Doorbell camera records suspicious activity at Boca Raton home

Doorbell camera records suspicious activity at Boca Raton home

SHE HAS A DOORBELL CAMERA – AND LAST WEEK – THAT CAMERA RECORDED SOMETHING THAT CAUSED HER TO DROP EVERYTHING AND RUSH HOME FROM WORK.THE NOW’S MICHELLE QUESADA IS LIVE NEAR THE BOCA ALTA NEIGHBORHOOD TO SHOW US THE VIDEOSHANNON I SAW THIS STORY ON FACEBOOK – INCLUDING THE VIDEO.IT SHOWS A STRANGER HOLDING A BABY – AND WHAT HAPPENS NEXT MADE HER CALL POLICE. 3 KIM KERNER IS SOUNDING THE ALARM ON SOCIAL MEDIA.A WOMAN SHE’S MEDIA.ALARM ON SOCIAL MEDIA.A WOMAN SHE’S NEVER SEEN BEFORE – LOOKED AROUND HER FRONT DOOR FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME THURSDAY EVEN PEERED THROUGH HER WINDOWS. 12:36:10 it just looked very suspicious to us so we hurried home.KERNER ONLY NOTICED THE WOMAN THANKS TO THE SECURITY INSTALLED IN HER HOME. STAND UP:The homeowners doorbell camera recorded an unknown woman at the door with her baby…. it’s unclear if the woman knew she was on camera When confronted she told the homeowners she was just admiring the home– if that’s the case then why would she look underneath the doormat. 12:27:01 she said that her baby’s carriage got caught up i the mat and you can clearly see in the video that it did notKERNER AND HER HUSBAND CAUGHT UP TO THE WOMAN WHO WAS STILL IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD WHEN THEY GOT HOME12:36:28 she was like you know bubbly like oh i was just admiring it like there was no problem KERNER SAID THAT DAY – SHE DID NOT RECEIVE A PACKAGE THE POST OFFICE SAID IT DELIVERED 12:37:48 they said it was delivered 15 minutes before she got there12:38:03 it was just make up thing it was small WHEN SHE LOOKED AT THE VIDEO AGAIN – CLOSER – SHE NOTICED SOMETHING SHE DID NOT SEE BEFORETHE WOMAN APPEARS TO HAVE SOMETHING BEHIND HER I-PAD – AND DROPS IT INTO THE STROLLER.12:39:29 just terrible its just terrible she’s using this poor child she’s using the baby as a cover ON FACEBOOK – OTHER NEIGHBORS SAY THEY’VE SEEN HER IN THE AREA – KERNER SAID SHE’S BEEN CONTACTED BY OTHERS WHO SAY THEY TOO HAD PACKAGES GO MISSING THE SAME DAY.2:41:37 i really think we, because you live in a gated community you let your guard down>>3 KERNER HAS FILED A POLICE REPORTI AM WAITING TO GET MORE INFORMATION FROM PBSO ON THE INVESTIGATIONCOMING UP AT 6 – THE CHANGE COMING TO THIS GATED COMMUNITY – AND THE ADVICE OTHER NEIGHBORHOODS 3

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58 Replies to “Doorbell camera records suspicious activity at Boca Raton home”

  1. Burglars will try to minimize what they've or are doing, never seen an armed one yet.   I've run across at least 25.

  2. Didn't show her face because she wasn't a suspect in a crime!, that's only because she didn't find the key under the doormat. That's just messed up, she should have got something, at least a warrant to search her house then maybe they would have found a bunch of stolen property.

  3. That’s no excuse for not showing her face. She is a thief, the proof is on the video! You are hiding the identity and protecting a thief!!!

  4. No "Din doooz nuffin" and other racial attack posts toward blacks on this one…

    Oh, wait, i see why now, the thief is white….

  5. Wow! You had your guard down because this women appeared to be white with a small child. Had she been African American she would have been called on immediately especially walking in a gated community …. who knows maybe even assignated like Trayvon Martin….smh

  6. I've worked private security, and some crappy rentacop jobs, I've seen people hide stolen goods under infants in strollers and shopping carts, or they sit outside and have small kids go in and get items. It's common practice now because you can't really touch the child without blowback from lawsuits and idiots in the community that would believe she's "only looking".. I watched a woman hide a stolen phone from a person in the store in her baby's diaper. We even had it on film. And the judge let her walk and she kept her 4 kids. This way more common than you would ever believe.

  7. There are many wonderful house's that can be observed without even stepping foot onto the property like from the street. Who in their right mind would go up to a stranger's door and knock on it just to tell them "You have a nice house?" ( Where would the conversation lead too?) At my house strangers knock once before a trap door is activated and they come hurtling into a pit of the paranormal. Seriously, kid was a prop. She was looking to gain access to the home to probably set up a PCP & Flakka Lab as the residents would of been rolled up in carpet and stuffed in the attic for week's without anybody noticing.

  8. At the end there was like a load of cars trying to get into that house sorry I don’t know why that was relevant but I just thought it was weird

  9. They pretty much blamed her for the missing package even though it never shows her taking anything…hum sounds like a setup.

  10. WOW SHE IS NOT A SUSPECT….omg authorities do your job and lookat all the evidence, how stupid can y'all be so dumb.

  11. Who ever still leaves their key under the door mat or on the above door jam should get their head examined! Ugh BTW I hope this thief gets arrested soon!

  12. "Just admiring the house." Then why was she knocking so loud after she had already rang the doorbell a few minutes earlier?

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