Company Faces Fraud Charge For Selling Surveillance Equipment Made In China | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

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CAREERS IN FASHION DESIGNING – Fashion Designer,B.Sc,Certificate Courses,Trend Research

CAREERS IN FASHION DESIGNING – Fashion Designer,B.Sc,Certificate Courses,Trend Research

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34 Replies to “Company Faces Fraud Charge For Selling Surveillance Equipment Made In China | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC”

  1. This is very bad, if true. Almost as bad as Trump selling Trump branded garments made overseas or lying that there was no quid pro quid or Russian interference.

  2. Are you guys seriously content with all of the news you are missing by watching MSNBC? Has Youtube's algorithm shown you any stories on

    ABC spiked an epstien story then FIRED the whistleblower who shared that info with project Veritas.
    The impeachment whistleblower admitted in a tweet that this is a coup attempt back in 2017 when you were being lied to about the Russian hoax.

    Look, I get it, you are libs, you don't like Trump. I still believe some of you want to see him removed by losing a debate, who don't want to cheat. Be informed, look up Tim Pool, he's a lib too, just not stuck in youtube's algorithm that is DESIGNED TO HIDE INFO FROM YOU.

    Try it, just watch some of his content, be informed of stuff outside the bubble that these people want you to remain inside.

  3. Wait, is this the same China Hunter Biden, Diane Feinstein, and Mitch (Turtle) McConnell’s family was made enormously wealthy by? The same China that liberals in the NBA shill for, and the same China Barry Obama appeased for 8 long years? Oops!

  4. These comments are the worst by far. I'll blame Trump for these people being so stupid. TDS has become a PMSBS epidemic 🤣

  5. Whatever happened to all those Trump banners and signs that were sitting in China a while back?

  6. Exciting story.
    Not as Exciting as The Spectator's BOMBSHELL article about Kushner and the blackmail…"Seven Whistleblowers"

  7. What i want to know is why military and government dont check their hardware? Why trillion dollar contractors failed to do so?

  8. what's next these items are listening and watching us… this world has went stone cold crazy and we the people are sitting back like sheep

  9. Are those voting machines made in China also…? Ivanka trump apparently has new patents on voting machines. It would be quite the coup to have voting machines that pick trump no matter who you pick. It makes sense that McConnell is blocking bills to enforce voting security. This conspiracy has many layers I suspect.

  10. It doesn't come close to making up for cyberwarefare attacks on the US; Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman here hacked years ago, in a case that can't be chocked up to China's usual Kleptocracy. Their corporate espionage and IP theft, pales in comparison to building weaponized island bases in international waters… for the sole purpose of hijack trade routes and shipping lanes.
    This is the kind of stuff China does:

    As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, they should be an example of international cooperation… not piracy and imperialism 🖕🇨🇳

  11. Schiff's office hired two feds from NSC in August. Whistleblower is from NSC. Whistleblower went to Schiff's office in August !!! Google Washington Examiner story !!

  12. I don't know everything about this sounds like paranoia. A lot of stuff in the u.s. is made in China. Including cameras. A lot of stuff that says made in America has parts from china as well. China is far from perfect but I feel like they are the new boogie man.

  13. Next, is it necessary to check if there is a Chinese spy in the CIA?

    Isn't this leaving the profits in the US? So what's bad, Americans are also making money。

    The negligence of Chinese supplier work has caused customers to suffer losses ,learn lessons!

    Customers require the removal of all Chinese, not removed completely, Oh, great, more than a decade of large customers has gone.

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