Died of a Heart Attack, But Was He the Father? (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Died of a Heart Attack, But Was He the Father? (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Beversdorf v. James.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Beversdorf, you have opened
your case against Ms. James to prove that her
deceased son Darrylis the biological father of
your four-year-old son Dakari.
You say that once you
prove paternity,
Mrs. James better
accept you both or she will never see
Dakari again. Mrs. James, you say
that your deceased son had constant doubt
about the paternity of Dakariand you know he’s
not your grandchild.
You state that you
asked the plaintiff
to take a DNA test three times,
but Ms. Beversdorf refused. You have come to
clear your son’s name. Ms. Beversdorf, you say
that this paternity denial
is affecting your son. Explain. BEVERSDORF: They just… It’s the whole denial thing
that’s affecting
my child and me. They don’t accept him,
they don’t accept me. I’m just ready for him
to have acceptance, love. I want it to be real,
not fake. I want him to…
You know what I’m saying? That’s all family,
everybody’s family. Not just my side,
not just their side. I want it to be genuine. And I just know
once I get these test results, it will be genuine. And everybody will
really know the truth. I want him to know,
and to really have proof,
that that is his father. I’d never want him
to doubt that. And I know… JAMES: We would not
have to have proof, if we wouldn’t have
had the doubts. The doubts were brought
because of you. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Yeah, but… JUDGE LAKE: Mrs. James. First, I’m sorry for
the loss of your son. Thank you. I am, and I would
like to know… You say the doubts were brought
because of Ms. Beversdorf? Yes, because of
the relationship
that they’d beheld, in the time that
he was with her. Then they always fighting,
breaking up,her seeing other people
in between the breakup.
proof of that though.
I’ve never been seen
with anybody else. I’ve never been
with anybody else. (TALKING OVER EACH OTHER) You were gone.
You gone two weeks, and I’m like,
“Where’s Cayla?” No, I was gone
two weeks. Where? With someone… With my sister. At my
sister’s house. And when my son came
to your house, she came outside
to talk to him, but she wouldn’t
let him in the house, and she made him leave. WOMAN: Oh… Do you remember that incident,
Ms. Beversdorf? BEVERSDORF: No. I know who my baby dad is.
I know. And I’m just so ready
to prove it. JAMES: Well, I don’t. How long where you together,
you and Mr. Stevenson? BEVERSDORF:
Four and a half years. JAMES:I don’t know nothing
about four and a half years,
Your Honor.
(AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS)…because I never
knew her name
until the day he brought
her to us And then after he brought
her to us… One year… Next year, she…
We got a baby. So the day he
brought you to meet… Brought her to meet you, he introduced her
as his girlfriend? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. JAMES: They had
broken up in two weeks. She was gone,
and then she came back. The next week… I was already pregnant,
Your Honor. I was already pregnant. She came back, Your Honor,
and now they’re telling me
that she was pregnant. And you want me
to say, “Well, okay”? I was already pregnant
when me and him split up
for the two weeks. But I mean, respectfully,
how does Mrs. James know that? JAMES: Correct,
because you and him,
they’d had a fight. Her and him had a fight.
She leaves for
a couple of weeks. Comes back. Next thing
I know… Son… Her and my son,
sitting in my kitchen,
telling me she’s pregnant. And I’m looking like,
“By who?” (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) So he’s like,
“Mom, we’re gonna
have this baby.” I’m like, “Okay, son. “I’m with you,
whatever it is
you’re doing.” He says, “Mom, until I
find out it’s not mine, “that is what…
I’m gonna stick by her.” But if you don’t know
that that’s your child, why are you in the hospital? Why does he have
your last name? JAMES: Because he loved you! BEVERSDORF:Why did he
cut the umbilical cord?
Why do all that,
if that’s not your job?
JUDGE LAKE:Did he sign
the birth certificate?
when the nurse came in… No. When the nurse came in
to the hospital room, he was at home,
taking a shower,
getting clothed.He only left
the hospital for maybe
two and a half hours.
And so, for the two and a half
hours he left, was the one time
that they came in with
the birth certificate for him to… La-di-da! (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE LAKE: And so, did he… So when he came
back to the hospital,
did you say to him, “Hey, babe, you missed
the birth certificate”? BEVERSDORF: That’s when I
called him… And then he… I said, “Hey, you missed
the birth certificate signing, “but she’s gonna
come back to our room
for you to sign it.” He said, “Okay.” By that time, we were
so excited bringing in
the new baby, we didn’t even remember
about the birth certificate. JAMES: I asked him prior… Almost two weeks
to him dying to sign that birth
certificate because… She didn’t know
when he was gonna die. I didn’t.
I’m just saying. She did not know. I wanted… And you know
that I told him. So two weeks prior,
that has nothing
to do with that. JUDGE LAKE: No, no, no.
What she’s saying is… She doesn’t have to know
the date he was going
to pass away. Correct! She’s saying up until
two weeks before it happened, She had been saying… JAMES: To him. “Are you going to sign
that birth certificate?” “Son, you need to sign
that birth certificate “in case something happens.” And you know you’ve
heard me tell him that. I’ve told him that
in front of you. Why didn’t he… JUDGE LAKE: So even though
he expressed doubts to you, it was still your position,
Ms. James, that he needs to go
sign that birth certificate in case anything happened? Yes, Your Honor,
for the simple fact of now, I have tried
to get his DNA. Three times! BEVERSDORF: She never
tried three times. JAMES: Yes I have, Your Honor! You know why she don’t know
about the three times? She never tried
to get no DNA test. Because she
never shows up. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) JUDGE LAKE: What happened? She never met me nowhere.
We never even… I didn’t have to
meet you nowhere. She never called.
She never told me anything. I told you where
the place was. JUDGE LAKE: Mrs. James… Take me through each time. You say, three times. JAMES: Yes, Your Honor. Tell me about the first time. JAMES: Okay, Your Honor. The first time that I recall
telling Cayla, about getting the DNA,
my son had crossed over, he had died. In the process of him
dying, Your Honor,two weeks, I told her,
“Go get his Social Security.”
Then we went down there,they told us,
“We need his DNA, “so that we can, uh,
prove that he was his, “because he didn’t sign
the birth certificate.” Why would I deny that? If I’m so confident,
why would I deny… Why didn’t you come and… It doesn’t make sense,
Your Honor. I would never deny a DNA test
when I’m so confident to come on here to prove
about my son’s father. JUDGE LAKE: So you’re saying
you’ve never even been asked. No! JAMES: Your Honor,
that’s a lie! BEVERSDORF: Never!
I’ve never been asked. So… I wouldn’t deny it
if I was asked. I would never deny that. Just like I didn’t deny
coming out here. But Mrs. James is saying you… JAMES: You brought us
out here, because I told you I was not
gonna put him on my 401k, and now that
my brother has died… I brought them on here… I wasn’t gonna put him
on my insurance. …because my father actually
watches your show every day. And since I wasn’t gonna
put him on my insurance, you got mad… (AUDIENCE GROANING) …because you felt like
he needed Darryl’s money. So, Mrs. James,
tell me about the second time
you requested a DNA test. I’ve heard about
the first time. Tell me about the second. She never requested
a second time. Yes, I did, Your Honor. (LAUGHS) On a Monday… Over the weekend or whatever, this particular second time, I asked her, “Hey, let’s go “through legal aid, help us…” Somebody to get us DNA so we can get
Social Security started. We were supposed
to do the test, like,
Tuesday or Wednesday. I didn’t see her
till Friday. She allowed me to take Dakari, with me to see the brother
that just passed. We was probably
gone a week. I’d say, over a week. And I decided I wasn’t
gonna be a mother. Because I was retired. So I got money,
I could sit on my butt
and enjoy it. Okay. So, she says, “When are
you all coming home?” They were never supposed
to go to Omaha. They were… You knew I wanted
to go see my brother. They were never supposed
to go to Omaha. Your Honor… She kept my son for
like, two and a half weeks… I surely did! I surely did, Your Honor. And that Sunday that she
brought him, either she was gonna
bring me my child Sunday… I sure did. …or I was gonna call… You did call
the police on us! Child Protection Services. No, I didn’t.
You don’t even have a case. If I would have
called the police, you would have
a case against you. For taking,
kidnapping my child for two and a half weeks. JUDGE LAKE: All right. If this was my son’s son… If this were my seed,
I should have some kind of… Of paperwork… That’s why we’re here today. (TALKING OVER EACH OTHER) JUDGE LAKE: Oh!
So, hold on, hold on,
I want to understand this. So once you took
the baby to visit when your brother passed away after all of the issue
of, “Bring him back,” and… You said the police was called,
you felt like… “If this is gonna
be my grandbaby, “I need to have
something…” JAMES: Paperwork. “…that shows this is
my son’s child, “so it’s not like I just went
and got somebody’s baby.” Right! I didn’t know about
no test, Your Honor. BEVERSDORF: I would have… Darryl’s money… But I’ve never, ever… …don’t go to Kari
unless he’s Kari’s. My insurance… The money wasn’t an issue.
Why would I wait until
four and a half years later? My son’s four and a half
years old. JAMES: That’s right! Why would I wait this long
about some money? JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Beversdorf,
with all due respect, that’s exactly what
Mrs. James is saying. If you are so sure, and you know this is his baby, why wait
four and a half years… Because I was never
asked about a DNA test before I… Why should I have
to ask you? JUDGE LAKE: But if you
weren’t asked, even if… Yeah, but she says
she asked me three times.
She never asked me once. I just asked you this year! JUDGE LAKE: Listen, listen… Okay. The point is that
even if you disagree
with the assertion that she’s making, that she asked you
to take DNA tests, even if you say,
“No, you never asked me that.” Why have you not asked, and why have you
not pursued? Because I know
who his dad is. It’s not that serious.
A piece of paper doesn’t determine if he’s
my son’s father or not,
because I know… It does legally! …that he’s my son’s father. For her… It does legally! …it might
mean the world. Yeah! But to me, and I know
who my son’s father is… Then I don’t have to get
a piece of paper saying, oh, that this is his…
I know who it is. JUDGE LAKE: And so you have
no doubt in your mind… No, not one. …Mr. Stevenson is
Dakari’s biological father. No doubt. Not one doubt
in my entire mind. Well, I do. Not one doubt. That’s why we’re here.
‘Cause she doubts. JAMES: We surely are. We didn’t get
to the third time,
but we’re not… (JAMES AND BEVERSDORF
TALKING OVER EACH OTHER) Why didn’t she write you?
Why was it all me? If she’s so determined
to get a DNA test, why was it me who wrote you,
the one person who can help? Why was it me? JAMES: Your Honor, ask her… Ask her when did we go
to the Social Security
office together? Did you go to
the Social Security
office together? To see about getting
Social Security started. When we went there,
they told me that
I would need a DNA test,but because he doesn’t have
any real brothers…
Because he doesn’t have
any real brothers,
that they cannot
go through the mom,
that they’d have to go through
a real brother or sister, but he doesn’t have
any real brothers or sisters. So then they…
That put a halt on me
even getting Social Security. They didn’t say anything
about giving her a DNA test. Nothing about that. They said
he doesn’t have any… JUDGE LAKE: But you… But you did meet about
getting a DNA test. BEVERSDORF: We met about
getting Social Security. We never met about
getting DNA… Which, a requirement is
to have a DNA test. JAMES: All right!
Your Honor. Your Honor. I don’t have it with me,
and I wish I had it… But that’s because,
she lives with me in my home, and, when she came… She lives with you now? JAMES: Yes! AUDIENCE: What? Whoa! Temporarily. Mrs. James, why… Why did you take
Ms. Beversdorf in,
if you don’t believe Dakari is your son’s
biological child? By gosh, no! It don’t have nothing
to do with that. My son loved her
and that baby. And if there’s anything
in this world that I can do,for that kidnot to feelany kind of difference…He already got a strike
against him. Then I did what I felt
was right in my heart. That sounds good, but… JAMES: And that was
taking him in. JAMES: It’s her I don’t want. If there’s a legal battle
to the point that
he is ours, then I feel they’ll give me certain visitation rights,
without her. Oh, you are hoping that
there are grandparent rights… JAMES: I don’t know,
Your Honor. …in your state. Your Honor, I’m really
just hoping that he’s ours. I’m really hoping
he’s ours. Because I am not sure
that he is our child. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) I’m just not sure. There’s just nothing else
you can tell me… There’s nothing you can
tell me, until you open
that envelope, that he’s ours. So the truth is, you’re hoping that Dakari is your grandchild, but because of the doubts
your son expressed
to you openly, before his passing,
you have doubt. Because you were told by him
that he had doubt. JAMES: Yeah.And you were told by himthat the reason why
he did not execute
that birth certificate for 11 months
is because he didn’t know. It wasn’t 110%… JUDGE LAKE: He loved them, but he didn’t know. He loved her, which means… He knew. Well, my mom said, you take the big cookie,
you take all the crumbs
that go with it. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING
for church today. Take the big cookie,
you take all the crumbs
that go along with it. I’m gonna use that again.
Uh… Jerome? JEROME: Yes. With that said… Let’s get the results. Yeah, Judge. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Here you go. Okay. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. Because there
wasn’t a blood card available to test the DNA
of the deceased,
Darryl Stevenson, we performed a DNA test with his surviving parent
Jacquelyn James. With that being said, the results determine
if there is a viable relationship
between the child Dakari Stevenson
and Jacquelyn James. In the case of
Beversdorf v. James,
when it comes
to four-year-old
Dakari Stevenson… It has been determined
by this court, the percentage
of relatedness between Mrs. Jacquelyn James
and Dakari is… Ninety-nine percent.
I’m sorry, Cayla. I’m sorry.
I really am sorry. I’m sorry.
This is all we got… I’m sorry, Your Honor.
Thank you. There’s no more doubts. No more doubt. JAMES: That’s the only
grandbaby I got. AUDIENCE:Aww…‘Cause, you don’t know,
Your Honor, that was a blessing, all by itself. The burden of
the last couple of years
looking at him, wanting him to be ours, ’cause of all the animosity
that I had against her, was because I wasn’t sure. JUDGE LAKE: We could see that. And even without being sure, you still tried to
do the right thing, by opening your home
to her and Dakari. And most importantly,
even though you all might fuss and fight,
or whatever it may be, we could still see the love
you have for that child. This is a turning point. We’ve now turned the page
to a new chapter. And I would like
to know, Ms. James, if you would like to
see your grandson… JAMES: I would. …in my chambers because you now know it is your grandson. A hundred percent. And I’m sure he would
love to see his mommy
and his nana. JAMES: Without fighting. Without fighting. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Right? All right. I’m gonna have Jerome
go and get him, and I will meet you all
in my chambers, all right? JAMES: Thank you,
Your Honor. Court is adjourned.

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