CONFRONTED BY SECURITY for walking around a car park

CONFRONTED BY SECURITY for walking around a car park

– Right, guys. Here’s a really serious
update on my wombling. Never had any problem in eight years. I’ve had one or two run-ins with one or two of the security guys. Particularly one guy called, Andy. But, he never really caused
me any serious concern. I was walking around the roundabout area just outside the car park, and he come out and told me that I’m causing a hazzard to myself and to other people by
not wearing a high-vis. I must admit, I snickered. I don’t need a high-vis to
walk around their car park or the roundabout just at the entrance. It’s not the main road. It’s, well I’ll show you in a minute. That’s the roundabout up there. (car alarm going off) Anyway, I was arguing the fact
that I don’t need a high-vis and then he said, “Also, you’re not allowed
to womble on our premises. Only from picking up in the car park.” And I said, “Look, I beg to
differ. I’ve got a letter of my own dated, 2015 August I think and a recent update
from the 18th of April, which permits people to
womble from any ASDA store, providing they keep within
the terms and conditions. Which I’m fully aware of.
And you have been aware of my activity now for many many years. And whilst I’ve caused, sometimes
you like to challenge me here and see what I’m doing and I’m not filming in the car park. You know that’s what I can do. I’ve got a letter of authority.” Anyway, he told me and insisted that I could not womble. So I said, “Okay. Lemme get
you a copy of the letter.” He refused to look at it. He refused to negotiate. He was walking away, and he had a really bad attitude. Anyway, I called him a prick. So, he banned me. I’ve called ASDA head
office and they have said, because of your actions, i.e. walking around that
part of the car park, although it’s not on a public authority and apart from that, cause’
if it is his car park then, Sorry, ASDA’s car park. Then I don’t need a high-vis
to walk around a car park. But, also they said, “because of your actions.” And I said, “What actions?” and they said “Pushing him.” I was like, “I didn’t push him. I called him a prick cause’ he is.” So he banned me and ASDA
have upheld the ban for good. I’m now gonna go back in the store. It’s an hour later. I’m gonna demand to see
the general manager, so either gonna get the
manager or to get the police. And I’m gonna have this
phone in my top pocket. Sadly, it’ll be that way and
it’ll be in portrait mode. I can’t do anything about that. But, I just wanna record
everything that happens. Right, let’s get on with it. (car driving past) – Hello. – [Stephen] Hi ya. Is Andy still on duty? – He is. – [Stephen] Lovely. Can you tell him that the person that he just banned from store
has just walked in the store. – Alright. – [Stephen] And I’m staying here until he either calls the manager
or calls the police. Okay? – Emergency, mate – [Stephen] And I’m peaceful. (customers shopping) I need to let you know by the way you’re also being recorded. – Emergency, mate. The chap here that you
banned from the store earlier in the car park. (customers being rung up) He still decided to call the (mumbles). (intercom projects announcement) – Really?
– [Stephen] No. – You’re allowed to walk around the carpark and pick up receipts. But, you’re not allowed in the store. – [Stephen] Okay. – As it helps he’s aware of it. – [Stephen] Yes I have, I’ve just spoken to them, yeah. He also, according to head office says, I assaulted him by pushing him. Which is a lie because I
had my video camera going and I got all the evidence I need. So, I either want the
manager or the police because I’m not leaving this store. (customers shopping) – The store manager is on his way down. – [Stephen] Who is? – The store manager. – [Stephen] Okay, what’s his name? Raymond, Ray? – Ray. – Steve, that man just up there purchased six bags of bark to pop into. (customers shopping) (store announcement) – [Stephen] Hello, Ray. – [Raymond] Hi, sir. You alright? – [Stephen] Yes, thank you. My name is Stephen Auker. – [Raymond] Stephen
Auker, how can I help you? – [Stephen] I’ve been a
customer of yours for 10 years, I’ve never had any problems until today. I’d like to talk– By the way, you are being recorded. – [Raymond] Right, okay. Then I’m not gonna have
this conversation with you. I don’t give you permission to record me. – [Stephen] Okay. – [Raymond] I’m not interested, I will not be having a
conversation with you any further. – [Stephen] Okay. – [Raymond] Unless you’re
willing to stop recording. – [Stephen] I can stop
recording on the agreement that you and I can go somewhere and talk. And I think Andy should be there because he’s accused me of assault. – [Raymond] I need to stop being recorded and then we can have a conversation. – As he requested, I
turned the camera off. So, the next part of the story, I can only relay to you. But, we did get an agreement. I’ve been walking around this
car park for a very long time. It’s my local one. They know who I am. They’ve challenged me
before, in the early days to find out what I was doing. I’ve shown them in the past. I have the full authority
of ASDA HQ to womble, as long as I keep within the
rules, terms and conditions. I know what to do. I know what not to do. This one guy seems to have a poke at me, just every now and again. I don’t know why. See you saw the little roundabout, which is not on the main road. It’s on the entrance just as you turn in off their approach road
into the supermarket. And he saw me on CCTV. And apparently, he radioed
his general manager, who I met at the end of that clip, who knows nothing about
wombling I discovered. And he said, you got
this guy in the car park who is wombling and I’m not quite sure of the actual dialogue that took place. But, it seems that the general manager thought I was somewhere I shouldn’t be. And apart from which it’s a private area and all people in that area, staff, etcetera, have to wear a high-vis. So, when this security guy came out, he knows I wasn’t in that area, he knows everything as I’ve said before. About everything that
I’ve been doing for years. He took it far into the fact that the general manager
didn’t know about wombling, my activity, me, what I do. I wasn’t in a loading bay
area for home deliveries. I was in a public area where
I don’t need a high-vis and I have every right to be. So, it seems like this security guy, Andy manipulated the truth. Maybe just not the whole truth. Whatever it is, there was a
misunderstanding on their part. And I told him that I’m prepared to go into store with him and
phone head quarters. I’ll show him the current copy. The newest copy of
authorisation that we have. Dated the 18th of April 2018. Stating that we can womble and the terms and conditions of doing so. He refused to go in with
me, to call head quarters. He refused to read the letter. Instead, he walked away
and I called him a prick. He then banned me in
full view of the car park with everybody around me. I wasn’t embarrassed. I’m not in the wrong. He is what I said he was. And he is now beginning to look a fool. So, I was banned. What do I do? I decide to call head quarters. They decided after ringing– I’ve been on hold now for 22 minutes. After ringing the store and speaking to whoever they spoke with. They said, “I was banned
for wandering in a very busy private area of their premises
without a yellow vis on and when approached, I called him a prick and I assaulted him by pushing him.” That is a blatant lie. Well, you saw Ray come out. Well we sat down in the cafe
and we had a great talk. Very amiable. We, agreed on certain terms and conditions in addition to those in
the terms and conditions of the ASDA Price Guarantee. And he permitted me, to carry on wombling in the car park and in the trolley bays, which Andy the security guy said I wasn’t permitted to. He knows I was permitted to. He knows the terms and
conditions as well as I do. There are places that
I cannot access because of safety reasons and security, their vehicles are around that corner. But, he did say to me
I can go in those areas between 10 p.m. and six a.m. This is a private arrangement between me and the general manager. He appreciates wombling. He appreciates what many people have done. Vulnerable people who are choosing between heating their home
and feeding their family. He says, he’s gonna contact
all his security staff, have a meeting, and not to harass me. I thought the meeting was very productive. Considering, that 40 minutes beforehand the general manager had
never heard of wombling. And we both agreed that this is an issue, especially at ground level. This was management level. But, especially at ground level. Hardly anybody knows about wombling. They don’t understand
the terms and conditions which we have to abide by. They’re judgemental. We have all sorts of problems
around people’s ignorance. I don’t mean ignorant people. I mean people’s ignorance to this subject. So, I feel that we’ve
accomplished something today. Better than that, he
unbanned me straight away. As I said, apologies were exchanged. So, the first time in eight years I’ve had to go through something like this and I thought it’s worthwhile
sharing it with you if you womble ASDA. So, my advice to you as always is keep a low profile. Try to make sure nobody sees you. Absolute discretion. You cannot take from inside
the shop or any of their bins. Even if the bin is in the car park. That’s their property if the
member of the public that takes their receipt and
throws it away consciously, that now belongs to ASDA. You cannot touch it. So, the car park, the
bushes, and the trolley bays, and external places around their property is fair game. My biggest objection today and the reason that I
took the action I did is because when I rang head office and explained the situation,
they condoned the ban. And the reason why is because
the security guy said, I’d assaulted him. That is not just and I don’t like to be blamed for anything that I didn’t do. So, I hope this has
taught you a lesson today. Keep a low profile. Also, if you’re challenged, don’t call security a prick.

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100 Replies to “CONFRONTED BY SECURITY for walking around a car park”

  1. Hey Stephen, what a fiasco. I'm so glad the Manager understood the situation after your meeting. Hopefully Andy will stop trying to be the parking lot Hitler! You were so calm, cool and collected, I would have been screaming mad!! Thanks for showing the correct way to handle this situation.

  2. I had to watch the vids explaining what wombling was. We don't have it here. Good on for standing ground and saving others from harassment

  3. Hi stephen, I've printed off some vouchers and i was wondering, can you use several vouchers at the same time when paying at checkout, like couponers do?

  4. Its ok i steal stuff from asda all the time using the self service. I take the reduced sticker and put them on steaks and joints of meat and get them for pennys.
    Thats my wombling haha

  5. If you have be asked to leave, in the form of a ban, if you refuse to leave they call the police and get you to leave. As for the ban, you verbally assaulted staff, pretty much any business that deals with the public would ban you, honestly your fault

  6. I did security for 7 years i met alot of other guards and alteast 80% of them acted in this way like the very small bit of power they think they have goes to their heads.
    As a security guard your always on thin ice it only take ones complaint and your off your site.i don't think Asda actually employ liecened security officers there basically staff

  7. Security are not ASDA employees. So have no powers above me as a shopper. Needs to have this explained in very simple terms.

  8. Asda security staff are employed by Asda as I am one myself. I worked on nights as checkout colleague and then transferred onto security just to clear that up. Extra training has to be given
    but we are Asda colleagues paid the same as all other colleagues.

  9. Good for you mate sticking to your guns and what you know about the rules. These jobsworth / power tripping types are all the same and you cant let them get away with it. If indeed you didn't assault him I would ask for CCTV of that and look into it more, as this guy needs to learn you can't make stuff up like that and to do so is very serious. Thats the same move bouncers pull on drunk people they wanna kick out, because the police will side with the sober person. I've only ever been challenged at the tills and asked to show proof that my card was the one on the APG's but got out of that , just explaining I was within terms and that I didn't purchase all the shops. Shame about the pr*ck comment but I also would find it hard not to say something when you know your doing things legit.

  10. 12 minutes in to this video and I still have no clue what wombling means! Aren't they the white fluffy creatures that live on Wimbledon Common? Hahaha

  11. Based on this I understand wombling is a pastime of those with too much time on their hands. Get off my YouTube feed.

  12. If you're banned from store, you're banned from site. Your actions, whether agreed by the company or not are questionable and are not of honest intent.

  13. As a private company ASDA can ban you and don't even need to give you a reason. They can just say "You're barred cuz I feel like being a cunt" and it's perfectly legal. You are trespassing

  14. "Im not leaving until you call the manager or the police" – do you realise how daft you sound? A retired man behaving like this?

  15. What’s wombling? Are you searching for Uncle Bulgaria? 😂

    Edit – I’ve since found out what it is and must say it’s an admirable action. Being broke myself, I’m totally on your side. All the best.

  16. This makes me laugh these so called security officers are not security industry Authority trained so they don’t carry a blue badge denoting they are trained guards these guys have a days training and that’s it these in house “security officers” give all the guards that have done there badge training a bad name believe me not all guards are as stupid as this bloke.

  17. Hello hope ur well. Love your videos. I was just wondering if I brought my shopping but ended up returning a item or two, would they still be available for the price checking to see if they was cheaper. Eg if I brought coffee which was £4 , but returned it as got wrong one etc. When I go to type that receipt number in would that coffee I returned still be able to be price matched if it was cheaper in another store. Lol hope I made sense. Same goes for if u find a receipt that has returns on it, would those items still appear on full items which could be matched. I’m not saying I’m gonna go buy something which I know cheaper else where to only return it lol, that’s far to long. Just wondering as new to all this. Thank u. Hope someone replies 👌🏽🤔

  18. In South Africa we call this security gaurd a MA SE POES! Boycott ASDA like South Africans did with Spur group they are closing down outlets left and right until Andy is fired! Lay charges of faulse statements of assult as well!

  19. You dont care about wasting peoples time do you? The police, asda employees etc.most people dont have time for your carry on.i guess your happy in your little bubble .

  20. Well done you for sticking up for yourself. Wombling aside you'd think the bosses would be happy at anyone going around the car park picking up pieces of paper, less for the staff to do!

  21. You have to understand that these so called security operatives are nothing more that "common purpose" thugs employed by Asda, Tesco, whoever to keep you under control while you spend your hard earned cash with them. Do not think you have a victory, they are terrified that some one as innocuous as yourself could stop folks shopping at their outlet. Well done anyway for sticking it to them.

  22. Get a life mate !!! ThiS is a none story. Stop bullying people who are working !!! You really do have to much time on your hands

  23. The security are real problems in my local supermarkets, there's two sainsburies and morrisons I can't use, the security are like stormtroopers, in the one supermarket it's because the female staff like me, they watch me like a hawk, it is harassment and they try to determine who can and can't come in, I used to work for a company that did SIA licencing, and I tell you now, dirt bags pass tests everyday

  24. As an ex asda employee, their security guards are just colleagues in a different uniform with no actual ideas of laws!

  25. why dont you kill the security with kindness ? if you meet a jumped up prick be extra kind to them, instead of calling him a prick say thank you god bless your brother, works for me

  26. I think you are on a power trip. You think you are in the right even though you were on someone else's property. If he wants to ban you his fully entitled as thats what asda employs him for. You did after all call a man doing his job a prick because you can't handle authority. If you went through my bins id do more than ban you….

  27. You are the dregs of society. If you walked into a store i owned and started going through the bins for peoples receipts like a homeless mentally retarded moran, id of punched your stupid melon head in….

  28. john smith i do not agree kill security with kindness because he will think there is no problem between them and the security will be kind back and that will kill the wombling man in the hat.

  29. The way rules are interpreted, and or applied varies from security guard to security guard, it is a boring job, and some just love spicing things up a little.
    You should try the idiots they employ in the INTU centers in Derby and Nottingham.
    They are like something from Nazi Germany.

  30. what is really stupid is that these companies (no matter where in the world they are), do not realize that someone walking around with a camera is going to prevent more crime because the criminals are always looking for a blind spot and when someone could show up with a camera at any moment, the blind spot goes almost down to zero.

    and listen to this, he would not have called the police because when you proved that he lied saying you pushed him, he would have gotten arrested for filing a false police report which is an automatic felony in most areas.

  31. Are we just to accept he is lying just because you say he is? You can be banned for farting in the wrong direction the fact that he might have lied is irrelevant, usually when someone is picking receipts up from the floor they usually attempt refund fraud, and that would be enough for me to ban you! Once you came back into store i would have removed you from my store using my rights under common law.

  32. Jobs-worth’s everywhere, sad signs of where our once free society is heading. Prick was probably the most accurate expletive !! Well done …

  33. Any tips as my local store of asda litter picks it so u can't find them in Suffolk both stowmarket and bury St Edmonds

  34. I am pleased you challenged the ban. I too have a letter which states allowed, however, our Local Asda will not allow any wombler inside on the car park or trolley bays, only outside of car park area. There are loads floating in the car park and trolleys which would be useful as family cost are higher due to allergies, but also I like to try and give back to food banks regular. Is there anything I could do so I would be able to do car park area (NOT Bins or Inside stores )

  35. Jobsworths in uniform lie. I was called a racist by a Border Force officer at LHR Terminal 5 at 06.00 on 1 February 2016. When he was called before his supervisor, Ms. Button, he denied calling me a racist and his colleague backed him up. Liar, liar pants on fire. These are the people guarding your borders Britisher pals.

  36. I just got challeneged by the head of security of tesco. I was in tesco car park i saw a receipt which was no good to me and the head of security said I would not pick that up if I was you. I said why he said that's club card faurd because you are picking up someone else's reward. I said to him wobbling is not llegal he said it is i said it's not and that I knew the law. he then said I'm just advising you and I said you can advise me but I know the law. he said but but don't do that in my store i said to him it's not your store. I'm going down there tomorrow and see what happens.

  37. I'm wandering if any other people in the comments section are having the same problem as I am with Asda's website , as for the past five days I get this message when I log-in after I click-on the Get your voucher button :
    "Oh Dear!
    We seem to be having a few problems. Don't worry, the tech wizards are hard at work and we hope to be back up and running in no time.
    Please check back later to compare your shop."
    But still days have past and I still get the same message and can't print any of my voucher's,
    Is there some-thing wrong with their website or is this just happening to me?

  38. I knew the APG was doomed as soon as Sainsburys took over the company. But didn’t expect it this quickly. It THE Asda Price Guarantee is ending on 3rd October. It was GREAT whilst it lasted, and it’s helped so many people over the last 10 years or so.
    There’s still other opportunities to Womble, but they are not as lucrative.

  39. What a strange man. Eccentric no doubt about it. Thing is, you seem to me, like someone who, if did happen to get hit by a car whilst 'Wombling' (bit outdated and childish but nobody,s perfect I guess) you would then run away and try to sue the pants off ASDA for not being advised to take the necessary precautions. Just an observation..Goodb?'…… Wait, there's more….. OMG!!! he's even got his own jingle. You couldn't really make this up. Please block me so I can never be tempted to waste minutes of my life on this nonsense again. Cheers

  40. This country is turning into a police state. It's not the country my grandfathers fought the Nazis to protect. It will not be long before security guards with low IQ's are marching around the streets telling us how to behave. My mistake, they already are, their called the police.

  41. Once supermarkets start the new system of scanning your shopping without going to a till i.e. you go in get your shopping and leave, you receive a receipt via email, so wombbling may be impossibel after that?

  42. that security guard lied. He should've been reprimanded. If this would've gone to court because they lied, they would've been at fault.

  43. Dumb yank here, what's wombling? Could it be wandering around? Help out a southern redneck with some definitions.

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