Florida Security License • Armed & Unarmed Security Training in Florida

Florida Security License • Armed & Unarmed Security Training in Florida

are you currently seeking employment or
looking for new job opportunities? the security industry in florida is
growing daily with companies looking to hire you today Invictus provides job training programs
to prepare security officers with the tools and skills necessary to become a
security professional here’s what our students have to say
about our security training program my experience here with Invictus was amazing I would recommend Invictus to every person interested in security Im the branch manager for US Security Associates in Broward County and I just went through the D Class at Invictus and it was amazing! Im in the Marine Corps Reserves this course has helped me alot I learned alot Invictus has a great job assistance program where we connect local security companies with our students for employment opportunities. Contact us today to find out how we can get you working in the private security industry by visiting us at www.securitylicenseflorida.com.

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  1. Its a joke in Florida.. It cost me more to get a Lic then I made at the stupid job.. I'm retired and got a job at a hotel where I pass out towels, Blankets, Microwaves, And pass out news papers.. What that has to do with Security please let me know. I am glad I work only 2 days a week. Most Security jobs in Florida are a joke.. They treat guards like you know what.. Low pay bad hours and you end up working for 2 bosses. Your site boss and your work boss.. And they can make you do anything like clean toilets and nobody will back you up when you refuse to do a job that is not related to Security work.. It's sad and on top of that they make you do finger prints and get a passport photo every 2 years and ends up costing you $80.00. Some people can't afford that doing Security work. The company you work for won't even pay it.. A real joke. if your thinking of doing Guard work in Florida think twice.

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