Cybertruck is Engineering Genius (and will be copied)

Cybertruck is Engineering Genius (and will be copied)

As Tesla’s Cybertruck continues to break
the internet and supply fodder for endless memes, I’m putting on my investor hat and explaining
why the Cybertruck is pure genius and what it means for Tesla’s bottom line. First of all, the Cybertruk HAD to look the
way it does. There’s been endless talk and debate about
the polarizing design but everyone seems to be missing an important fact. Its form is a manifestation of 4 key criteria
Tesla had in its creation. The Cybertruck MUST: 1.Be low cost (to produce, and therefore,
to buy). 2. Have extremely high utility & performance
(more than any comparable vehicles). 3. Be very efficient (aerodynamic, light). 4. Be safe. Let’s look at each of these in detail. LOW COST The cheaper a vehicle is to produce, the cheaper
it can be sold (which expands its market) and/or the better its margins can be. The Cybertruck is a real, visual example of
what removing complexity from a vehicle design does. The process of manufacturing a vehicle is
extremely complicated (production hell, anyone?). There are literally thousands of moving parts. The Cybertruck has been engineered to be extremely
efficient to manufacture. This is VERY important. There isn’t a single curve in sight for
a reason. The glass is flat. The body–a stainless-steel exoskeleton–is
folded from a single flat sheet of steel. Its sturdiness eliminates the need for a vehicle
frame, freeing up space and weight. There are no stamping machines stamping body
panels. There is no paint shop. In fact, let’s look at a video from WIRED
a few years back, showing how the Model S body is produced. Just to remind you. The Cybertruck body–its exoskeleton–is created
from single sheet of steel which is laser cut, scored and folded. Done and dusted in one process. With the Cybertruck, EVERYTHING you just saw
has become a single process. Those gigantic stamping machines and special
tooling machines are really freaking expensive and slow. Cybertruck doesn’t need them. The time and complexity involved in assembling
all those body parts is enormous. Cybertruck doesn’t need them. The paint shop is extremely expensive in cost
and time. Cybertruck doesn’t need it. How expensive are we talking? Here’s an article about a $500 million upgrade
for Ford’s Chennai factory in India which focused on reducing cost and time of vehicles
in paint shop. The result of the half-billion-dollar investment? The plant’s output more than DOUBLED. Yes, JUST speeding up the paint shop more
than DOUBLED output for the entire factory. Cybertruck doesn’t even NEED a paint shop. That greatly reduces capital costs to get
the production line up and running. More importantly, the time saved will be staggering. No more waiting for paint to dry. The bottom line is Cybertruck has flipped
auto manufacturing on its head. Tesla has innovated aggressively and deleted
enormous amounts of complexity. These new efficiencies will greatly reduce
the COST and TIME involved in producing a finished vehicle. This means Tesla can [price] Cybertruck very competitively while enjoying healthy margins, and produce large volumes of
vehicles from a very small footprint within their factories. HIGH UTILITY/PERFORMANCE. When it boils down to it, function matters
to rational buyers. Why do rational people buy pickup trucks? Because of their function. Can it carry my tools? Haul my boat? Pull my caravan? Store my bike? The Cybertruck is as utilitarian as it gets. Trucks are made to work. Work is messy. Paint gets chipped. Body panels get dented. Cybertruck eliminates both of these possibilities. No more crying about chipped paint or a ding
in the body. How about built-in 110 and 220 volt power
outlets? No generator required. Performance wise, Cybertruck smokes everything
in its price range on every metric that matters from towing capacity to storage. Speaking of. Not a square inch has been wasted. Cybertruck has more built in storage than my first
apartment did. It’s not even close. The design of the bed is ingenious. The retracting cover is a game-changer for
security and convenience. The slide-out ramp to allow easy access
to the bed is brilliant. I could go on and on and on. The point here is that Tesla has thought about everything that they could possibly do within the constraints of the design and the exoskeleton, for storage, function, features and utility. Nothing is close. EFFICIENT. Tesla’s powertrain and battery technology
are best-in-class, there’s no argument about that. They’re currently years ahead of the competition and the 500+ mile range Cybertruck suggests a battery breakthrough announcement is around
the corner which will push Tesla’s lead out further. I’m sure this has something to do with the Maxwell acquisition. Having awesomely efficient batteries is one
thing, but optimising the vehicle involves reducing weight and increasing aerodynamics
too. The “marble” looking dashboard of the
Cybertruck is actually made of paper to reduce weight. Its 3mm steel exoskeleton is heavier than the
aluminum often used in bodies, but because it is so sturdy, a traditional vehicle fame
is not necessary which reduces overall weight. At first glance, the Cybertruck may look like
an aerodynamic nightmare but if we overlay an airfoil we can see that the shape of the
truck is almost perfectly matcheed by the shape of the airfoil. It’s about as aerodynamic as a vehicle can
get, within reason. What these efficiencies mean are that the
energy cost per mile for the Cybertruck is dramatically less than any gasoline or diesel
powered vehicle AND it’s miles ahead of any electric competition as well. SAFE. Tesla currently produces the safest, second-safest,
and third-safest vehicle on earth. Let me repeat that. THE THREE VEHICLES TESLA CURRENTLY PRODUCES:
The S, 3 and X–are the 3 safest vehicles ever tested. Tesla takes safety seriously and despite its
brutalist appearance, the Cybertruck is engineered for safety first. Maybe you saw the sledge-hammer demo. The steel is strong as f**k and the angular
shape of the exoskeleton creates an extremely rigid shell. Triangles are tough. Steel is tough. Cybertruck is tough. Hopefully Tesla will reveal more safety details
soon but it’s obvious even from a very quick glance that the Cybertruck, structurally, is an extremely sturdy, rigid and safe vehicle. Let’s recap. Tesla’s Cybertruck is function over form,
with a hint of style sprinkled over the end result. When creating the Cybertruck, Tesla started
with a blank slate and 4 requirements: It had to be: 1. Cheap. 2. High utility/performance. 3. Efficient. 4. Safe. It is all of these things. The Cybertruck is cheap, fast and efficient to
produce (from a tiny factory footprint). The Cybetruck is mass-market-affordable, starting
at $39,900 US dollars. The Cybertruck has MUCH more function than anything
in its price range. The Cybertruck outperforms anything in its
price range. The Cybertruck is efficient as hell, way lower
cost of ownership than anything comparable. The Cybertruck is super safe. Oh yeah, autopilot. So what does this mean? No other auto maker can compete with Tesla
on ALL FOUR fronts: cost, utility, efficiency & safety unless they copy everything — including
the exoskeleton cut and folded from a single sheet of steel. Oh, and then they still need to somehow have
equivalent battery technology OR suffer lower margins. My prediction? Cybertruck’s design will become the new
normal for function-based vehicles. Consumers who want bang for their buck will
no longer be willing to pay for substandard performance or functionality. Stubborn automakers will watch in dismay as
Tesla eats their lunch. Others will sheepishly sheepishly copy Tesla’s design to compete on cost. Most of them will be too late. Due to is simplicity, Tesla will be able to
produce Cybertrucks VERY rapidly from a tiny factory footprint. Add to this the potential of Maxwell’s dry
battery electrode technology which would reduce costs and free up massive amounts of floor
space in existing factories and we could see Cybertrucks rolling off production
lines at unbelievable rates. From a Tesla investor’s point of view, this
is great news. For existing automakers, the message is clear: Copy Cybertruck or go bankrupt. So, what do you guys think? Do you believe that everyone is going to be forced to the Cybertruck design because it’s so efficient and cost-effective to produce that if they don’t, they simply will not be able to compete with Tesla on any meaningful metrics like cost? Or do you think that I’m completely crazy and I should stop smoking pot? By the way. I’m not going to. If you enjoyed the video hit the like button, leave a comment below, share your thoughts and if you’ve got any ideas for new videos, I’d love to hear from you and of course, if you enjoy this kind of content and want to see more, subscribing to the channel would mean the world to me. I’m doing this not to produce income but because I want to share what I think I know and open-source my investing journey. So I’d love your feedback and I’d love you guys to contribute ideas for future videos. Until then, I’m Steven Mark Ryan this is Solving The Money Problem and I love you all.

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100 Replies to “Cybertruck is Engineering Genius (and will be copied)”

  1. God I hope companies do not copy this design. Think about all the people who want to buy a reliable work truck in the future.

  2. All auto manufactures stamp their cars out of metal, excluding maybe the frame, So in a way they are already doing it but with very complex shapes. The look is still very polarizing to say the least and many people are gonna want a more traditional look to their truck. In the EV department I can guarantee that everyone is trying to copy Tesla's homework tho.

  3. Engineer here… This video is full of BS. The body isn't folded from a single sheet of steel & there will be plenty of stamping to build that body.. If you want a rigid body, floor etc you HAVE to stamp it & you're overstating the cost of stamping steel at scale.

  4. The Cybertruck might just be the most genius vehicle ever built, at least in the 21st century. It took me days to go from "omg this is so ugly" to "omg this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen!"

  5. I think adding another angle in the cab to make the cab more "boxy" would have gone a long way towards winning over traditional truck owners. The consumers he will need to appeal to if he intends to take market share away from the big 3.

  6. Mayor selling point will be,
    Ppl who always wanted a truck they can get one without having to pay 100+ a week in fuel

  7. Nooo cars are supposed to bend and break because of energy transfer when a car impacts something it has intentionally been designed to crush and crumple in order to absorb the energy of the crash so the person will experience less force

  8. This is a copy of DeLorean with a lift kit. I’m not sure if this was his intention but is the same in many aspects. Stainless steel build, designed with same edges as DeLorean, and even the window shape the same but longer to accommodate for a four doors design. I seen the delorean in person and was going to buy it. Long time ago back in the days but I decided to get a Toyota supra instead. It was faster and a better ride. So when I seen the reveal of the cybertruck I thought it was the redesign of delorean in a truck form. Just take a look at the delorean side view and imagine a lift kit with mud tires. Can you see it?

  9. it is a hype machine that will never ship, or not this version of it. The millions of dollars from the pre-purchase deposits is going to be put in high yield investments.

  10. That looks ugly. In 3 years time youll have a hard time selling it. Unless the rest of the truck makers follows that triangle design that look wont last long.

  11. 6:34 – But it's a bad thing that the chassis can withstand a sledgehammer. That means it can't absorb force on impact, cars are supposed to crumple. This may make it more dangerous for the driver?

  12. Pass the crash test first genius. This is a prototype and will have to make some changes or it won't be allowed in most of the countries. And where you gonna charge your truck when you go off-road genius? Elon is a show off guy, his cars suck in many ways. Same about going to mars. No atmosphere there, everyone dies from the radiation there, probably even half way to mars. The things he promises are not gonna happen as he says.

  13. A brief rebuttal of the initial points raised in the start of this vid-

    1- low cost- sure, it's cheap… for a Tesla! It isn't low cost, at all, vs it's competition: it costs a lot more for similar capability (in towing, range, cargo capacity, etc- a LOT more!)
    2- utility: again, vs it's competition, dollar for dollar, it really has very little utility- towing capacity, range, etc (based on the stats that have been released, and in particular, figuring in recharging times)
    3- well, yes, it IS efficient, in terms of fuel/electricity cost per mile… BUT, fuel or electricity is, really, a VERY small part of the cost of ownership of ANY new or new-ish vehicle (when accounting, for example, for the capital cost, depreciation, insurance, maintenance, etc. Fuel is MAYBE 10-15% of the cost of owning and operating such a vehicle!)
    4- Safe? There isn't any data or tests on its safety, so, for now, we ought to disregard that. If it gets a 5-star rating… Good! So do Hyundais and Volvos, and Fords, and Mercs, etc, etc. Also, nobody really needs a bulletproof car, right? (I wouldn't pay a penny extra for one, anyway!free-kick how many people in the yuppie target demographic have EVER been shot at, or expect to be shot at? I'm guessing maybe… a half-dozen of them, tops!)I

    The foregoing is not to say that it's a bad product! Shoot… It's cool as hell, like most Teslas!! And, if people want to buy a cool electric truck and a status symbol… good for them! They should buy this! But, if one really wants a real truck, to tow, travel, haul, and WORK with, well… This probably isn't it.

    Bottom line? I wouldn't kick it out of bed, but, I also wouldn't chase after it unless I had my beer goggles (Google glasses?) on.

  14. removing complexity hey? then serviceability of the vehicle will become a nightmare. Imagine your headlight blows, you'll have to replace the whole front light assembly and in order to do it you will have to pull the whole front out. that's called genius.

  15. working on stainless steel is extremely difficult, good luck with the body repairs. And also you will need to include few boxes of wipes, so you can wipe off people's fingerprints genius

  16. keep repeating cybertruck doesn't need it and it will solve all your problems. how about you go outside and pretend you drive an invisible car?

  17. can it carry my tools? omg I can't really imagine this being a tradie ute. No space for the tool boxes and poor cunt will get stuck in the middle of nowhere with an empty battery.

  18. As great as the cybertruck is, the pickup truck market has the most brand-loyal customers out there, meaning that ford customers will just buy another f-150 without looking at the competition, so it won't make other companies go bankrupt. It might set a new trend, yes. It'll have it's big chunk of market share, yes. But it's not going to take over so easily.

  19. Whoever wrote this vid seems to know almost ZERO about manufacturing processes – @3:20, they claim that the fact that 'more importantly, the time saved will be staggering – no more waiting for paint to dry.'

    Do they REALLY think it is a 'staggering' cost to a manufacturer when they have to wait for paint to dry? (The only significant cost of drying paint is space- a one time investment!) Also, they did not compare the cost of stainless steel, aluminum, etc vs ordinary steel+paint! (The latter is quite a bit cheaper, btw!) And they go on to say that a Cybertruck owner doesn't have to worry about dings and dents in the body panels! (This person has obviously NEVER needed a truck for their work! They ought to try working with their hands sometime!… F'n yuppie!)

    Tesla fanboys are tiresome in that their Elon Musk/ I-phone-esque style crush has clouded their better judgment…

    This guy REALLY seems to think that a base level Cybertruck, at 40k+ is more capable than a 27k ford? (It is actually LESS capable, across the board- in range, towing, cargo, etc!)

    Geez! (Does the coolness of Teslas make up the difference? Well, that's up to the individual buyer (I think it might be!) but, really, let's be honest instead of deluded and disingenuous, like this video!

    Doug DeMuro has a couple of good, REALISTIC vids about the Cybertruck… Check them out, as a counterbalance to this channel's nonsense!

  20. the dash board made of paper omg, hello fire safety. Imagine you crash that, the battery takes on fire and your dash board will cook you up like a turkey.

  21. At first glance I thought it was ugly, but it since has grown on me!

    I am buying one! Why!? Everything you have mentioned in this video rang true for me!

    Our home is of completely off grid.. we have no utility bills! The biggest expense is our fuel for vehicles and servicing them…

    That's going to change…

  22. don't lie about the perfect airflow , the sharp top tip creates vortex which increases the air drag. the f-track has better air dynamic coefficient.

  23. So Cybertruck is not just engineering genius, but Elon Musk absolute genius so claimed by this video.

    So all those engineers & designers of Ford, GM trucks, Japanese truck, M-B trucks must be pretty stupid not to come up with the Cybertruck design after doing it for decades.

    This is same kind of delusional BS Musk worshipers said about Tesla EVs like Model S, 3. Which surely must have taken over the entire world by now. Defeat climate change. And Tesla must be the world biggest and most profitable EV company by now. Instead of struggling to produce less than 10,000 cars after 15 years of trying. Have not made a dime of profit yet. The SEC rewarded Elon Musk genius by firing him form the Tesla board chairman job. Tesla has so dominated the EV market in the U.S. (Tesla marketshare 0.04%) that it borrowed $550 million (which must be repaid by 2020) from China banks to build it first Shanghai factory. And this wonderful advanced high tech Tesla China factory (no tent there, do you think Chinese regulators stupid enough to allow it?) will make the, yes, Model 3 which was designed 5 freaking years ago. To sell in the China EV market, which is the most advanced and biggest in the world.

    So those Chinese EV engineers must be pretty stupid too. They are trembling in fear with the introduction of Model 3 and should be ready to commit suicide if the Cybertruck ever get introduced in China. Will China steal Cybertruck like they stole just about everything American? Like those ultra advanced high speed trains, 5G telecom, even mega tankers.

  24. safe??? are you kidding? the sharp edges on this will slice the pedestrians. back to the drawing board genius or you won't pass the safety test. dude you're reading your script without even looking at the vehicle you talking about.

  25. I absolutely fell in love with the design the moment I saw it. And I'm not even a truck person, nor do I need one. But damn, do I need this truck.

  26. I completely agree the Tesla truck is going to eat their lunch.. It will be hard to beat and compete if they don't copy..How embarrassing if they shame.. Ford will be first with the new Ford Mock Cyber E

  27. let's recap, all you said is total crap, you need to turn your brain on and stop blindly reading the script Elon gave you.

  28. You don't want a rigid body In a crash, you want a "crush cone" to absorb the shock. If you've ever hit something hard with an aluminum bat you'll get what I mean

  29. Range under load is the problem. It too short to even get between cities with a full load at current battery density.

  30. Amazing truck! Just curious how crumple zones will work on this truck. Elon takes safety seriously so I'm curious what changes Elon will imminent. Amazing video btw.

  31. I was watching a lot of professionals on this subject (all of them somehow caught unprepared to talk real engineer side of the Cybertruck, and then they just talk bullshit), but you NAILED IT! Awsome video, keep up the good work mate. SUBSCRIBED 🙂

  32. army will buy sht tons of this, and mass market will never even have the opportunity to buy. Smack a turret at the back, and it become cybertank. Put some recon there, and it'll become cyberscout.

  33. Genius? Its cheap garbage the entire thing designed to be manufactured as easily as possible. He didn't pick straight lines because he thought it was cool he picked em because they are cheap. Until these idiots either find a way to charge batteries in 5minutes or finally figure out they need to make the packs standard and quickly swappable electric motors with never work. Even then though the packs don't last all that long and the resources that go into them are all very very toxic are they really the answer anyway?

  34. No stamping needed? Newsflash, the majority of stamped parts aren't the bodywork you see but the underlying frame, which the Tesla truck probably cuts down on, but does NOT eliminate as this video suggests.

  35. Want to point out one thing.
    On safety you mentioned that it's sturdy and rigid. But for a car that's not actually a good thing since if it get in a crash you want something with crumple zones. Being "rigid" is not a good thing.

  36. About your question… read the book “Diffusion of Innovations” by E. Rogers and multiply it by 5, and that would be pretty much how the Cybertruck goes, IMO.

  37. This is a wreck for stupid people who have done ZERO research on all its flaws and MASSIVE limitations. A fool and its money are soon parted…

  38. 7:45 @Solving the Money Problem The big 3 have kind of just been holding on to dear life since their downfall in the late 90s and near extinction in 2008. They have made some good products here and there. The new Chevy C8 Corvette for example is amazing. I think they are talking about how Tesla is a serious threat and planning on plans on how to deal with it. But I don't think they really really think Tesla is threat, the kind of threat that will put them completely out of business. I predict most of the efforts will be to just reduce the bleeding, AKA focus on whatever is profitable, try to make products that they have surveyed to find people will like. Ultimately I don't think they will get it and they lack a clear vision and mission. Elon/Tesla have had a stubborn arrogance to to say we know how to do things better and we are going to. They have made bold predictions and failed many times. The doubters laugh atthese defeats and in their minds it gives them reasons why not to worry about Tesla. "Ha ha ha" they must be thing… their new Truck… it is ugly as hell… and the bullet-proof windows break… what an embarrassing reveal … we have nothing to worry about.

    They say TSLA's market cap is inflated, I think it is going to inflate more, big time and just next year (although I think the elections have the possibility to sour things significantly). Tesla's vision and mission is clear, they want to expand and make BEVs as fast, as great, and as massively as possible. They want to relegate ICE vehicles to the stone age. What is the mission of Ford, GM, and Fiat/Chrysler right now? Yes I think they will try to copy, say "this is working for them somehow, let's do it". They will try to maximize the market research / accounting / profit machine.

    What should Ford do right now? Tesla has proven that BEVs are the future. I would keep producing ICE cars, but I would challenge the status quo on the cars. Most of all, I would challenge what Tesla has setup as the way BEVs must. I think I would target a segment below them. Yes they would have less range, less power, and not be luxury cars. But I actually think a lot of people want that. Of course it will be very hard to do, Ford does have 200,000 cars to sell with the $7500 tax credit. I would challenge what Musk has setup as the course for BEVs. I think Telsa knows what they are doing well, bu I think Elon has forced his vision for it should be and not necessarily what people really need. Yes Teslas are awesome, but they very expensive. The average household income for even the Model 3 is $160,000… There might be opportunity out there. I really don't see them doing it though. I do maybe see VW doing it. We will see, time will tell.

  39. It's a cool truck but even if a regular truck costs more and burns gas doesn't mean people won't buy them. I don't think this will make other automakers go bankrupt lmao.

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