EXTREME Hide And Seek Challenge – Win $10,000

EXTREME Hide And Seek Challenge – Win $10,000

today we’re going to be playing the extreme hide-and-seek challenge mr. markey need those parts where are you could find her anywhere I think somebody might be in the secret room today we’re gonna be playing the extreme hide-and-seek challenge there is gonna be four people hiding and if you get caught you have to do an extra punishment under last they get caught win $10,000 now you know the challenge let’s meet the challengers my name is big kill and I’m Challenger number one the largest competitor hi my name is Bob Morton and I am Challenger number two it’s been a while since I won one of Morgan’s challenges so today I’m gonna get the win poor Martin hasn’t won in a while but I’ve never won a challenge I’m walk start and I’m challenger number three and today I’m gonna get my first ever victory than the final challenge other smaller Challenger but I have a big advantage I can spit in the smallest places ya won’t be able to fake it hey I’m not that big now that you’ve met all four hiders I guess that only leaves one person to be the seeker you guys will have two minutes to hide and then I’m hunting you down one by one who will survive the longest and win the $10,000 let’s find oh oh and one thing I forgot to mention is the challenges started so that’s why I’m going there are three spare bedrooms in Morgan’s house but instead of picking one of them to hide it I’ve got a better idea Morgan definitely won’t expect me to hide in his bedroom so that’s where I’m going guys where should I hide wardrobe bed or maybe you I may be big and I may be heavy but I’m also smart nobody will think to look let’s just hope I don’t collapse the house victory here I come one minute 33 one minute 32 one minute 31 four-minute bird [Music] instead of hiding in the house I would hide in the garden the problem is guys this ugly anywhere time or less hide in the pool that is freezing cold guys the time ticking away I’ve got no choice I’ve got to get in it’s cold I can’t feel it out fruit freezes hey guys I made it away in the pool place that gold I don’t wanna long them the ups 5 in here Walkman and for 1 min him free one minute – one minute or more one minutes okay first we gotta get this wet this is gonna need a great iron in place let me go get one so guys I’ve got two choices office you’ve got a living room I’m gonna go for the office right I’ve got some great options in here I think I could go into the desk why the chairs or perhaps a block it all in or what about underneath the table football which one shall I choose great idea mr. Mackie I’m gonna need those clothes 33 32 31:13 all right down this is it tougher to find a hiding spot I’m gonna head upstairs that’s where the best spots are I think I’ve been hiding Morgan’s bedroom Jill don’t go there you break it jokes whatever gee I’m just gonna find a new spot you can shut the door yourself hey pipz these days therefore no respect sky did the Quadro of this really good hiding spot there’s a hidden door that leads to a secret room but over the I can fit in this room check it out guys nobody assignment here I’m gonna win the chance for all teams minimal Oh free guys I’ve been counting for so long my hands gone gray 2 1 times oh the two minutes is over that means it’s time to begin the hunt for Mama Martin Darren and Jensen coming down below if you on t form T bald he’d nod or teat many moles o2 before begin the search it is time for the five seconds subscribe challenge where you have five seconds to subscribe to the channel now let’s begin the challenge Oh pause okay guys so as you can see I’m currently outside the mansion now you guys probably want me to bust through the front door and check around the house but in the last hide-and-seek video ball Martin hid around the side of the garage trying to outsmart me so before we head into the house that’s where I’m gonna check Martin I know you love hiding in bins I know you’re in here Martin come out to play maybe not what about this one Martin looks like he’s not in that one either Martin looks like you’re in this one then empty guys I’m just searching around this forest area around the side of the garage and I can’t find Walton anywhere maybe he’s round here maybe not I just search around the entire food area of the house and surprisingly it doesn’t look like anybody is here so I think that only leaves me one option it’s time to search the house oh no guys I think I’ve just had more who come through the front door let’s hope my disguise works okay guys I have three options oh the stairs turn right into the gym or turn left down the hallway actually thinking about it I think I forgot door and to be honest guys I kind of need the toilet so I’m gonna go that that’s better bless who know what was hiding in here back to the challenge before I go up the stairs I want to have searched the entire downstairs so I’m gonna start by going right into the gym I think the gym is clear just the smell like it’s coming from over here you know maybe maybe no one is in here doesn’t look like this anybody under my desk nobody under the football table nobody hiding behind the mannequin to be honest guys it doesn’t look like anybody’s here maybe I should just move on to the next room for you wait a sec is this somebody’s clothes on the floor wow this looks like one of the new royal blue mg Zed hoodies and look at these ugly jeans I think there’s only one person that wears jeans as ugly as dead ah we’ll hang on to me why would dad’s clothes be in my office next to the mannequin come on again nice try dad book game over oh well looks like I was wrong I’m stolen or – it outsmarted the famous Boggs he’d no idea what’s going on there’s absolutely no chance now that he’s gonna be able to fire me team down we’re going to be the winners the first time ever I’m gonna win one of these challenges ten grand easy it’s totally in the Mike he’s gonna be so so so embarrassed Excel for a found you dad rule number one of hide-and-seek never celebrate until it’s over yes Morgan I guess you’re right anyway it’s been lovely to see you so nice be great playing your games I’m out now so suppose I get off hold on a sec dad I think you’re forgetting something no dad the punishment No so I guess that only leaves me with one question what should the punishment be I see your beds grow back after the last to say no challenge where I made you shave it off yeah actually you can you shave that off for the punishment yeah definitely no problem okay dad since you asked nicely we’ll take your bed off no God we’re not gonna shave it off we’re gonna wax no way Morgan you’re good anywhere near me without white strip Morgan he’s a little nice trip yes whoa all right no don’t do it don’t make Morgan don’t do it no way [Applause] royal blue and Jesus merge as soon as the week is over this match is over so make sure you call some football Stockholm for the jumble of the video now back to the video on pause oh wow all right no don’t do it don’t make Morgan don’t do it no way stop [Music] but those died it didn’t get it all I think you know what that means no way [Laughter] daaad at least it would this time gets that camera effects I’m addict release videos by dad thanks for playing well I guess that means done is eliminated from the challenge now it’s time to continue the search ok guys me mom’s is here I just had loud scream coming from downstairs it sounds like it was more dad so I think you might be eliminated from the challenge that means one down two to go ok guys I’ve just finished checking the entire living room and that means I have now checked the entire downstairs of the house so that means this time to check the upstairs on a minute guys why is the back door open no guys I’ve got close the back door I wonder if somebody’s out there hiding in the back garden guys Logan right there I saw it doesn’t come outside I guess there’s only one way to find out I’m going outside to check Donny time to hide mom mini mugs more thin where are you I know somebody’s in here somewhere is somebody inside here no it’s empty round the plants come on somebody’s gotta be hiding out here well looks like nobody’s in the garden there hey Martin found you I guess Donny was like no $10,000 for me and it’s punishment time [Music] Martin since you’re really cold how about i warm you all that sounds great with some hot sauce Wow that’s honorable that’s nasty here you go Martin free – OH oh my god I was gonna vomit oh my gosh open wide open wide I swallowed it he’s gone sir what did you say it’s what that was horrible ah screw this what’s he doing oh my god why is he going in the freezer Morgan this isn’t working Martin you said you wanted to be warmed on yes I know about what’s cool down now boy I’ve got an idea whoa oh my god Marty what are you doing oh my god no he’s not gonna do it he’s not gonna fuck you know what Martin I think I’ll leave you out here guys by the sounds of it Martin’s just been eliminated I don’t know that Darren’s been eliminates it because I let him screaming before I have no idea what punishments morgan’s doing to them but I’m pretty scared so I need to stay hidden I haven’t heard any screaming from mini-malls so I assume it’s me and him in a 1v1 and Morgan’s definitely gonna be searching upstairs soon so I need to keep quiet stay hidden and hope that Morgan doesn’t look up and catch me hiding on the beach okay guys I have searched the entire downstairs and found dad and Martin which means mom and Jackson must be hiding somewhere upstairs so guys it’s time to find them now just like we did downstairs I’m gonna start by searching the right side of the house that is two spare bedrooms here and we need to search both of them looks like it’s clear now let’s check spare bedroom number two clear as well hmm I guess that only leaves two more bedrooms okay guys it is time to search my bedroom I don’t think anybody will have hidden help I guess there’s only one way to find out Oh No it looks like he’s coming in hmm time to search this entire room check it out guys it’s the Wardrobe I know mum loves to hide in here three two one hmm where are you mum I know you’re in here somewhere I can see her arm sticking out mum your time is oh oh maybe not wait a sec the fed’s scream right below me if I fall off I’m gonna squash him hmm can’t find her anywhere looks like maybe mom isn’t in the bedroom after all she usually hides in here I really expected to find her I think I got away with it guys I do I’ve spotted a cobweb up there maybe have to get my duster out later okay guys looks like there is only one more room left to search and I guess both mom and mini-malls must be in here right time to search hmm it doesn’t look like anybody’s in here no one under here no one hiding down there come out come out wherever you are guys I know you’re in here somewhere wait a sec I know where they are Oh is anybody in here doesn’t look like there’s anybody inside this room however I think somebody might be in the sea three hang on a minute maybe no one is in here I can’t see anybody round here it looks empty oh well in that case I guess I’ve searched everywhere I’ve searched the entire house and there’s still two people left so I guess I’ve got to search the entire place again but this time search is even better Oh Oh okay guys I just got down from the pillar Morgan was this close to finding me and I think he becomes looking in the bedroom again I just won’t be as lucky so I need to find an even better hiding spots and I asked the perfect place in mind guys I’m gonna hide on the roof [Music] Morgan Ellis family tube so I need a new hiding spot Jenson I’m afraid that the roof is my hiding spot you just need to go find somewhere else oh you were here first I know just a child bye loser do you regret that die boy she doesn’t know if they she trapped on the roof and there’s no escape cause I love the window now all I’ve got to do is make as much noise as possible so most comes off from the sides you don’t think it through did you gel why share it when I can have it all to myself I swear I just heard loads of noise coming from round here this sounded like it was coming from the roof I think Morgan’s coming there’s nowhere to hide up here I’ve got no choice I need to dangle off the edge clean guys who is out here on the roof someone has got to be out here come out come out wherever you are guys cold how much longer is all going it’s not leaving you know what I refuse to leave until whoever is out here shows them cell what a sec oh it’s not you okay now see alleles are cold on any longer help me oh but move there is one problem this is extreme hiden see and you have to do a punishment do whatever you want but mum your punishment is you have to fall mum you okay oh no I think we need to call an ambulance

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  1. Wait a minuite
    In 1:14 this old man said that he is morgz dad
    And morgz mom loves Martin
    Somebody explain that for me

  2. Morgan pauses the video with a remote… am I the only one who noticed that that remote didn’t have a pause button;-;

  3. Morgz: now it’s time for the 5 second subscribe challenge
    Also morgz: if you did it in 5 seconds then subscribe to the channel

  4. team bald for the epic fortnite victory royale MORGZ MORGZ DAD IS THE MANNEQUIN LOOK MORGZ GRAB YOUR MERCH AND FIND HIM WUICK

  5. How does Morgan on the scenes when he grabs the items he has have to hid them and how have Jill Martin and others have not noticed it and I love the way he figures out the right time to use them

  6. Why is there epic music I understand that this epic to children but why nothing epic about hide and seek the only thing you do is hide and seek

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