Full Rhodes: President Trump Is An Embarrassment On The World Stage | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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93 Replies to “Full Rhodes: President Trump Is An Embarrassment On The World Stage | MTP Daily | MSNBC”

  1. There is no problem to the US economy. America's greatest problem is that donkey in the White House. . Get rid of this doket , US Economy shall be alright

  2. WHERE ARE THE DEMOCRATS? For crying in the night — we never hear from them about anything. There are so many things they could be fighting back against Trump about and we don't hear a peep. He's stacking the courts, all the environmental regulations he's rolled back, all the consumer financial protections he's rolled back, the case in the courts right now to eliminate access to healthcare for millions and end the preexisting coverage for millions more. WHERE ARE THE DEMOCRATS!!! Geesh, why are they so horrible at this.

  3. The threat of a recession shouldn’t be our primary hope of ridding America of this rampant segregationist plague of a creature.

  4. Any policy the democrats put forward would be better then any policy on anything Trump would have, he has proven winging it does not work….VOTE THAT RACIST NUT OUT IN 2020 ALONG WITH MASSACRE MOSCOW MITCH MCCONNELL AND AS MANY REPUBLICANS AS POSSIBLE! SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

  5. More fake news,Trump isn't the president he never was, he was fraudulently acting like he was the president, the real U.S. Army made Trump get outside of the White House, Obama was the last president there, Mary Stanley's gang bribed most of the federal government workers in Washington D.C. to quit their jobs that's why the U.S. Army had to do it, Trump's gang probably murdered some people in Washington D.C., probably those 6in9 ones went into nursing homes and murdered some people or else they murdered some U.S. Marine's or U.S. Senator's, I believe that Trump doesn't like the U.S. Military or the U.S. government and that it was his idea to murder some U.S. Marine's or U.S. Senator's and to have some of his gang people do it, the 6in9 ones.
    It's time to declare a war against those gangs, Trump's gang, Mary Stanley's gang, Pence's gang, Obama's gang, Bill and Hillary Clinton's gang, and Pelosi's gang, raid Trump's tower in New York City, there will probably be a wild shootout there the U.S. Military against Trump's gang inside of that tower, probably a bunch of those 6in9 gang criminals inside of there and the 6in9's that murdered some U.S. Marine's in Washington D.C., and some Russians, Trump and his wife, a lot of those people will be arrested and shot and killed there or wherever, there's probably a lot of illegal money inside of that tower, that will be seized, Trump's gang probably embezzled that money out of the federal tax accounts in Washington D.C..
    All of the federal courts and the FBI have been shutdown since about 2014 after Mary Stanley's gang and Pence's gang murdered an FBI agent from the Indianapolis Indiana FBI office, and Mary Stanley's gang murdered a U.S. Supreme Court judge or a U.S. Senator, Mary Stanley's gang bribed most of the FBI agent's and Federal court judges to quit their jobs in about 2014, Mary Stanley's gang and Pence's gang also bribed a lot of police officers in the state of Indiana and West Virginia to quit their jobs, the White House will be seized, searched and destroyed by the real U.S. Army, there's going to be a war breakout against Trump's gang, Mary Stanley's gang, Pence's gang, Bill and Hillary Clinton's gang, Obama's gang, and Pelosi's gang, they've committed a lot of devilworshipping murders, embezzled billions of dollars, racketeered various crimes murders, labor, etc., fake police officer's all over the place, there will be a lot of real estate to seize that Mary Stanley's gang owns, a lot of homes and buildings to destroy. I want the job or contract tearing those homes down Cat 336 excavator and a Cat 973 track loader,I want the contract tearing down the Trump tower in New York City, if I can find a subcontractor to tear it down for about $10,000,000,000.00 that's ten billion dollars add my 5% to that and that is $10.5 billion dollars, that's $500,000,000.00 before taxes for myself, a lot of other homes and buildings that those gangs own to tear down, I'll get some subcontractor's to help me on those and I want my 5% on all of those. If Bill and Hillary Clinton's gang and Mary Stanley's gang own apartment towers in New York City I want the contract tearing those apartment towers down to, probably Ms-13 gang criminals and illegal cash in Bill and Hillary Clinton's gang owned apartment tower and 6in9 gang criminals and illegal cash in Mary Stanley's gang owned apartment tower, there's some homes in Jefferson county and Lawrence county Indiana that Mary Stanley's gang and Pence's gang own, there's probably fake names on the real estate deeds.
    The U.S. Army needs to go to Jefferson county Indiana and Lawrence county Indiana, to get the fake police officer's out of the police department's and court house, the schools here have been shutdown for about six weeks now because of the fake police officer's people are concerned about their safety and security, and those gangs embezzling money from the state and federal government. Some of those gang criminals will have to be shot and killed, gang criminals that have did those devilworshipping murders, Mary Stanley and Pence's gang have bought funeral homes to try to cover up murders, those funeral homes will have to be seized, searched, and destroyed by the real U.S. Army.
    There needs to be real news, I believe that the real U.S. Army will probably have to make those public announcements.

  6. I believe that Obama is part of a gang, I call it "Obama's gang", I believe that some of his gang people are in Washington D.C., and that some of them are 6in9 gang criminals, a lot of them are Hispanics and Latinos and devilworshippers they murder people, bribery, they steal a lot, I believe that Obama's gang is stealing from the federal government tax accounts in Washington D.C. where billions or trillions of dollars go there every year, one Hispanic woman that's part of his gang is the CEO of General Motors her name is last name is Barra, I believe that Obama's game stole 50 billion dollars in 2008 or 2009 and bought out General Motors and that is now a gang owned company and at least one manufacturing plant is in Mexico, I believe that he is the last president to be in the White House, I don't know if his second term in office was legal or not something wrong with 2010 no doubt, and something is wrong with 2014 for sure, I believe that the real United States Army made Donald Trump get out of the White House that he was never the president that he was in there fraudulently acting like the president, I believe that the United States Army needs to arrest some gang criminals, and I believe that Obama is one of those gang criminals that the real United States Army needs to arrest, the United States Army also needs to seize those federal government accounts that those gang criminals are stealing from, I believe that the real United States Army will arrest Obama, the real United States Army needs to make some public announcements there needs to be real true news, why hasn't the United States Army told people that they had to remove Donald Trump from the White House and that there is no FBI here or federal courts in operation that they have been shut down since about 2014 and announce the people that they're going to arrest and the government accounts that they're going to seize.
    Who's at the white house right now, does anyone know that, I live in the state of Indiana so I don't have no way to see or drive down that block where the White House is at, to see who or what is there, does anyone know if there's anyone there, if so who is it?

  7. Chump is the biggest embarrassment to America in history!! He is the complete opposite of what a president should be… draft dodger, Russian puppet, dictator lover, liar, criminal, racist, thief, narcissist and uneducated buffoon!!

  8. WE the voters HAVE to ensure that every individual seeking to occupy our highest office. Understands that its NOT a popularity contest. That buttering up isn't going to work. Understand that their role will be that of "public servant" NOT king, queen or dictator! And that their ability to carry out what's in the best interest of the public and our country will determine a second term. Arrive for the interview fully prepared or don't show up at all. Lets be mindful as to whom WE vote into a position of power. Local elections included. Stay informed and vote wisely.

  9. Am not an American but the things the US is doing lately.. the US of the pst would have condemned and issued warnings of consequences to the violating countries…..Crying abandoned children in the streets, racist/tribal/ethnic hate in the highest office.,rejecting refugees etc… how can they now condemn other violators of human rights… the USA unfortunately has really fallen on the moral standards

  10. Yeah, those leaders abroad don’t want their countries turned into SHITHOLES. Keep being in the migrants, Germany, France, Sweden. Poland, Hungary, Holland, Italy gets it. I like the deputy prime minister of Italy. He told Richard Gere to take the migrants to his Hollywood mansion. Did Richard do it?

  11. By November 2020 Trump will have destroyed himself and the Repubs. If he thinks he might not be re-elected he will cause civil unrest. Pray that he is not allowed another term. It would be a national day of rejoicing not to see, hear or read his idiotic twitterings. Unfortunately it will not be the end of him unless he is sedated.

  12. We also need to fight against what the corporations in our country are doing to us, not just foreign countries. We need to pass a constitutional amendment to take money out of politics. We have lost our democracy and sold it to the highest bidder. Both parties.

  13. Thanks for creating ISIS, Ben.

    Obama foreign policy was a huge success. Obama foreign policy was a huge success. Obama foreign policy was a huge success. Obama foreign policy was a huge success. Obama foreign policy was a huge success. Obama foreign policy was a huge success. Obama foreign policy was a huge success. Obama foreign policy was a huge success. Obama foreign policy was a huge success. Obama foreign policy was a huge success. Obama foreign policy was a huge success. Obama foreign policy was a huge success. Obama foreign policy was a huge success. Obama foreign policy was a huge success. Obama foreign policy was a huge success. Obama foreign policy was a huge success. Please be true. Please disregard reality.

  14. Trump’s supporters LOVE IT!! They’re confused and frightened by people from other countries (except for Eastern European trophy brides) and think that America can survive just fine without them.

  15. usually when a pampas arrogant person is humiliated at the end of their rant with calling them out on their BS, you kinda feel sorry for them. I wont feel a bit sorry for trump when he looses bigly in 2020 . Nope …not a bit.

  16. As we're seeing today, Mexico and other countries are moving into Chinese markets in the US… American importers are not willing to pay the tariffs and Americans don't want to pay higher prices..  But what that means down the road is that China will retaliate by NOT buying farm products from us…. Then what will Trump do?  Continue to subsidize the farmers with tax payer dollars?  Cuz they're definitely not dollars from China….

  17. Its past the point of recklessness he is dangerous. Every thing is wrong thanks to trump. So many crimes. Why wont he show his taxes. Why did he pay off stormy daniels. Why is there video of him forcing himself on another woman. Why does the white supremacist spree shooter manifesto match his words at rallys. This is so obviously a war on ppl of color as well as people living in poverty. The endangered species? Pulling out of nuclear and climate deal. Ignoring our allies and cozy up to dictators and none of you can see this is sociopathic and pychopathic? Of course you can see these are not the moves of a sane or honest man. The dangerous case of donald trump a book written by harvard and yale doctors to warn us he is a clear and present danger to the usa. I cant believe his cult is so sick and so conned. Meanwhile he only took care of the 1% corporations and gave the rich a tax break. Silly sheep. Every time he talks it is a lie and an embarrassment!

  18. The world status of America is gone. Russia has played the USA like fish. The USA the most untrustworthy nation on earth, barring England!

  19. and if DUMP doesnt think that his Dictator Buddies that he is "SO IN LOVE WITH" arent laughing at him behind his back…. he really IS Demented !!!!!

  20. I suspect that Trump's job for Putin from the get-go was to make the U.S. (and the UK) less influential on the world stage, so Russia can take back their old Soviet nations without interference from the US and the UK.

  21. Trump is much more malevolent than an "embarrassment." He's an outright threat, and if we're to endure this psycho rather than oust him once and for all, we should understand that we can never take him seriously and, if we can, just laugh at this pathetic excuse for a President for the period we must suffer his presence among us.

  22. Ya think ? the world started out by laughing at you. we're not laughing anymore. we are staring, wide eyed, with our hands over our mouths, watching in horror as you implode.

  23. US should NEVER be mediators in anything. MSNBC sound like advocates of war. US need to stay out of others internal affairs and sort out their own mess at home eg healthcare, gun control, poverty, opioid epidemic, infrastructure, homelessness, could go on. Stay home the world will be just fine without your creating more chaos and regime changes.


  25. I bet screen writers in Hollywood are having a ball. Which angle do they choose – they have too many options; comedy, horror, thriller, action.

  26. More like he’s an embarrassment to the planet form of all human life…..actually it’s more like he’s an embarrassment to the galaxy!

  27. This is getting scary! World turmoil. Nuclear weapons testing. Environmental crisis. And we have this evil Bozo as our leader! Inept, currupt , embarrassing, hostile, reckless. Yep. It's getting scary. Wake up, Republicans! Snap out of it!

  28. Donkey Trump cannot tolerate people who are more intelligent and cleverer than him. He is systematically screwing up America with his super pig Stephen Miller (probably the forgotten son of Josef Goebbels) who has brought Nazi doctrine to the Donkey's sawdust brain.

  29. The dumbing down of the US is a bigger problem than Trumps as pres. There are so many uneducated people in this country, what a shame. Everything Trump says. is what he is, or dose. Projection!

  30. Please name a time when the US use caution when interfering in other countries affairs? NEVER! Trump just shows the truth.

  31. If someone can get you to believe absurdities, they can get you to commit atrocities. Fat Donny Chump the Banktrumping draft dodging LIAR .

  32. This Obama stooge forget what a raw deal #China was served when it first negotiated the trade agreeements. The world is thanking the US for voting Trump, he allowed some dislocation and weakening that give other nations a chance.
    Hard as a liberal to say but #Trump2020

  33. Kamala: the national security issue that Russia exploited IS identity politics. Talking about race incessantly inflames tribalistic divisions, and leads to things like Trump! We had the right idea in the 1990s! Back then everyone was talking about being color blind and as if we were all in this together. That's the only way to solve racism. NOT seeking "justice," or trying to shut up "white" people in favor of "people of color"

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