Frontpoint Vs  Vivint Home Security Review

Frontpoint Vs Vivint Home Security Review

Gabe: Hey everybody, this is Gabe at Security
Baron. Today we’re comparing the Frontpoint and Vivint
Home Security Systems. Let’s jump in. [music] Gabe: If you’d like to see a list of our favorite
Home Security Systems, google “Security Baron, best Home Security Systems.” If you have a question about today’s comparison,
leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you. Frontpoint and Vivint are two of the largest
home security companies in North America. With that type of coverage, we really just
want to help you figure out which one of these systems may work best for you. In order to do that, we’re going to go through
the key similarities, key differences, installation process, customer support, professional monitoring,
the app of each respective company, and I’ll provide you with the recap with my own personal
opinion. Let’s begin with some key similarities between
Frontpoint and Vivint Home Security Systems. Both of them are a little more old-school
traditional and require you to sign lengthy contracts. No month-to-month here for your professional
monitoring or just having the system. However, people love the apps that they have
for their mobile phones. When it comes to both FrontPoint and Vivint,
people really are enthused about their experience. Finally, each of them comes with cellular
backup. If your phone line or power lines are cut,
the proper authorities will still be alerted and able to come help you out because of that
cellular backup. Now, let’s talk about some of the differences
between Frontpoint and Vivint. First off, installation. Frontpoint allows you to install the in system
yourself, it’s a DIY, it’s pretty easy, and you can have it up and running within an hour. Vivint, on the other hand, requires professional
installation. You have to set an appointment and a technician
trained by Vivint will come in and set up the entire system for you. On the flip side, Frontpoint requires you
to get professional monitoring with your Home Security System whereas Vivint will allow
you to self-monitor. Finally, Frontpoint has amazing customer service
ratings. People seem to love their customer support
where Vivint leaves a little bit to be desired. Now that we’ve discussed the key similarities
and differences between Frontpoint and Vivint, let’s jump into the installation experience. With Frontpoint it’s doing yourself, it’s
easy, it’s peeling stick on the wall and you’re ready to go. You may be a little bit more caught up in
time when it comes to installing the smart door lock, but it’s nothing more than any
other deadbolt lock you’ve ever installed before. That’s just something to think about but it’s
overall a very easy experience even down to setting-up the indoor camera. With Vivint, you’re not installing anything. Vivint sets an appointment, you get a technician
to come to your home. In my case, not only was he punctual, which
we all know never happened but he was very knowledgeable and professional. He came through, put everything together,
asked me a lot of questions about the system as he was installing it in my home and you
really can’t get any easier than that. Of course, you will have to be at home during
that period, but I don’t know if that can really count as a knock against Vivint. Honestly, when it comes to saying which one
I like more, this one is a wash because it’s going to depend on your personal preference
if you want to do it yourself or if you don’t mind someone coming and doing it for you. Now that we have our system installed, let’s
talk about the professional monitoring options. The way we’re going to do that is going over
three different parts — the professional monitoring plans themselves, the contract
rules and the policies when you move. Frontpoint offers three different plan options
starting at 34.99 and ending at 49.99 for your home. Each of these options gives you 24/7 monitoring
which is, of course, a team of professionals at all times ready to see if anything has
happened in your home. They each can be said of their backup and
automatic system checkups. Personally I think you should have to go with
the ultimate plan because that’s the only one that gives you motion-triggered alerts,
live streaming of your footage and the ability to control your smart lights and smart locks. Now, switching over to Vivint, monitor professionally
a system like the one we have here a Security Baron would cost you about $80 a month. You can walk that back but just to essentially
self-monitor your system is going to cost you $30 a month. This is because Vivint requires you to pay
for every camera that you have on your system. Vivint has self-monitoring options but they’re
not really ideal. That’s just something to think about in terms
of how much you’re willing to pay monthly for your Home Security System and its professional
monitoring package. Now we discuss the professional monitoring
options with Frontpoint and Vivint. Let’s talk about how you get into those professional
monitoring contracts. With FrontPoint, you’ll have to sign one-
or three-year contract and if you try to get out of your contract before it’s up, you’re
going to have to pay 80 percent of the remainder of that contract which is pretty steep. With Vivint, you’re going to sign a 3.5 or
5-year contract. However, if you need to get out of that contract
beforehand you generally just pay for the remainder of what you owe on your equipment. Finally, we’ve signed our contract and start
our system and have our professional monitoring plan. But, what if we need to move? With Frontpoint, you can move no additional
fees attached, remember it’s do it yourself you just take it apart, let Frontpoint know
that you’ve moved and you’re ready to go because they’re going to want to know where to call
the authorities. With Vivint, you’re actually going to have
to basically pay for a new installation and just hope that you can move all of your equipment
in your home. That’s something to think about with Vivint
considering it does have that professional installation. Considering the nuances of the professional
monitoring plans for Vivint and Frontpoint, I suggest you check out our full written reviews
on or watch the full reviews right here on YouTube. Unless you’re dying to self-monitor something
that you can only do with Vivint. I’d actually go with Frontpoint for my professional
monitoring needs due to its shorter contract length and more affordable professional monitoring
plans. Customer support is of utmost importance to
us here at Security Baron because when you’re talking about something as important as taking
care of your home, protecting your family you’re going to want to be able to get in
touch with people and fix your issue no matter what. Here it is pretty clear that Frontpoint is
doing an amazing job. They definitely put it all over their website
in terms of people being happy with their customer support and it shows. The Google reviews have Frontpoint at 4.5
which is very high for Google Review and so many of those are referring right to the customer
support experience. On the other hand, Vivint isn’t doing terribly,
they actually have a 3.8 rating from Google, but we have seen some reviews where people
are talking about Vivint being a little bit evasive and not really helping them to fix
their connectivity issues. These are not the things you really want to
see from your home security provider. There is a clear winner for us when it comes
to customer support and that is Frontpoint Home Security. Let’s jump into the mobile applications for
Vivint and Frontpoint Home Security systems. Your mail application is very important as
it is how you would generally interface with your home security system especially when
you’re not actually at home. They both do well. Frontpoint has a 4.2 in the Apple App Store
and a 4.1 in the Google Play Store. However, Vivint has a 4.6 in the Google Play
and Apple App Store which is really phenomenal. While both are great mobile applications,
Vivint is clearly the superior option when it comes to the mobile application and using
your home security system. Let’s do a recap of all the elements we covered
in our comparison of the Frontpoint and Vivint Home Security Systems. Installation. Here it’s a draw, we actually find that it’s
just really dependent on preferences on whether or not you want to do it yourself for the
Frontpoint or have a professional install Vivint. Professional monitoring. Here we give the nod to Frontpoint due to
its shorter contracts and more affordable professional monitoring plans. Customer support. Here we definitely have to give it to Frontpoint
just because of how highly it’s rated by its customers. Mobile app. Here we definitely give it to Vivint because
despite Frontpoint having a pretty high rating Vivint is even higher in both the Google Play
and Apple App Store. We have reached the end of our comparison
journey. Let me answer the question that’s on the forefront
of your mind. Should I buy Frontpoint or Vivint? In my opinion, it fits for me, I’m going to
buy the Frontpoint system, it as a shorter contract length, and has easy Do It Yourself
installation that’s just the vibe I’m rocking with these days. However, I understand and acknowledge that
people have different preferences. If you don’t want anything to do with the
installation process or you want to self-monitor, then you’re probably going to want to go Vivint
and that’s what I’m anxious to hear about. After watching this video, please comment
below with which direction you’re moving in, in terms of buying Frontpoint or Vivint. That is our comparison of the Frontpoint and
Vivint Home Security Systems. If you appreciate today’s video, give us a
like and press the subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure. [music]

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18 Replies to “Frontpoint Vs Vivint Home Security Review”

  1. You can do month to month with Vivint, you just have to buy the equipment upfront. The contract is more of a way to pay the equipment

    Enjoyed the video

  2. Just subscribed to your channel!!! Vary informative video. Never had a security system before but after numerous break-ins around my area I am now looking for a security system. I have a camera system already. But a security system will make me feel more protected. You literally answered all my questions in this video. Im definitely calling frontpoint tomorrow morning. Thanks and keep up the good work and reviews!!!

  3. Great video! Is it easy to install the Frontpoint door locks? What if someone doesn’t know how to install it, will someone from the company come and set it up?

  4. Vivint does not honor contracts when system is having problems. One year no service and placed in collections for not paying for no service

  5. I’ve had Vivint for roughly 6 years now and I haven’t had a problem until just recently. Somehow, my back door sensor kept tripping around abnormal times in the day (3 am, 5am, etc). Every time we snuck downstairs, terrified, obviously, we found no one was there robbing the place. We contacted Vivint about the problem and they sent out 2 free sensors for the door. After replacing it, the problem persisted for months after. We were notified by the police that we would be receiving fines for them having to continuously come to our house. We told Vivint and they said that we can send the fine to them and that they will pay it. I asked about just having a technician come out to just fix the problem that THEIR hardware has and they said they could do that but it would cost us 200 bucks. That was the absolute final straw. 2 days ago I contacted Frontpoint, got a quote for my house over the phone, and made an appointment for a technician to come rip out the Vivint crap and replace it with a new, better home security system. This video definitely made me feel better about the decision.

  6. Nice review. We looked at ADT, Ranger and Frontpoint. I chose Frontpoint. Doorbell camera, 3 door censors, 10 window censors, glass break censor, hub and keypad arriving Friday. If we decide to keep the system after the 30 day trial I could see us purchasing cameras, deadbolts and smart bulbs to go with it. $49.99 a month for the ultimate monitoring package. 3 year contract. Equipment is covered under warranty for the entire contract. And if you renew your contract the warranty is renewed as well.

    Frontpoint sales was terrific. James was patient and professional, and incredibly knowledgeable. The guy from ADT sounded stoned. I’m all for putting my head in the clouds occasionally but I prefer my alarm monitoring provider to be level headed. Ranger was difficult to get a call back with the rep in my area. He would dodge pricing questions and installation scheduling was not going to be timely.

    Right now I feel confident about my decision. I look forward to self installation. I’m a DevOps Engineer by profession, I’ve built and installed complex systems so this should be a piece of cake.

  7. Frontpoint does have a camera only option that you can self monitor thats 14.99 a month with no contract also with a 30 day money back guarantee

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