eufy Video Doorbell by Anker vs Ring 2

eufy Video Doorbell by Anker vs Ring 2

today we’re checking out the new eufy video doorbell by anker featuring 2k resolution HDR free local storage
with no monthly fees human detection and a whole lot more and we’ll be comparing
it versus the ring 2, a similar and popular device yet cost more and has
those monthly recurring fees so I’ll be testing the two and see which one is
more bang for your buck huge thanks to anker for sponsoring today’s video I’m
Ben from authentech and let’s jump right in starting with the eufy doorbell
it’s currently priced at 159 on Amazon Prime for comparison the ring 2 is
currently $200 and that’s not including the monthly fees I’ll break those down
later as always all the links will be down in the video description
installation and setup on these video doorbells are mostly the same you
connect the wires or adapters if needed in your chime remove your existing
doorbell from the wall attach the new one sometimes new holes will need to be
made one thing worth mentioning I like the
thinner design of the euphy doorbell comparing it to the ring which feels a
bit too wide and chunky sort of a dated design for some people they’ll need to
attach their doorbell to a thinner piece of wood trim and a wider device just
won’t fit this is something to keep in mind with your door setup now one thing
that the ring too has over the euphy is a rechargeable battery pack which is
nice for some people if they don’t have it pre-wired for power or you want to
place it in a unique spot euphy is working on a battery-powered
model and that should be releasing down the road stay tuned for that as nice as
battery powered is there are some cons to it I’ll touch on those in a bit back
to the install after attaching the euphy to the wall screwing in the wires their
app guides you through the rest of the steps after connecting to your home
Wi-Fi the final step is setting up the free wireless electronic chime that’s
included in the kit what’s nice is that this wireless chime can be placed
anywhere in the home plus you can link up to four times simultaneously this way
you can be sure you don’t miss the doorbell ring wherever you’re at also on
the time there’s different volumes and the loudest one gives pretty loud
plus we can adjust the ringtones on the chime as well and there’s some fun and
alerting options in there which is great to hear one complaint I have is the
yuffie doorbell does not support the use of your pre-existing chime digital or
mechanical they said they took a different approach when powering their
doorbell thankfully not a deal-breaker in my opinion since the wireless chime
is included for free plus we can place it anywhere in the home plus we can add
more on if we want back to the chime setup you simply plug it into any outlet
press the sync button and that’s it we’re good to go so let’s cover some of
the key features on the yuffie doorbell and how it compares to the ring too
first up motion detection and alert frequency it’s a key feature on any
smart doorbell the yuffie doorbell has a hundred and sixty degree ultra
wide-angle field of view plus one using that helpful wedge that’s included in
the box i was able to view almost my entire front patio and this is great
from a security perspective another key feature of any doorbell is the video
sharpness quality resolution and high dynamic range after all a pretty low res
blurring video doorbell is pretty useless the yuffie features a 2k Ultra
HD cam that’s 2560 by 1920 resolution the ring too is only 1080p HD and as
field of view looks pretty same about a hundred and sixty degrees horizontal one
more point to add about HD our most front door scenarios have a very bright
backlit with skies and then low-light shadows with the eaves and side walls
it’s in these tough lighting situations when HDR or high dynamic range in the
camera is truly needed this allows us to see the visitors face clearly from that
perspective this is a video and audio test on the UV doorbell
this is HDR on and this is a video quality test of the UV adorable with HDR
turned off how does it look and how does the audio sound a video and
audio test on the ringatu this is with HDR tournament um look and this is a
video quality test on the ring – with HDR turn off here’s a fun experiment I
tried with both doorbells set up right next to each other I walked up to the
front door and here’s some sample clips so here’s what I noticed the eupbs seem
to be fast and consistent with notifications where there is motion or
the bow was triggered and just as important fast and consistently and
pulling up the live video feed on my phone now I tried multiple test
connecting to my home Wi-Fi then on mobile data LTE to see if that would
make a difference and it all seems like the euphy always performed fast and
responsive which i think is a huge feature to consider as for the ring well
sometimes it worked okay but then a lot of other times I was having delays upon
delays problems with just pulling up the video feed no matter what I tried this
is sort of a bummer when you pay a lot of money for a security camera device
and the video won’t even load for you and I know I’m not alone in this as I
look through all those Amazon reviews there’s a lot of people complaining
about this exact issue slow loading on the ring I like to think of this
scenario what if I had a really expensive package that needed a
signature or attention and the delivery guy is just waiting at my front door
that doorbell camera won’t load on my phone and then I end up missing the
package this would be quite the disappointment one other con of the ring
to keep in mind both cameras we can set the motion frequency and sensitivity
which is nice but then when running on battery life only it will drastically
drain your battery and to me it’s not worth missing an important event so
hardwired is my preferred option my thoughts when comparing the two cameras
I like the ultra wide-angle field of view on both cameras this again is very
important so you can see any person or suspicious activity from almost any
angle sadly neither camera could see down
far enough like if I had a package that was left at my front door however you
feat uses this floor by three aspect ratio to offer a larger viewable area
from top to bottom versus the standard sixteen by nine in these side-by-side
examples versus the ring we can see just how much more ground that you fee
actually captures Plus maybe at your front door setup the you fee would be
able to see far down enough for the packages the you fee also supports
distortion correction which helps to remove those curved edges effect it’s a
nice feature to have I also ran a low-light and night vision camera
comparison test once with the patio lights on and then another with the
exterior lights turned off and we can clearly see the difference I’d say in
both of these low-light tests that you feat comes out on top with quality
sharpness resolution and even the night vision clarity one of my favorite
features of the UV and why I could see myself recommending it to friends and
family who might be in the market for a video doorbell is the no hidden fees of
a monthly or yearly subscription they worked around this by putting inside the
UV doorbell 4 gigs of on-board storage and it’s on here where it stores your
video clips locally so no monthly fees for cloud storage whenever you need to
save a video clip to your phone it’s as easy as watching live and then hitting
the record video or photo shutter button or the events playback viewer makes it
easy to find the clip or person you’re looking for and then download it
straight to your phone while on the subject of events and playback I like
the emphasis euphy’s made on facial recognition and snapshot notifications a
couple examples here like when I slide down in the notification tray the euphy
app not only shows me a screenshot of what the cameras captured but if it’s
facial detection it’ll auto zoom in on that person’s face so I can clearly see
who it is in the action I should take in another example under the events viewer
it shows the zoomed up face snapshot that the camera was able to capture in
that clip and then you can enlarge that shot as well it’s these little details
that I appreciate if we compare and look how the ring notifications pop up well
for me it’s this long list of the same message and a law
Kress doesn’t even reveal a snapshot of the video some of the other key features
that you fee have you can speak directly to anyone who’s at your front door via
the two-way audio chat I also like the canned of voice responses they sound
like this and you can even record your own custom quick responses and playback
for anyone at the door snarky or serious they’re smart detection zones which
allow you to customize the areas in which you want the camera to detect
motion this is perfect for when your front door faces a busy street or
sidewalk or maybe there’s other objects that you want to paint out of the motion
detection zone this way you only receive alerts that you care about we can turn
on or off the indoor chime under video quality we can tweak more camera
settings like modify your streaming quality based upon your Wi-Fi bandwidth
and data consumption needs recording quality is nice set it higher for that
crispy 2k resolution or save on storage and have smaller file sizes if you’d
like to keep as much past history on that local storage as possible and one
more big feature I like to see the you feed doorbell connects with both Amazon
and Google home and I have just one wishlist item and that is I wish the you
feed doorbell had expandable memory currently at this time it’s just four
gigs which thankfully works perfectly fine they’ll store plenty of clips for
you giving you ample time to download any important events that you want to
save in backup forever however it would be an awesome feature if it had
expandable memory so we could pop in say a 64 or 128 gig microSD card let me turn
on 24/7 loop video recording and then this way it’s continuously capturing
anything and everything it’s a just in case for that little extra peace of mind
for the average user out there if this feature isn’t needed it would just be a
sweet little cherry on top for me so here’s how it breaks down the euphy
doorbell is getting 2k HDR video ultra wide and tall aspect ratio
a free wireless electronic chime included it’s weatherproof and has human
detection facial snapshot notifications activity zones and pre-recorded
responses two-way talk local storage with no hidden monthly fees all of this
for a hundred 60 bucks on Amazon Prime or in comparison to the ring to starting
at $200 however after that 30-day trial if you want to view any past events or
saved clips it’s gonna cost you a subscription fee at minimum $30.00 a
year or up to 100 bucks a year all I have to say is I think that you feed or
bail is a pretty sweet deal if you want to check out more info and pricing I’ll
give you all the links down below thank you guys so much for watching and
consider getting notified on my future tech reviews until next time stay snazzy

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23 Replies to “eufy Video Doorbell by Anker vs Ring 2”

  1. Eufy seems a really nice product. Just one question, how secure is the device when installed on the outside wall/door? I mean, since the storage is inside the device, what prevents a burglar from removing it and even taking the device with him?

  2. I have a Ring 1 and Ring 2 doorbell. I don’t have any wiring for my doorbells. I’m using the Solar panels that you can buy and it works great. Would be interested in an battery for the eufy

  3. WOWWW Seriously this a goooood deal! But is it safe to store footage locally?? What if a package thief or a burglar remove it and took it with him on his way back…?? Did ANKER just over look that crucial scenario..

  4. These security cams and doorbells should all give you the option to save to Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox etc for free so no ongoing cloud storage charges. I bought an Amaryllo cam from Indiegogo a while back and it gave me free cloud storage to Google Drive! Wished they all did this! Although I’m not sure if their newer more high res cameras still do this, prob cloud based too now.

  5. Nice comparison! Would like to see it compared to the top wired options. Even with more resolution, to me, from the reviews I've seen, Nest Hello and even Ring Pro have better HDR and image quality

  6. Just curious… Why compare the Eufy to the Ring Doorbell 2 instead of the Pro? At a glance, I would think the Pro is the more apples-to-apples product. Or maybe you are already planning to compare them in a separate video?

  7. You forgot to tell me to live authentech. Actually you've been forgetting to say that in many of your videos lately.

  8. sir I am from India I want to start vlogs
    for me there is no one here to help pls sir help to be like u sir indeed some suggestions and what to buy how to do here there are lot of things to show but there is no one to help sir I wish u see this comment waiting for your reply sir have a great day sir

  9. Eufy is the clear winner, sleek and modern design.
    While the Ring is bigger, kinda ugly and non-modern design.
    That's just my opinion though.

  10. You didnt mention how Eufy integrates with Google or Alexa. Would love to see that in your next vid.

  11. Great video, Eufy is, now obviously a great option (thanks to this video). I would like to see a Ring Pro comparison as it seems to be more apples to apples than the lower end Ring.

  12. Will the Eufy doorbell work with the Eufy security cameras, the homebase and the software? I don't want multiple Eufy apps loaded on my devices. One stop viewing is all I need.

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