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100 Replies to “Clash Royale: Switch Accounts with Supercell ID! 😲📱”

  1. ….you can also just disconnect your Google account,then reconnect with the your other account's email…

  2. I lost my brawl stars acc and when I want to log in again they say that i am not man who make acc. Pls help i tried with facebook google play game and supercell ID

  3. Lower emotes price 250 , ( 50 gems price emotes ) and mega knight challenge . And 15 wins win mega knight emote like emote

  4. Noo i lost my arena 9 account cus it wont load with game center anymore only with supercell id but i got arena 6 acc bac so idc

  5. This is hard to do it say that my Gmail is connected to supercell Id but I need the code for it but it doesn’t give it to me HELP PLEASE I WOULD APPRECIATE IT THANK YOU 🙏

  6. This is hard to do it say that my Gmail is connected to supercell Id but I need the code for it but it doesn’t give it to me HELP PLEASE I WOULD APPRECIATE IT THANK YOU 🙏

  7. I love supercell ID and how can easily just switch Acc thanks for adding this Supercell I think this something we all needed

  8. 0:36 Shelly destroyed more than half the phones in existance.

    Now its balanced like all things should be

  9. Since i use it, i have more often game crashes with clash royal. And when i want to see the ranking the application always crash

  10. I had a idea for a legendary card a while back. Its a skeleton with a large sword that has 3 guards with him. I've just been calling it the Skeleton King with my friends

  11. 0:13
    im in the middle of the game

    Mexican moms pause the game mom i already told you I cant pause the game

  12. I need to connect my android account to my ios but my android account is connected to google play can someone help.

  13. Please nerf the witch, each time I place prince and my opponent plays witch (same level) late game, the witch easily counters my price without being touching, making this a 5- elixir waste, than the opponent can place what ever 5 elixir card he pleases, it would be most likely the giant now how the hell am I going to counter this with only 5 or 4 elixir?

  14. How do you sign up an old account to supercell id PLEASE SUPERCELL ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE SENT 2 EMAILS AND NO ANSWER EVEN THE SPARKY IN HELP AND SERVICE NOTHING PLEASE ANSWER!

  15. Love Supercell ID makes switches easy in like 5 secs . Versus old google play 20 secs cause of confirm and syncing on and off .

  16. I have a lag when I place troops they don't come in the arena. Then I get kicked out of the game and when I restart I have lost please fix this

  17. Easily… No way .. we have to switch app for 6 digit confirmation code. And then logout to use use different account.

    Not like google play

    Connect > Disconnect

    Very simple

  18. So I didn’t make one and I got disconnected from my other phone and I had to get a new one now can’t log back into mine

    Some day, my brother was on my Brawl stars acc. And he was tricked by some idiote and now he has my Supercell ID saved and he won't log out. How could I log him out and delete him my saved Supercell ID from his phone so he can't log in without code. CAN SOMEONE RESPOND PLEASE

  20. 0:00 That should be the new intro. Like when you open a supercell game and comes up with the supercell logo. Replace it with this.

  21. has two devices that has an account each
    1. king level 9 (device 1)
    2. king level 6 (device 2)
    tries to switch accounts on device 2
    supercell: did you mean make a new account

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