Easy Lock HDMI Cable, Simple Secure Locking Connector 4K UHD

Easy Lock HDMI Cable, Simple Secure Locking Connector 4K UHD

Ever experience video or audio problems and
your first reaction is to go behind that small space behind your television to check for
loose cables? Hi this is Zach, and today I’m going to show
you our new HDMI locking cables we carry here at Cablewholesale.com. Here at Cablewholesale, we have expanded our
line of HDMI products. We recently had a suggestion from a customer
to carry HDMI cables that include special features. Today, I’m going to show you our new HDMI
locking cables that contain an ultra locking mechanism that keeps the cable locked in place
for added security. We carry four different lengths of these cables
to fit your needs. These HDMI locking cables are HDCP compliant,
supports 4K resolution at 60 Hz, along with exceptional pull strength. These cables have gold plated contacts and
simply lock into place by a slide of a sleeve. You can see the connector shows green when
it is not engaged. Push the black sleeve forward and the color
changes to red. The cable has now engaged the teeth, locking
the cable into place. So why might you be needing one of these bad
boys? Well, let’s go over some examples. Maybe you have a pet that likes to hide behind
small spaces, like right behind your television , and all of a sudden your television goes
black . Installing this HDMI locking cable will prevent these disruptions from happening
again. Have a newly installed display in your office
lobby and suddenly it goes out? Instead of calling the installer who may take
a few days to come fix it to find out a cable was dislodged, these HDMI locking cables would
come in handy. It would save both you and the installer time
and money. HMDI locking cables are great for any home
or office and it takes the guesswork from simple audio and video issues. To purchase any of these parts, check out
our website and if you have any questions, our tech support is here to help Monday through
Friday, 8 am eastern to 5 pm pacific by phone and live chat. Send us your questions or any suggestions
for products or videos to our email or visit us on Facebook and Twitter or simply leave
a comment below. We hoped you enjoyed this video and our special
guest. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for
more videos! Thanks for joining me today. We’ll see you on our next video!

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  1. These cables are perfect for doing television work. I bought a 1.5ft cable to wire up my atmos ninja to my C100. Been using the same cable while traveling around the world for the last year. It still works perfectly. Thank you!

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