Yes, the country with the world’s most advanced surveillance system wants you to know, it still relies on the world’s least advanced communication system. A few weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal published
this article. And they showed this satellite footage of a Uighur neighborhood being razed to the ground. But the Chinese fax clarified, “This argument that ‘shantytown redevelopment is intended to force some Uighur migrants to leave the city and place others in residential
buildings that are easier to monitor’ is a slanderous fabrication.” Again, the surveillance is for their safety! Why is it so hard for people in the West to understand that to keep you safe, it’s necessary for the government to monitor you at all times? Otherwise how will they know if you’re being threatened by dangerous beliefs? Like a belief in a higher power. Other than the Communist Party, of course. And safety is also why Chinese authorities are working hard to bring that kind of surveillance to the rest of China. It will make for a more trusting society. Don’t agree? Well, “Denouncing the Chinese system from a Western point of view is tantamount to a neo-imperialistic attitude.” The fax to the Wall Street Journal also criticized the paper for lying about so-called internment camps in Xinjiang. “According to the UN, authorities are detaining as many as a million
Uighurs in facilities like the one we saw in Urumqi. Satellite images show how China’s government has built these facilities at a frenetic pace.” Gah, those no good satellites. Don’t worry, I don’t think they’ll be a problem for
long. Also, those so-called internment camps are actually just job training centers… that also combat extremist thinking. With job training. And that’s why the people in those training
centers are so happy. “If you’re happy and you know it clap
your hands.” So what do you think of China using the New Zealand Massacre to justify mass surveillance of Muslims in
Xinjiang? Tell me what you think in the comments below. And now it’s time for me to answer a question
from one of you— a fan who support China Uncensored with a dollar or more per episode, by contributing through Patreon. Rabbit L. Benkei asks, “Chris, what country would you say China is most effectively influencing?” That’s a hard question to answer. There is barely a country on Earth that the Chinese Communist Party isn’t influencing. That was something I really realized after I went to the Oslo Freedom Forum in
2018. It’s a big human rights conference where activists around the world talk about their struggles with authoritarian regimes. And it seemed like no matter which country
they come from, the Chinese Communist Party was somehow working there behind the scenes. It’s not just authoritarian countries, either. Western liberal democracies like the United
States are also being heavily influenced. China has tremendous sway over Hollywood. American politicians have been influenced and bought off. Got a 401K? Or mutual funds? Odds are some of your money is invested in
China. And with China setting its sights on the moon And Mars, It may even be trying to influence other planets. But which country is the Chinese regime influencing
most? I’d say Taiwan. They’ve tried to interfere with Taiwan’s
elections. They pump money into Taiwan to influence politicians and business leaders. And they’ve forced the government to spend enormous resources preparing for a Chinese military invasion
of their island. On the other hand, maybe Taiwan isn’t the country most influenced— since according to the Chinese regime, Taiwan’s not a country; it’s been a province of China since ancient
times. Thanks for your question, Rabbit. And thanks to all my 50-Cent Army soldiers who support China Uncensored. It’s only because of your support that we’ve been able to cover topics like
this, that most other media don’t want to. Once again, I’m Chris Chappell. See you next time.

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100 Replies to “China: New Zealand Massacre Justifies Xinjiang Mass Surveillance of Uighurs | China Uncensored”

  1. Another episode YouTube decided to permanently DEMONETIZE! I can only afford to keep making China Uncensored thanks to support of YOU! Help keep China uncensored by contributing on

  2. Knowing Islam's desire to conquer the whole world and use violence as a means to achieve it, I think Muslims should be monitored where ever they are.
    China has been dealing with violent Islamic ideology for at least 1300 years
    Instead the West welcomes it.

  3. The Uighurs have nothing to fear if they are totally compliant in the Totalitarian State of the CCP and give their organs freely.

  4. Everyone wants freedom, but it should be fair and should be based on mutual respect. If you respect Islamic, but the Muslim do not, they only require you to respect their teachings, their beliefs of concurring other believers , what would you do? China has a lot of human rights issues, but look at the Arabic countries, how are the women treated? China has different ideologies from the western world, and that’a true. But China doesn’t attack America like 911. I am not protecting China but I remind you of your real problem.

  5. Because China is trying prevent Muslims to spread their religion in China and take over? Like how they are doing in Europe.

  6. Is that “If You’re Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands” footage actually from Uighur internment camps? 😬 Orwell are you seeing this?

  7. I don't know what I hate more Islam or Communism. Still what China is doing is completely wrong plenty of innocent muslims will suffer because of this.

  8. Like the CCP has never done massacres before – June 4th, 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre.
    The CCP has upgraded itself from MASSacre to MASS surveillance.

  9. Trade ties must be terminated with China. China continues to be a growing threat to the peace and stability around Asia.

  10. All this is pointless. We lost 20 years ago. China is unstoppable now.
    Its just a matter of time before their influence actually affects you on a personal level.
    And time is on their side. Not ours.
    China is timeless.

  11. Huh, interesting. I seem to recall something called the Patriot Act following the 9/11 attack, intended, ostensibly, to make lives safer in the US. No mass surveillance there, no, not at all. Nope. No hay problema.

    As for the Muslims, hey, couldn't happen to a nicer people. They only want to force all to submit to Allah, or die. Sounds altruistic to me, don't you agree?

  12. i don't like lot of thing china do. but to survey muslim people track them . slow the birth rate. i 100% agreed with that.

  13. Would you please read the Quran and see that Islam is the most evil threat to the whole world. 21 million are slaves in Islam not to mention that they were the ones capturing people for the American slave trade. 500 thousand girls get there clits cut off not in Muslim countries but in America. Read the Quran. Please do your homework. China is the best in showing them what the consequences are of their false evil religion which is really a political system. There god is not our God so stop that one also.

  14. In February 2019, several Ulamas from Indonesia went Xinjiang and found out that in Xinjiang:
    1. Religion is only practiced at home and not shown in public
    2. Freedom of Religion is suppressed
    3. Kids are not supposed to learn any religion even from their parents until the kids reached the age of 18
    4. Praying and fasting in public is considered radical
    5. The indicator of "extremist" and "radicalist" is also to extreme

  15. China is the only country in the world that spends more on internal security than on border security. Everyone wants out but no one wants in LMBO.

  16. Chris you really don't understand Islam. It is one of the worst religion. It's a religion of peace (read violence). China is doing exactly what they deserve. They are protecting there citizens from Islamic devils. On there Holy book it is clearly written behead the infidels and they truly believe this shit book

  17. What I see is another Holy Inquisition starting. and lets not judge the Inquisition that was the result of years of Muslim dominance in Spain over Christianity. At the time Christopher Columbus was discovering the Americas the last remains of the Ottoman Empire empire were being thrown out of Spain. After loosing their strong hold in Europe the Ottoman Empire attempted to regain control and launched an invasion in 1529 to take Viena but they fail. They tried again 150 years later. Yes The battle took place on September 11 and 12 of the year 1683. So there is no doubt that for some Muslim we are still at war. Yes again September 11 2001 was a way for them to say that the hostilities had begin once more.

  18. I love your content and I am still trying to get caught up on your videos. I am probably several months or a year behind.

  19. I get that the communist party is bad and 99% of what they do is bad, but I think you might be biased here. This is the one time the rest of the world should sit up straight and take notes from them. Harvesting livers from people that think fucking 9 year olds is super duper a ok because "Muhammmmed did it" isn´t a bad thing.

  20. Excuse for the test case to the largest open Prison on the Planet. At some point – China will collapse under its own weight of tyranny… if we contain them from expansion.

  21. Chinese Run Airports and Tourism Agencies:

    I just book a vacation package with Travelosity and guess who the booking agent was? You guessed it, a Chinese woman name Victoria.

    What I saw and experienced during my March 2019 travel flights from Amman Jordan to Johannesburg South Africa:

    Amman Jordan- Queen Alia Airport -Chinese Run Airport
    Local residents said she met an engineer degree holder sitting on the streets selling cigarettes because he could not find a job and that many of Chinese had taken over the jobs

    Dubai – Dubai International -Chinese Run Airport:
    I was told by the locals that the Chinese are “everywhere”

    Nairobi Kenya – Jomo Kenyatta International -Chinese Run Airport:

    20 Sep 2017 · Dubai is one of the Seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates . The rest Emirates are Abu Dhabi, Sarjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) , Ajman, Umm Al Qwain. … Dubai belongs to United Arab Emirates and it is the most fastest growing city tourism.

    Dubai is not a country. It is an emirate or also known as a state. It is a part of United Arab Emirates which is a federation.

    Technically UAE is a country and Dubai is part of it. As Dubai is a very small emirate/state it does not have multiple cities in it, except for one-Hatta. Generally the city of Dubai is the center of the emirate of Dubai.

    UAE has a capital, and it is Abu Dhabi which is also an emirate/state that is the largest of all emirates/states of the federation. It even has a second city called Al Ain.

    People confuse Dubai for a country because it markets itself as an independent travel destination from the UAE as a country. So does Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other emirates. Hope this amawers your question.

    Chinese have 2 million people in “re-education camp for non-compliance to their economic system and requesting that Saudi Arabia require their children to learn Mandarin.

    Afro-Chinese Marriage Boom in Guangzhou

    China’s Secret Invasion of the US | General Robert Spalding | Trump Chin…

    Why is China pouring money into Africa? – BBC News

    China's Footprint in Africa

  22. Nothing, no matter how fuckin crazy things get in that shithole will surprise me. It is not called a shithole for no reason.

  23. again ,,muslim minority is being sacrified ,,for the reason security ,,that is just not right ,,u are chinese is fear when the spread of islam is going world wide ,,,thats why chinese over reacted

  24. All Chinese oil and gas and coals are located in the Muslim Xinjiang region far west of china . and the local Muslim residents get none of the wealth , shame on you Chinese Communist

  25. Which means, chinese are involved in that attack to setup their agenda. Duh. I already warned before of this.

  26. Every country wants to do the same as china because islam ideology is a virus for the world. recent srilanka blast is a example.

  27. Yeah Muslims are SO innocent and Islam is SO peaceful religion. SARCASM ALERT. I support China in this 100% although I dont like the Communist party. The reality is that only way to deal with Islam and Muslims is harsh force. No other way.

  28. Cheat Lieppel is defending Easter bombing of 3 churches, 4 hotels & killing 200 over innocent people in Sri Lanka.
    He is justifying suicide JIHAD bombing guaranteed a ticket to heaven.
    Cheat Lieppel is condemning China making excuse for rehabilitation of Uighur extremists.
    I love Cheat Lieppel when he Cheats & lies.

  29. China is right to get a handle on its Muslim population. The surveillance is justified, as is the dispersal of their culture. If China was being honest, they would point out that such measures are necessary for China's national security. Because they are.

  30. The scale and methods are a tad excessive but the general line of thought was apparently recently confirmed on Sri Lanka.

  31. @Chris Chappel

    You forgot to mention to your viewers that these so called freedom fighters aka Uyghur Separatists, are funded & backed by US via USAID programmes, which is funded directly by the US State Department, in essence the US government. Everybody knows this, so why bother telling lies about a country you know nothing about. Everyone knows you're a government paid shill so why bother spreading lies?

  32. So China sees muslims being victimized by White supremacist and thought hey are being the best China possible? No let’s go harder on this already victimized group

  33. The funny thing is is that they have such a racist attitude toward Turks in general that they won’t even let people from turkey to stay in hotels for more than a night in east Turkestan

  34. Look into what was left out of his manifesto. Have you ever seen a modern day 'nazi' not blame jews for anything? A 'nazi' who vacations in Jerusalem? Great story.

  35. As a New Zealander the hurt was felt by most of us when the news of the mosque shooting broke. The idea of the Ccp using it angers me to no end. I was wondering why nz government wasn’t saying anything about the concentration camps. Then a few months later local news is talking about a restructuring of free trade deals with China. Good one Jacinda. Just wear a hijab and no one will notice

  36. israel and american want moslim people hate to china…because they scared china want to attack american and israel

  37. Cris please correct your mistake inmediatle about China map Xinjiang east Turkmenistan( turkistan)is not part of China so put this country in a separate map also Tibet thanks

  38. Hey Cris new Zealand is now part of many Chinese colonies so you can add this country as part of China also many others countries like MEXICO, Australia, Canada, Japan, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Panama, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Cambodia, , Germany, France, Turkey, Tonga, JAMAICA, Canada ,Bolivia, Portugal, ITALY, Spain, Greece, Africa continent

  39. Use others pain to justifg ones evil deeds! This is the worse of the worst, so commenting
    on such regime is a waste of my time!!!

  40. China has a good program for Muslims, they know them very well , over a thousand years of History. They move into your Country, sl;owly bring in Sharia LAW on you. Bang, they own you. Dis-Obey Allah,you get your head cut-off. Ask Christians across the Middle East,and Europeons how thats working out.

  41. I believe the Uighers will eventually turned into Zombies and will gorge up the Communists, dicks and all. Serve them right!

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