Fiat Panda (2nd gen, 169): Driver side door handle replacement Details

That will hold for the moment at least.So
I need to get into the door and detach that entire stuff. So, we need to move you. Right I should have done that. Oke. Fiat, you’re quite smart. Although this sticky stuff is quite horrible. Needs must. Oke. Right, oke: there we go. Now to get from the other one that piece of
plastic. So as you can see: I need to clean this. Here goes the handle and I need to replace
that. So, now too basically (contextual:) hopefully you can see something here. But, I need to remove that broken bit. Yes, there is a difference between the two
handles I have. This is the old one right here. And uhm, this one isn’t lose; But it broke. So, let’s grab the new handle and see if there’s
a big difference. Here it is. So, here we go. Cleaned it, because it’s from a salvage yard. Uhm, cleaned it very nicely, hopefully. But, I do need to clean that part of the door
before putting this thing on. And need to mark the number of kilometers
on here. Uh, a little “pro tip”. One could say “pro tip”: (contextual:) oh that’s metal. And we’re going to use it like this. With the risk of that plastic thing breaking
or not. Let’s look at this. That’s more transparent, translucent. (contextual:) Oh. So, that should be in essence weaker plastic. It’s the same design. Oke. (contextual:) Come on; Oke; Got to rescue a plastic bag. And I’m unsure if this should be lose like
this. It came of a of a broken car. However. Uhm, I cleaned this one and there were basically
some very nasty eggs in here. So, spider eggs I reckon. And I cleaned it with washing-up detergent. So, for the dishes. Let it soak a little bit to get the gunk out
of here. Then I sprayed the points that need a little
bit of lubrication over time or at least protection from corrosion; With my “Motip” special
stuff. Uhm; And then I greased the spring and the
cylinder. Well, retention thing. Right, where the cylinder goes in. And that reminds me I need to grab my key
and get my cylinder out. Ah, looking at this there’s quite a bit
of grease in here anyway. So, I didn’t over-grease it. Which is nice. Now, where did I put the key? It’s in the ignition. So, let’s grab this. Yea, this hasn’t been used much. Oh, there’s; There is rust here, so it’s
good that I greased it. Oke. I need to get that out; And I either need to use
my little knife or the screwdriver. A small screwdriver which I don’t have here. Oke, I’ve got bits. Something else; Let’s hope this will fit. Computer parts. Ah, ah great. These brackets are useful in this instance. Awh, it’s dirty. But I’m sitting here. Right? I’m sitting here in the cold, in the wind. (contextual:) Ah, wow. That’s gunky. Oke. Is there a curtain way this goes? Yes, there’s an up and a down. So, I do need to mark it; And I need to clean
this. So that looks a bit cleaner, right? I’ve sprayed it with some DW-40 to ensure
that it repels water until there’s a proper wax coating; Hot wax that, well: self car
wash, right. So let’s continue with the next step in
this endeavor and that is getting that lock into this thing. So, that’s (sic.) works like that. So, it works like that and if I remember correctly. (contextual:) Well, let’s not lose this thing again, because
I did lose it. Let’s grease it little bit. We’ll need that in a moment, not right now. But, yes I’ve re-greased this lock quite
nicely. And unfortunately this this (sic.) retention lip is a
little bit gone. Going. (contextual:) Is that plastic or what? (contextual:) Yea, I need that. Yes, that’s plastic. Unfortunately, oh well: Can’t help that
right now. It is what it is. Most likely you’ll have to buy a new lock
to replace that piece. So, we’re not going to do that. So, I had it like this in the lock. If all is well. (contextual:) I have no towels here, but. Yes. Aha. And the other way around. That works too. That’s funny. I’m going to put it in like this and then;
Grab that keeper and put it back in there. (contextual:) So, let’s get this greased up with a little
bit of this left over stuff. (contextual:) And just put that there. And then push this in hopefully. Hopefully this will work. Right? Yes, it’s in there. As far as I see. And is it kept in there? Yea it is. Oke. So as you can see: This is quite a complicated
setup. Right with those leavers. Well, “hefboompjes” as we call them in
The Netherlands, but this is how it’s supposed to look. At lease a little bit. So, right? Can you see that? Hopefully. Great. And yes, that’s a nice little lamp.

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