Employees EXPOSED & Fired For Doing Stupid Things

– [Narrator] As the great
philosophers Blink-182 once said, ♪ “Work sucks, I know.” ♪ To make their lives more interesting, humble workers have to get creative. But sometimes they go too far
and pay the ultimate price. Here are 10 of the stupidest things employees have ever done to get fired. (keyboard staccato) – Amazing. Number 10, Dominos
employees film themselves. You may have seen the
bit from the film Waiting where the kitchen staff take turns putting bodily fluids
onto a customer’s food. But little did we know that some workers have actually taken this
as an instructional guide. Dominos employees Kristy
Hammonds and Michael Setzer went rogue and lived
out the worst nightmare of anyone who’s ever ordered takeout. They filmed themselves sneezing on pizzas, putting cheese up their nose
and rubbing a sponge used to clean the dishes on their butts. The two were immediately
fired and the store was closed for immediate cleaning,
but not before the scandal went viral and was picked up
by news reports nationwide. In the end, they were both charged with felony violations
of adulterating food. Hammonds received a
45-day suspended sentence and 18 months probation,
while Setzer was given a six-month suspended
sentence and 24 months of supervised probation. Not so funny anymore is it? Number nine, the flight
attendant who rage quit. August 9th, 2010 was just another day for veteran flight attendant
Steven Slater, but Steven, who had 20 years of experience
at JetBlue, was about to get a customer from
hell, and make a decision that would seal his fate with the company and enter him into the history books. According to news reports,
Steven had been attending a flight that landed in
JFK airport, New York. At this point, a female
passenger attempted to stand to get her bag before the plane
had come to a complete stop. Slater went to her to ask her to sit down, at which point she hit him
with her bag and cursed at him. According to witnesses, Slater
went to the speakerphone at the front of the plane
and after a few profanities of his own, said, “I’ve been
in this business 20 years, “and that’s it, I’m done.” After this, he grabbed two
beers from the drinks trolley, pulled the emergency slide,
jumped out of the plane and drove home to see his boyfriend. He was later arrested
and let go from his job but remains a cult hero among overworked, underappreciated service
workers everywhere. Number eight, police officer coin toss. You know that bit in
No Country For Old Men, where Javier Bardem’s
character roams the countryside flipping a coin to
determine who lives or dies? Well that fantasy is now a
reality thanks to the ingenuity of these Georgia police officers. At a routine traffic stop
they interrogated a woman who was caught speeding to work. They then went back to their cruiser, where they did something odd. They flipped a coin, using an app, to decide whether or not to let
the woman go, or arrest her. The officer used the terms
A or arrest for heads, and R or release for tails. – [Officer] Use that. – [Officer] A head, R tails. – [Officer] Okay. – [Officer] This is tail right? – [Officer] Yeah. – [ Officer] So release. Sounds dumb, but it gets worse. It was all caught on
their own body cameras. The two officers were later
terminated from their post and the lady they arrested
was later dismissed from any charges by a prosecutor. Treating freedom like
it’s a game of chance? Not cool. Number seven, daycare
workers Instagram feed. Working at a daycare is a
stressful job that requires you be a caring, good-natured
individual who loves kids. But what happens when the exact opposite of that type of person
gets hired for the job? Probably what happened at
Heavenly Haven Learning Center in Virginia where parents
discovered pictures of their children were online in the form of Instagram posts. The care workers decided to create a less-than-secret account
where they not only posted pictures of the kids
but made mean comments about their appearance. In some they likened them to
characters from Pixar movies, and in others they just wrote texts about how much they hated them. The workers were of course
fired but the damage was already done, and
the day care was flooded with news reporters all looking to get a piece of the action. Number six, cop caught stealing You never know quite
what you’re going to see on a security camera. This footage comes from outside a Goodwill in Daytona Beach, Florida. It’s not uncommon for charity
drop-offs to be ransacked, especially if the
donations are left outside. What is uncommon, however, is to see a protector of the peace doing it. This man caught stealing from charity is Officer Bryce Miller. He drove up in the middle of the night to load up a few hot goods. What’s worse? He did it in his own patrol car. He resigned from his
position not long after. Goodwill? More like good riddance. Number five, pizza
delivery driver goes rogue. The service industry can be horrible, with ungrateful customers and long shifts. Sometimes it’s the good
tips that help these workers make it through the harder times. After this pizza delivery
driver didn’t receive a tip he took matters, and other
things, into his own hands. The customer discovered a yellow liquid on her front step several hours later. When she checked the
security camera footage she found out what happened. The driver was caught on
security camera footage unzipping his trousers and
peeing all over her door. The delivery driver later
apologized, but it was too late. He was fired shortly after. You might say he pissed
off the wrong people. Number four, delivery drivers gone wild. There must be something about
all that travelling around that turns certain delivery
drivers into wild animals. The number of clips from
home security cameras of couriers throwing,
tossing, or pushing parcels with a truck is unbelievable. But my favorite stupid moment has to be this incident in Houston. The owner of the home noticed his UPS-delivered parcel had been damaged. Luckily, he had cameras that
saw the whole thing unfold and solved the mystery. Checking the security
footage of his side gate, he noticed two things
when the courier walked up to deliver the parcel. Firstly, he throws the parcel and then, if that wasn’t enough,
he urinates on the gate just as an additional screw you. Though he was later fired, this guy really put the pee in UPS. Number three, KFC employees
taking a bath at work. Ever seen those employees
must wash their hands signs at restaurants? Well this group of workers at
a KFC in Anderson, California took their personal
hygiene a step further. Noticing that the
dish-washing sink could hold several of them, they
did something unique. They decided to strip down
and take a group bath. That’s right, these girls added their own eleven secret herbs and spices to the mix, contaminating almost
everything in the kitchen in the process, all while taking
selfies of the whole thing. Their fun and games earned
them national attention, and they were promptly fired. Finger-licking good? Hardly. Number two, airline employees
sleeping on the floor. Ryanair is a budget
airline in the UK famous for their cheap, but
often disrupted, flights. They’ve also landed themselves
in a bit of hot water for underpaying their staff
and posting the salaries of their pilots when they went on strike. If that doesn’t sound like
too much of a PR nightmare already, then this latest
one really took off. Seen here in this photo is
several Ryanair staff sleeping on the floor in an airport. They had not been given
a hotel or any bedding for their overnight stay, and
so took the desperate measure of lying where they could. Tragic, right? Well the plot thickens when it emerged that this photo had been faked. Ryanair’s official
Twitter account was quick to dispel the rumor and in fact showed a video of them
setting up the shot. Despite the strangeness of an official business Twitter account
publicly taking its own employees to task, it still kinda
seems like the poor staff had to stay overnight in a dark room with only plastic chairs for comfort. Even if the photo was faked,
the overall working conditions weren’t, so who’s the real villain here? Now before I reveal number one,
here’s an honorable mention. If you’ve been on the internet long enough you’ve no doubt heard the
phrase Burger King Foot Lettuce. It’s not a cheat code for GTA V, rather it’s a disgusting tale that needs to be seen to be believed. In 2012, a man posted a
picture of himself at work in a Burger King on internet
message board 4chan. The photo featured him with his shoes on, standing in two piles of
salad, with the caption, this is the lettuce
you eat at Burger King. But he forgot the golden
rule of restaurateurs. Don’t mess with people’s food. Quickly, internet detectives,
rather than applauding him for his bizarre photo,
tracked down exactly where he worked and
phoned local news outlets as well as the manager of
the Burger King itself, which turned out to be in
Mayfield Heights, Ohio. The result? He was fired, but this in the
internet we’re talking about, so you know that’s not
where the story ends. Later, a viral video on the
subject of mysteries solved by 4chan featured a
less-than-enigmatic narrator recounting this event. His strange inflection as he talked about the Burger King Foot Lettuce sounded like it was being read by an
alien trying to learn English. – [Worker] Burger King foot lettuce. – [Narrator] Of course, it was memed and remixed to infinity. ♪ Burger King foot lettuce. ♪ Number one, man caught skipping work. If you didn’t need reminding, making pasta in Italy is no laughing matter. So, when the news came
through that certain parts of the country were lapse
in their work ethic, one of the world’s largest pasta makers, Barilla, sprang into action. This story comes from
Foggia, southern Italy. According to statistics, people
down south work less hard and take more days off. In Foggia, this was true especially on days of bigger soccer games. And in a factory where one
man could be responsible for an entire line, this absenteeism presented a huge problem. Nicola Calandrea, manager of
the Barilla plant in Foggia, decided to make it better
known to his employees that he would stay on
top of their attendance, and make notes about their absences, going so far as to call their
doctors to check up on them. This culminated in the extreme example of a man called Marco Tutti. Marco asked for time off but was refused, and so instead decided to call in sick. What he was actually doing was going to play soccer for the local team. His plan worked out great,
until he scored a goal during the match and got his face in the next day’s newspaper
for his boss to admire. He was fired, which drove
Calandrea’s point home, and absenteeism dropped to a record low. And the sponsor of that
local football team that Tutti played for? Barilla, of course. So, which employee do you
think was the stupidest? Let me know your thoughts
in the comments section down below, and thanks for watching. (keyboard staccato)

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