FVPD Home Security Advice

FVPD Home Security Advice

hey there I’m Gavin McDevitt from the
Community Investigation Unit in Forth Valley and I’m looking for a couple
of minutes of your time to talk about home security. I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking Gav, that sounds boring and I’ve got loads of videos of cats falling into bathtubs to watch, but bear with me that video’s still going to be there in
five minutes and this one might stop you becoming a victim of crime. come on I’ll
show you what I mean. So, here’s this place, could be any street, any town.
Might be your street, if it is your street then congratulations your street’s now famous. See this guy? This guy’s a housebreaker. He’s not really, he’s just acting, but just go with it. He’s looking for an easy target. I know what you’re thinking, You’re thinking, Gav, it’s the middle of the day, surely Housebreakers only come out at night? But you’d be thinking wrong, that’s Vampires Vampires come out at night.
Housebreakers are just as likely target residential properties through the day because
they’re looking for a time when people are likely to be out. He’s looking for properties that are obviously empty, shouldn’t be too difficult for him because he can
see into properties from the pavement here. If you’ve got valuables like laptops
or tablets sitting on open display, well It’ll be easier for him. He’s also looking
for things like alarm boxes and CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras are pretty
inexpensive now and easy enough to set up. Even something like a dummy camera
or alarm box is probably enough to make him think twice about targeting an
address. Looks like he’s found what he’s after though. Have a think about where it is you keep
your keys. Now having a key bowl or a key hook near the front door is
really convenient for people who are always losing their keys but I’ll tell you who else
it’s convenient for? That guy. If he can see your keys and where they’re kept from either the letterbox or through the windows and there’s a fair chance he is going to
be able get to them without too much fuss. Even if he can’t reach them from
the letterbox, if he knows where your keys are and if he does decide he’s
going in then he’s going to be able get to them without having to search. Look at that, house keys and car keys. Happy days for this guy. keep your keys away from the door,
out of view and most importantly out of reach can help you stop becoming a victim
of crime. Better go see what he’s up to. This is where the window shopping pays off.
Leaving valuable items out where anyone can find them just makes his life an awful lot easier. If you hide stuff away where it
can’t be found by anyone walking in your house, then it means he’s got to
search for it. If he’s got to search, he’s got to touch things, if he’s got to touch
things, it leaves a trace that we can follow up later on. Jewellery and cash is what this guy’s really after. because they’re easy to handle, easy to dispose of and difficult to
trace. If you’ve got expensive jewellery in the house have a think about where it is you keep it. Maybe don’t leave it in the first place a thief is going to look.
I.e. on a jewelry box on top of your dresser. The same goes for cash, try not to have
large sums of money around the house because that’s what banks are for. If you are going to store cash in house think about getting a safe. If you’re getting a safe, think about where you’re storing it, again not the first place he’s going to look. All in all, pretty efficient. But imagine how devastating that is for the people that stay here. It can all be avoided with a few simple thoughts about home security. Think about security measures in and around your home. Don’t leave your keys where they can be easily accessed from the front door. don’t leave valuable property lying about where would be thieves can see them. Lets make life difficult for a would be housebreaker.

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  1. Gav you crack me up… I sometimes wonder how funny your vids could be if they were not representing Police Scotland…(future potential?) however you are and the messages are great. Good to see this. Love to see more. Best. J

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