Ep. 123: Wireless Security Camera for Your RV | Tips Tricks How-To

Ep. 123: Wireless Security Camera for Your RV | Tips Tricks How-To

Hey folks, welcome back to Grand
Adventure. I’m your host Marc Guido. Now, while we were planning on boondocking
down near the Mexican border on Boca Chica Beach in Texas, because of our
proximity to the border we wanted to have some sort of security camera on the
rig. Now for personal safety reasons we explained a couple of episodes ago, why
we did not camp on Boca Chica Beach, but we set up the camera nevertheless and we
wanted to share with you our solution for this issue on this episode. So stay
tuned! Now, for our security camera on the RV we
had four prerequisites. One is it had to be battery-powered. Two, it had to
transmit wirelessly because we wanted a wireless installation. Therefore the camera had to use Wi-Fi. And we also wanted one that had no
monthly subscription fee for service. Now what we ended up with is this model from
Hiseeu. Now I want to explain, we have no relationship with this company. We
bought it on Amazon just like everybody else, but this one does get four and a
half out of five stars in its review rating on Amazon and we can understand
why. Now let’s talk about some of the key features that we haven’t already
described on this Hiseeu camera. It uses full 1080p HD resolution and has a
130-degree field of view. It uses infrared LEDs to gain night vision up to
a limited distance from the camera. It also has two-way audio so you can hear
what the camera hears ,and you can also speak through the camera remotely. Now,
the batteries in this camera are actually rechargeable, so all you have to
do is plug it in and, depending on the amount of motion that the camera detects
and prompts it to start recording, it can go from a few weeks to a few months
between needing recharges. Now, to minimize false alerts the motion
detection comes with heat sensing. So what it does is, it records when it
detects motion from an object that’s at least 67 degrees Fahrenheit, so it
basically is using body heat detection as well as motion detection to prompt it
to start recording. And that is adjustable, the sensitivity is adjustable
between high, medium and low, so you can find that sweet spot where you’re not
recording all kinds of things that, you know, blowing leaves or what have you.
Now, recordings are stored in an encrypted form right on a 32 gigabyte
microSD card that’s actually included with the purchase of the camera. It will
send — whenever you get an alert it’ll send still photos to your mobile device,
whether you’re in the trailer or whether you’re two hours away checking out the
territory around where you’re camping. You will get those alerts along with a
still photo of what the camera is detecting. Now the camera is fully
waterproof with an IP65 rating. It operates over Wi-Fi on 2.4 gigahertz
networks only. It will not work on 5 gigahertz networks, but usually if you
only find a single-band router it’s 2.4 gigahertz so that’s really not an issue. We use it by connecting it right to the Visible mobile hotspot network that we
have running in our trailer via a HooToo router, from our most popular video ever
which is “Cheap Unlimited RV Internet”. We’ll put a link right up here on the
screen if you want to know how we network our trailer, but you can even
connect this to campground Wi-Fi if you’re in a campground with Wi-Fi
service available. Now just to be clear, this camera does not record 24/7. You can
see 24/7 through the mobile app, but it only starts recording when it detects
heat sensitive motion. If it ran 24/7 you’d be burning through battery in no
time flat. On top of that, you’d be filling up the 32 gig microSD card
awfully, awfully quickly, so that’s actually an advantage, not a disadvantage.
Now to configure the camera and to access the alerts, and to access what the
camera is seeing. there are apps available for both iOS and Android –and
they’re included for free. The included Cloudview app is available
in either Google Play or the Apple Store. If you have more than one camera you’ll
see them all here on the app’s home screen. Simply tap on a camera image to
enter that camera. This will open the live camera feed showing camera battery
status in the top right. Rotating your phone in landscape orientation will show
the camera’s live video fullscreen in 1080p
with a date and time stamp. Here’s a sample of the night view in a completely
dark environment. The camera will alert you with a notification each time it
detects movement by an object of at least 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Clicking on
the notification will open a history of alerts. Clicking on an individual alert
will open still images captured at the time of the alert. Returning to the camera’s main screen,
pushing and holding the intercom button allows you to speak through the camera
no matter where you are. Clicking on the record button starts
video recording, denoted here on the screen. The video and image files are
recorded both on the camera’s microSD card in encrypted form, and also on your
phone. By sliding over to “History” you can see
historical events in a timeline. You can also bring up a calendar to
select different dates. There’s a cloud storage option available,
which we haven’t activated. Now the way this mounts is actually pretty darned
ingenious. You’ll see there’s a little recessed area right here on the back of
the camera. That actually has powerful magnets that attach to a metallic round
ball head that we’ve attached to our RV, so you can very easily manipulate this
and point this in virtually any direction you want. So here’s that
metallic ball mount that what I was talking about. It comes with either
screws to permanently mount it, or to semi-permanently mounted it comes with
that really strong red 3M outdoor adhesive double tape, and that’s what we
chose because we didn’t want to drill any holes. We mounted this here right in
the top of our slide outside the door. Now I told you it uses magnets, and all
it does is just slap on like that, and because it’s on a ball head you can
adjust this virtually any way — up, down, side to side, so you can capture as much
as possible within that 130-degree field of view. Then when you’re ready to travel,
all you do is simply remove it and stow it inside the RV. It couldn’t be any
easier! Now there were a couple of similar, if not identical models also
sold on Amazon for the same price. However, this one includes the 32 gig
microSD card for free. The others don’t, so this turned out to be the best value
on Amazon for the money. Currently at the time that we’re recording this video it’s
$79.99 on Amazon, and available with free Prime shipping. And just to reiterate, we
have no relationship with this company. They did not sponsor this video, they did
not reach out to us asking us to do a video on their product. We bought this on
Amazon just like everybody else, and we’ll put a link in the video
description down below, and we’ll also put this camera in our Amazon store, the
Grand Adventure shop on Amazon, so you can go check this out if you want to add
this type of wireless security to your RV as well.
So we hope this information has been useful to you! We found this to be a
great tool in our kit of boondocking items to give us a little bit of extra
peace of mind when we’re in an area that we may not have complete trust in. If you
like this video, please give us a big thumbs up down below! Also down below
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bell, so you can become one of our Grand Adventurers! Until next week when
we’ll be coming to you from Rockport, Texas, please remember … life is nothing
but a Grand Adventure! We’ll see you then.

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34 Replies to “Ep. 123: Wireless Security Camera for Your RV | Tips Tricks How-To”

  1. Well darn, sorry I missed the premier tonight. Good video, and this sound like a good product to add to the wish list. Thanks!

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  6. Marc, Great review and explanation. Do you know if a satellite phone signal in your RV is fast enough to view the live feed and capture the saved feed to your cell?… for when you're rig is boondocked away from a cell carrier signal… but you are in range with your cell phone miles away?


  7. Hey, here is something everyone should read about these security cameras. Wish it weren't so! The information is from 10/18 but clearly states that the manufacturer of the Hiseeu security camera parts, Xiongmai, has done nothing about the "security" of the security cameras/DVR's. Long article, lists all the companies that purchase from Xiongmai including Hiseeu. Scary. Sorry, Marc. https://tinyurl.com/yy9d946b

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