“Everyday Situations” 19: Car Alarm

“Everyday Situations” 19: Car Alarm

“Everyday Situations” #19: Car Alarm, Starring Curtis! I’ll be in the car. Yeah, I’ll be right out. *Door Shuts* Oh shit. *Door Opens* F**k f**k F**k F**K F**k F**k F**k F**k F**k SIMON DON’T YOU OPEN THAT F**KING DOOR! *Door Opens* Oh you opened it didn’t you. SHIT *Door Opens* Car alarm, man. Don’t you have to turn the car on? Yeah. *Car Beeps* *Suicidal Thoughts*

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73 Replies to ““Everyday Situations” 19: Car Alarm”

  1. Any body notice that's the same car he had at Eagles landing when he said he just got it after his new car was beat up by his dad and if you look in the video where his dad destroys his car that car is in the video if you look for it

  2. hey jess, don't want to be rude but why didn't you bought a newer car than i suposse that your is a 2000 toyota corolla LE

  3. My old 2001 Land Rover discovery (I now drive a 2006 Honda Pilot) passenger side door lock motor was broken and my friends would always open the door and the alarm would always go off and everyone in my schools parking lot would look at us like idiots

  4. +McJuggerNuggets that always happens when i open the door to my 99 corolla. i hate having to start the car just to get something out of the back.

  5. I have a Dodge Ram 2005 someone broke in to it and now the alarm is shorted so when I open my door the alarm goes off I paid to have it fixed it costed over $6,000 because they had to rebuild the engine and replace the ignition switch it works and runs great #fuckalarms

  6. i really think i deserve the giveaway because i have watched u for 6 years and i havent missed one video yet i love all your videos so yea

  7. I have the same car Jesse has but it’s a 1998 Chevrolet Prizm!! It was a partnership with the Toyota Corolla in those years!!! The alarm goes off all the time!!!

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