F-Secure SENSE Review – Protect Your Smart Home!

F-Secure SENSE Review – Protect Your Smart Home!

– [Speaker] Making your
smart home more secure with top of line for F-Secure
with it’s new Sense router which boasts more
security options than most AO211AC routers that
you’ll find out there. So today I’ll tell you
why the F-Secure Sense is the missing piece of your connected home. What’s going on tech squad? Andru Edwards here. Editor-in-chief of GearLive.com. If this is your first
time here, this channel’s all about tech, gadgets, and gaming, so if you’re
into that kind of stuff, feel free to hit the subscribe button down below along with the
bell notification icon so you don’t miss any future videos. As I said, today we’re talking about smart home technology. We’re talking about the F-Secure Sense. This is a router that
protects all the devices on your home network. Not just your computers, not
just your phones and tablets, but also all those smart
gadgets that you might have in your home as well. But before we jump in,
I wanna thank F-Secure for sending over the Sense router, and for sponsoring this video. Now the F-Secure Sense costs 199 dollars. And it performs adequately as far as both speed and range go. But as I said, this guy’s
really all about protecting your home from the outside elements. So you won’t have to
hide it behind furniture. It also has no visible
antennas, so most people are gonna find it to be
ascetically pleasing. There’s a digital display
on it that you really only use during set up,
but it doesn’t go to waste. Because after you’re
done setting it up, that becomes a digital clock
and also provides visible notification alerts for
things like when the internet connection is
lost, which you can see from across the room. As I mentioned, the F-Secure
Sense has a three layer, three tier system, if you
will, for protecting your home. So let’s go through all
three of those tiers and how they work right now. First, there’s a security
router, the physical piece that secures your home
network from online threats. The Sense router supports
both 2.4 gigahertz and five gigahertz speeds. That allows you to choose
between using 2.4 gigahertz for the longer range, or
the five gigahertz network for the faster speeds. And since it puts out
both at the same time, you can choose between the
two on a per device level. Inside the unit you have four
antennas in an upright design, which will help with throughput as well. On the back, you’re gonna
find an ethernet wan port as it’s designed to connect
to your existing router. Although you can choose to
just use the F-Secure Sense as your one and only router as well. There’s also three gigabit
ethernet ports back there and it supports AO211AC wifi. So that is the hardware
tier, the router tier. Let’s move onto the next
one, which is the secure app. The Sense app is a secure
app that manages your home network and protects
your devices, even when you leave the house. The Sense software for
out of home protection is also available for
Android, Windows, and Mac devices as well. Your secure home network
is set up and controlled and monitored through a single mobile app. The Sense app guides you
through the set up process, shows you how to add
devices to your network, and how to monitor them once
they’re on your network. I found the app to be
very helpful in telling me when a threat was
detected, and noticed fewer ads linking to external
sites when browsing the web on my smart phone. And then piece number
three, this may be the most important piece, all of
them are pretty important. But this is the cloud protection service. This is also part of the
F-Secure Sense system. The cloud protection
service monitors threats in real time. Usually when you buy a device,
you get what it ships with. You get what’s in the box. Sometimes some devices
will have Firmware updates that they can push to
your device or that you have to go physically
find and download and then upload and reboot your device. The F-Secure Sense doesn’t
require any of that. When it comes to the world
of malicious hacking, and exploits and things
like that, you don’t wanna wait, you don’t
want to rely on yourself to go find that stuff. You just want a product
that does it all on its own. That’s what the cloud service does here. It stays up to date, every day. Any of the latest exploits
that are out there, they’re found and
they’re incorporated into the cloud service which
powers your F-Secure router. That’s what informs it
what to look out for. When you buy the F-Secure
Sense router, you get one year of service included. After that, it costs nine
dollars and 90 cents per month so it stays up to date. Because you wanna make
sure you’re up to date each and every day, rather
than just up to date on the day that you buy the device itself. If you decide not to
renew the subscription after the first year,
the Sense will still work as a router, just without
the extra security features. So it’s all that together
that makes the router different than a traditional model. As it gives the Sense the intelligence to block these attacks. According to F-Secure,
the Sense router monitors all internet traffic,
and it’ll automatically block phishing, intrusive tracking, and other malicious attacks. Now if you’re building a smart home, this should be particularly of interest to you. Because you probably have
some of those internet of things, devices in your home. An internet of things
just means things like your smart door lock, or
your smart thermostat, your smart light bulbs. Smart refrigerator, smart
cameras, smart smoke alarms. There’s all sorts of smart devices that we now have in our home. Rumbas, and other smart vacuum cleaners. All of these things are
connected to your internet service, and all of
them could be a backdoor into your home network,
and that’s where the F-Secure shines, because
the F-Secure Sense watches all internet traffic. Not just the devices that
you’re typically using, like your laptops or your smartphones. But any device that’s
connected to the internet in your home. F-Secure’s 200 dollar
Sense router is kind of like the multi tool for home protection. The wifi signal should
be enough for just about any home, and there really
isn’t much to customize. So it’s pretty foolproof. You set it up through the
app, and leave it alone. And it does all the rest. Overall, the F-Secure Sense
provides great peace of mind by providing more security than just about any other router you can
find out there right now. The upfront cost is a
little expensive, but I think it’s well worth
it when you consider all the protection that
you’re getting from the Sense router. There you have it guys. That was your look at the
F-Secure Sense router. Again, big thank you
to F-Secure for sending over the router and sponsoring this video. Any questions you have
about the F-Secure Sense, drop em down below in the comments below. And I’ll meet you there
for further discussion. Also let me know what
smart home devices you’ve installed in your house. If you have, let me know
what devices you’re using down in the comments as well. Don’t forget, drop a like on this video if you enjoyed it, and you
can also click or tap on my face at the bottom of
the screen when it appears. Or just subscribe for free to the channel. Thanks so much for
watching as always, guys. I appreciate your support. I’m Andru Edwards and I’ll
catch you in the next video.

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  2. to be honest I think for $200 it is a waste, when you can likely do this within a unfi or similar setup I don't believe in internal wifi as range can be quite limiting for service

  3. Good review except I would love to know what you thought of the router after the review. Is it with the $200 price? Do you use it, and if not, why not?

  4. I think this tutorial should also include the fact that the USB port is not functional as of yet. Meaning no network printer connection is possible using this USB port. I was not very happy to learn this AFTER purchasing the router.

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