Frontpoint Home Security Review 2019 | ASecureLife

Frontpoint Home Security Review 2019 | ASecureLife

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] There are
a lot of home security options out there. And more and more companies are offering equipment with DIY friendly installation. So what makes Frontpoint different? The home security system
bragging the longest customer retention must be doing something right. (uptempo music) Today we’re giving you
the details on Frontpoint, our top pick in DIY home security, but let’s introduce ourselves real quick. ASecureLife is a
dedicated team of security and tech experts, who make
your security decisions simple. Subscribe to our channel to
get more videos like this. Let’s take a look at Frontpoint. You’ll find the entire
Frontpoint experience effortless, even down to the installation. Compared to other security companies, Frontpoint’s equipment
is simple and sleek. And you don’t need to be
an expert to install it. In most cases, all you need
is the included sticky strips and a screwdriver. And if you have questions or
issues during the DIY process, their excellent customer service reps are only a phone call away. Frontpoint’s equipment
is even in the business of protecting itself. Some of their plans offer a
crash and smash protection service that alerts Frontpoint
when someone tries to tamper with the control panel. Once your equipment is
installed, the higher tiers of Frontpoint’s monthly
plans allow you to monitor your system from your cell phone. We think that’s worth the extra money. Especially, if you want to add
Z-Wave smart home equipment. It’ll let you control your
smart lock or answer your smart doorbell through your Frontpoint app. If you’re interested in adding
Z-Wave compatible devices to your smart home a great
place to start is our list of Z-Wave equipment compatible equipment. Find it in a smart home
section of So how much is all this secure
compatibly going to cost you? Rather than a hefty
upfront cost, you’ll pay for the equipment as part
of your monthly bill over your three year contract. All of Frontpoint’s plans
start with a minimum hardware price of around $100. But you get to select from
their packages to find the hardware that best suits your home. Beginning with the basic
monthly plan of $35 you’ll get security monitoring and home automation abilities. For $10 more every month you’ll
be able access your system through the Frontpoint mobile
app, and you’ll get crash and smash protection. If you want to add video
monitoring to your system you’ll have to pay for Frontpoint’s
highest tier plan. It’s $50 monthly and includes video on top of all of their services. One small limitation of Frontpoint is that they only offer cellular monitoring. If you live in an area
with poor cell reception, you won’t have a landline
option with Frontpoint. But for most customers,
the cellular 4G monitoring, provides a secure, consistent
home security service. (upbeat music) Like most security providers,
Frontpoint will have you sign a 36 month contract. Once you’ve hit the 36 month
mark, you can keep monitoring on a month-to-month basis. But buyers beware, if
you need to cancel early, or break your contract,
you’re on the hook to pay 80% of your remaining contract fees. But if you need to move
your equipment in that time, Frontpoint lets you take
your equipment with you without starting the contract over. Luckily, their flexibility
and customer service starts when your service does. If you decide Frontpoint isn’t for you within 30 days, you can
get your money back. Let’s recap. Frontpoint has thoughtful
customer service, easy DIY installation, and
reliable professional monitoring. It’s also compatible with
a ton of Z-Wave smart home devices and offers crash
and smash protection with the higher plans. But the basic plan cost
more than competitors and doesn’t give you mobile access. And if you need a landline connection, Frontpoint can’t help you. All that said, we think
Frontpoint is right for DIYers who want plenty
of smart home options. Still want to shop around? Watch our best home security systems video to see more options for home security. And if you need more help,
we’ve got FAQ’s, reviews, and more at,
thanks for watching. (upbeat music)

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