DIY Alarm Siren / Simple Noise Maker without transistors using only a Speaker ✔

Hi, welcome to “Electrical Projects” channel in this video I’ll show you how to make a simple noise making device using a loudspeaker. It can be very helpful if you don’t have an audio signaling device such as Buzzer First you need to find a loudspeaker for further modification, for this project I use 4 ohm 5 watt Loudspeaker Then you need to make a “feedback contact”, after that you need to glue the contact. The whole idea of the device is very simple: when current flows through the coil the membrane of the speaker start to move this movement breaks the electrical circuit, and without power the membrane with the coil start to move back till “feedback contact” touches the wire again, and the cycle repeats. This is how it should look like Now we are ready for the first test Now let’s connect wires then slowly rotate the screw till it touches the wire, and then you will hear loud noise Then fix the screw with some glue If the device doesn’t work check the polarity, when the screw touches the wire the membrane should move from the screw, NOT to the screw. That is all. Thanks for watching and good luck with your projects.

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