Do It Yourself Home Security System in Under 2 Minutes

Do It Yourself Home Security System in Under 2 Minutes

Hi I’m Danni. There’s a big myth in the
home security industry that I’m going to completely dismiss for you today and that
myth is that it take hours and requires a professional to install a cutting edge home
security system. Those days are over. I’m going to show you how easy it is to set up
a wireless home security system from FrontPoint. So if you’ll hang around for two to three
minutes, I’ll have a system set up and working, and believe me, I’m no handy man. It’s
just really easy to do. The first thing you do it unpack of course.
For this example we’re going to set up a basic system with the control panel, two door
or window sensors, and a motion detector. Now remember, everything is wireless which
is great. You can always add more sensors or video cameras later. FrontPoint makes it
really easy. Now the control panel is the brains behind
the operation. So all we do is connect that antenna and this connects the control panel
to the monitoring center. Then we connect the battery and that has a 24 hour battery
back-up built into the control panel. The beep tells me it’s working. Then I find
a flat, secure place to put the control panel. I’m going to put mine on my kitchen counter.
It’s a good central location and my family can reach it. Remember, this is where you
arm and disarm the system so it’s good to have in a convenient location.
Now it’s time to place the sensors. Look how small and portable these door/window sensors
are. You’ll always want to put one on your front door. And just peel the backing, place
the sensor on the frame, and on the door and it’s quick and easy.
Next it’s time for the motion detectors. These are great for large areas to monitor
for intruders. It’s good to put your motion detector in an open area and not facing any
windows. So I’m going to peel the backing and place mine here where it will monitor
my living room and dining room areas. Okay, we’re just about finished can you
believe it? Just one more sensor for the back door. Remember ninety percent of burglaries
occur through the front or back door so having sensors in both areas is a great idea. And
like before, I’m just going to peel the backing and place the sensor on the frame
and then the other piece on the door. And as before, it’s really quick and easy.
So there you have it. My installation is finished and what did that take, two minutes. Not bad
eh? And I didn’t require any professional installation and I didn’t need any tools.
So now that that’s done, there’s just one more thing to do- that’s call FrontPoint
and make sure my system is set up properly. Hi, I’d like to active my system please.

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19 Replies to “Do It Yourself Home Security System in Under 2 Minutes”

  1. Note: The installation is incorrect !!!!!!
    The motion detector she installed at about head level would most likely not pick up or may get your feet.
    Note: This is a GE wireless motion it has to be installed at 7.5 feet.
    You might want to read the directions. You could have a big liability

  2. This video is informative but there are some loopholes in regards of creating the Home Security Alarms. Just to be safe hire an expert for your home.

  3. Ummm.. Yeah my HiPoint 9mm semi automatic assault rifle with a folding bipod, stock, laser pointer, night vision scope and 25 bullet banana clip is all the home security I need.

  4. Control unit setup is not within standard security (UL) specifications.  2 door sensors and on motion sensor…..  enough devices to secure a trailer home only.

  5. OMG!!!! Someone robed my house!!!!
    "What do they look like?"

    "Ummm i know they where in my living room…"

    Just get a security CAMERA system!

  6. Still gotta activate the system? How much monthly? If so why not having free equipments, and professional installation if u gotta pay monthly any way?

  7. 🏆Defend your house together with the greatest home security, alarm systems, and solutions.
    💫Safe your own home nowadays and acquire a no cost quote 877-885-3107 by ADT (7/24 – All USA)

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