DIY Smart Home Security on a Tiny Home | Consumer Reports

DIY Smart Home Security on a Tiny Home | Consumer Reports

[MUSIC PLAYING] DIY home security
is a big trend we’re seeing at Consumer Reports. And today we’re inside
SimpliSafe’s tiny house taking a look at their new
DIY home security system. As technology has
evolved, the sensors in these new home
security systems have all become wireless. So it makes it really easy for
you to install them yourself. Each system is usually
made up of a base station, which is the brains of
the whole system, and a keypad. Alarm on. The sensors themselves are
really easy to install. It’s as simple as
just sticking them where you want to put them. Besides door and
windows sensors, these systems also
come with things like motion sensors, glass break
sensors, panic button, water sensors, smoke detectors, carbon
monoxide detectors, indoor and outdoor cameras. And again, all of these
sensors are wireless. So installing them isn’t
a challenge at all. They have a battery life
of about 5 to 10 years, which means you will probably
only have to install them once. And like everything
we’re seeing here at CES, these systems can be
controlled from your smartphone and even from
digital assistants. Alexa, tell SimpliSafe
to arm the front door. SimpliSafe on. The price point for these
DIY security systems is a lot lower than a
professionally installed system. Another thing to consider
is many of these DIY systems don’t require
contracts, which means you can sign up for as
much or as little monitoring as you need. And consumers really seem to
appreciate that flexibility. For more on home security
and smartphone tech, head over to

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7 Replies to “DIY Smart Home Security on a Tiny Home | Consumer Reports”

  1. Would you guys please acetal Reggie the existing Xiaomi system instead of taking of future launches by others. All this exists already for a long while. Time to actually review the past!

  2. I like it. The part that's confusing is a 5 to 10 year battery life. No removable battery? That means I have to rebuy pretty much the whole system again?

  3. “They have a battery life of five to ten years so you will probably only have to install them once” Why is that? Seems like you would have to install them every five to ten years…or at least change the battery if possible.

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