Door or Window Entry Alarm Device Review

Door or Window Entry Alarm Device Review

What’s up everyone welcome back to another
product review. I have here a unique product for review that
is a door and window entry alarm gadget. Now this might not look like a great gadget
but it can help you catch any theft of your precious belongings or alarm you about the
entry of anything inside any box or case for which you seek security. It’s very cheap under 200₹ very easy to
setup and works really good. Though it has some issues with the stickers
provided with it but you can buy a double-sided adhesive tapes like this one to use the gadget
again and again for long time. Also it is powered by cheap battery that you
can replace to use it again. It works with a magnetic detector so when
there is change in alignment of the magnets inside this device the inbuilt circuit fires
an alarm. Now I will show how you can use this device. Just peel off the sticking rear covers of
the device and attach it to windows or door outer frames. Now similarly remove tape covers of bar magnet
and attach it to door or windows end aligning the arrow indicating on the bar magnet and
alarm unit on same line. Turn on the device and check the device by
pulling the door or window away from the alarm unit. If it fires an alarm then the device is ready
to use or if not try changing the batteries to new batteries or report its fault to the
shop from where you purchased. Place it on the door or window or even wardrobes
and turn it on when you need the alarm security. Windows and doors that are easy to open like
the one kitchen or rear backyard are some of the places where the thieves or animals
like cats can find entry so this gadget can give the needed security for such places. I hope you like this gadget and found it useful. If you want to buy it. Check the links in the video descriptions
to buy it at best price. If you have any comments please drop it down
in the comment section. My social network links and channel subscription
links are in the descriptions so do check them out. I will come back in next show till then bye
and take care and thanks for watching.

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6 Replies to “Door or Window Entry Alarm Device Review”

  1. I line arrow on the frame to alarm on the door and turn on and it goes off if no turn on an open door nothing, HELP!

  2. i cannot set it up! everytime i switch it on the alarm goes goes off constatly and wont switch off. Obvioulsy i dont want to switch it off as i want it to work.

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