Garage Door Won’t Move: Motor and Travel Troubleshooting

Garage Door Won’t Move: Motor and Travel Troubleshooting

Hi, this is Wayne from Sears PartsDirect.
Today we’re going to talk about motor and travel problems that prevent your garage door
opener from moving the garage door. On this type of motor unit that has a single LED light,
the light will flash 5 times to indicate one of these problems: garage door travel is obstructed,
garage door opener trolley is obstructed, motor is overheated, motor RPM sensor is defective.
On the type with up and down arrows, the up arrow blinks once and the down arrow blinks
5 times to indicate the same set of problems. Your problem may be as simple as an overheated
motor. If you’ve just used your garage door opener several times, allow the motor to cool
for 30 minutes. If the garage door opener works after a half hour, it’s a good sign
the motor overheated from repeated use and that was the only issue. If you haven’t used
the door recently, or your door still won’t open 30 minutes later, unplug the garage door
opener for 1 minute to reset the logic board. Then, restore power and try opening the door
again. Resetting the logic board may fix your problem. If the door still won’t open and
the motor unit still displays the code, then a bent garage door track or a door latch that’s
stuck or locked may be preventing the door from moving. Pull the emergency release rope
to disconnect the garage door from the trolley. Open and close the garage door manually to
see how easily it moves on the tracks. If the door doesn’t move at all or sticks in
some areas, check for a bent door track. Also, make sure the door latch retracts fully. If
the latch gets locked accidentally or it isn’t fully retracted, then the door won’t move.
Fix any issues you find or have a garage door specialist repair the door. If the door travels
easily on the tracks, then a bent or damaged garage door opener rail could be blocking
trolley travel. Check the rail for damage and replace any damaged parts. If you see
no apparent rail damage, check the inner trolley travel along the rail. Activate the garage
door opener to move the inner trolley along the rail in one direction and then activate
it again to check the opposite direction. If the inner trolley stops along the rail
and you find damage. Repair it, or replace the rail. Also, take a look at the inner trolley
and replace it if you find any damage. If the inner trolley only moves 6 to 8-inches
during this test and you don’t find any rail damage, you’ll likely need to replace the
motor RPM sensor because it isn’t detecting motor speed. Here’s a video that shows you
how. If the indicator light flashes 6 times, the motor unit detects an internal motor circuit
failure. This means you’ll probably need to replace the logic board because the motor
rarely fails. Here’s a video that shows you how. I hope that this video helped you out.
You can find links to the parts we talked about in the video description. Be sure to
check out our other videos here on the Sears PartsDirect YouTube channel. Subscribe and
I’ll let you know when we post new videos.

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48 Replies to “Garage Door Won’t Move: Motor and Travel Troubleshooting”

  1. Our trolley and chain has been clattering and shaking so violently it has taken chunks out of the ceiling. The outer trolley itself is extremely loose I noticed a heavy white coating on the inside top section. Possibly drywall dust? Any suggestions for adjusting?

  2. My motor runs but never moves the chain. The crank has plenty wiggle to it. is this normal? I never checked before I had a problem so I'm not sure

  3. when I press the button the door doesn't move. the trolley won't move at all. when I click the button I can hear a click every time I press the button. I do have the garage door released and it's closed.

  4. I have a brand newCraftsman 3/4 belt drive. The door went up once made a loud bang and now the trolley will not move. the door has been release. The motor comes on but will not move the trolley. Wish I still had my reliable Genie 450!

  5. When my garage door opens the light flashes twice hen the light turns off then it not let me close the garage door.

  6. My inner trolley moves the length of the track fine and the door is easy to raise and lower manually. The LED doesn't flash at all but when I connect the door to the inner trolley the door raises 2 or 4 inches and the motor runs for several seconds then reverses and closes the door then continues to run for several seconds and finally stops.

    I think there's a sensor problem. Do you have any insight?

    Excellent videos by the way!

  7. Hi there i have a older opener model number is 139.53985D the light blinks 4 times. The travel is just a couple of inches then stops light bulbs blink about 10 times. Anything you can think of is the problem

  8. My Stanley garage door opener works for the most part, but I opened it, the door went too far, and it won't close. I tried pulling the emergency release, but it won't do anything.

  9. Hello, I might have a similar problem to the previous commenter… the part on the rail (trolley?) that connects to the emergency release pull will engage but the minute I leave it alone it disconnects again. Someone came and told me I needed a new opener but I have a hard time believing that because you can hear the motor running and the last time this happened someone came out and reattached it in 2 secs. He said it was 'locked up' and there is no fix for that? Sounds shady to me cuz I haven't found anything on youtube talking about a locked up motor. Any thoughts much appreciated.

  10. Mine was blinking 5 times so I ordered a new rpm speed sensor and installed. Still doesn’t work. Motor hums briefly and there is no travel from the door. Upon further inspection I seen that the plastic gear was cracked and tilted. Will this be the cause of my problem? Would there be another problem that would cause the gear to crack? Thanks

  11. Our Craftsman garage door opener starting making a terribly loud ripping sound that lasts long after the door is closed. It only started doing this today, and we thought it may have had something to do with the unusually cold temps we've been having (-15F overnight). The belt is intact, if but a little saggy. When the opener is released from the door, the garage door slides up and down without any problems. What is causing this problem, and how would we go about fixing this issue? Thanks in advance for any advice!

  12. what do you do to if your door goes down but then opens back up again on its own. sensors are aligned, no obstruction on the track. looks like there are 2 sets of adjustment screws up and down on the side and also on the back. how do you know which one is to adjust the door to open and close properly ?

  13. what do you do to if your door goes down but then opens back up again on its own. sensors are aligned, no obstruction on the track. looks like there are 2 sets of adjustment screws up and down on the side and also on the back. how do you know which one is to adjust the door to open and close properly ?

  14. what do you do to if your door goes down but then opens back up again on its own. sensors are aligned, no obstruction on the track. looks like there are 2 sets of adjustment screws up and down on the side and also on the back. how do you know which one is to adjust the door to open and close properly ?

  15. what do you do to if your door goes down but then opens back up again on its own. sensors are aligned, no obstruction on the track. looks like there are 2 sets of adjustment screws up and down on the side and also on the back. how do you know which one is to adjust the door to open and close properly ?

  16. what do you do to if your door goes down but then opens back up again on its own. sensors are aligned, no obstruction on the track. looks like there are 2 sets of adjustment screws up and down on the side and also on the back. how do you know which one is to adjust the door to open and close properly ?

  17. AGHHH I tried to sneak through the door man!
    Can't make it, can't make it, the shit's stuck! DOOR'S STUCK! DOOR'S STUCK! Please! I beg you!

  18. I had to unplug power to the system. My liftmaster 3/4hp only makes a continuos clicking sound as soon as I plug in mains power, about 10 per second, but motor doesn't move. Help anyone?

  19. Can you help me with a problem with my Craftsman garage door opener? I bought it 2.5 yrs. ago and now i am having problems with it opening and closing. I saw it flash 5 times and after checking out the rail, and the chain which i re- adjusted due to yearly maintenance, sensors, and adjusting force and limits, i still have the same problem. It doesn't flash anymore. The ext. light will go off now and come back on about a 2 min.'s later after a certain amount tries of getting the door open or closed. It opens all the way up for the most part, but not always. When i try to close it's a real struggle. I have to hit the remote a bunch of times in between the opener shutting down and getting it closed. I ordered an rpm sensor but i am still not sure that is going to be the fix. Most of the time when the door is going down it only moves 6-8 inches, but not all the time, which according to the manual says its the rpm sensor.

  20. My garage door wont open if you push the button to open the garage door only the chain goes around what could this be?

  21. I tried everything up to checking the inter trolley travel while the emergency release rope was disconnected without identify the issue. When I release the emergency rope and press the garage door opener the inter trolley won't move at all. The chain engages and I'm able to see tension on the chain but it doesn't move. Do know know what the issue could be?

  22. Found my problem which did not match any of the common problems described in this video. I have a Liftmaster model 2110 1/3 hp which is screw driven, no chain. I had no flashing light. Could hear the motor running the normal length of time. Door smoothly opened and closed manually, all of the rails appear to be straight and free from damage. There is a flexible gear sprocket coupling (part number 25C20) that connects the gear from the motor to an identical gear on the end of the screw that turns which lifts and lowers the garage door. This rubber/plastic coupling had split in two from being used over a period of 13 years, so power from the motor was not being transferred to the screw. The sprocket comes with the hardware bag partn #41A4795. Pretty sure I can replace it if I can get my son to help me hold the rail that houses the screw…it should just slip into place. Hope this helps someone.

  23. I have an older model without flashing lights (139.663953). The door was stuck open, so I pulled the cord to disconnect the door and closed it manually. Pushing the button only caused the motor to hum for a few seconds, then shut off. I tried again the next day and the trolley did travel all the way down, and then all the way back when the button was pressed again. But after that it was stuck again. I unplugged the opener, took off the cover, and looked for obvious problems inside — but saw none. Replaced the cover and plugged back in, but the motor still just hums for a few seconds without any trolley motion. Any clues on determining the cause?

  24. Hi I ordered parts from Sears Parts Direct for my craftsman 3/4 HP garage door.

    I first latched the door to the trolley, it pulled up a little bit and then back down. After I detached the garage door from the trolley, the trolley kept charging forward and was eventually derailed and hit the stud. Please advise.

  25. thank for your help….my 1/2 hp craftsman belonging to my daughter had the chain come off. I went over and put it back on. After adjusting the travel limits I finally got it right and push the button to close it. Flashed 5x and only made a BUZZ noise. Figured it overheated. Next day same thing. Took chain back off and the sprocket does move in both directions without it. Manually closed the door and re-connected chain and trolley while door was closed and sprocket had turned to down position. Adjusted limit up significantly so it would not go all the way up. Hit button and door moved up no problem but all the way to hit the bolt again. Hit the button again and just a buzz and no movement. Still blinks 5 x thru out all this. Any help appreciated!!

  26. Thankyou you just saved me! My garage door was blocked I unplugged it and it worked perfectly again thanks so much

  27. My Craftsman 1/2 hp abruptly stopped on its way down after I walked in front of the sensor and started buzzing indefinitely. It simply buzzes indefinitely when I press the button, but never goes anywhere. Even with the garage door detached, it doesn't move at all. There doesn't appear to be any blinking codes when I try to operate it. The light bulb in it eerily burned out two days before as well. Help!

  28. Most useful so far. All others only discuss door issues. Mine was a problem even with door disengaged. Thanks.

  29. roller garage wont open by remote just hums..managed to get in opening by hand and took look while opening it manually by hand inside.the roller that wont go round.door just folds at top.i dont know make of door.was there when moved in and landlady not long brought house

  30. What if there is no clicking, no movement and no sounds. The light button in my wall opener won’t even work. Almost like there is no power to it. It just suddenly stopped working. Only a couple years old.

  31. A good & detailed video!  A question: I have about 20-yr old Craftman 1/2 HP garage opener that worked fine up to now.  However, recently for a couple of times, its motor did not respond except a click sound when either a remote or a wall-attached opener button was pushed.  After some tries like checking wire connections etc. and/or simply some time passed, even without doing anything on that opener unit, it backed to work.  Any advice to check what and where?

  32. My garage door had a broken gear drive and so I replaced it. Now I get a code 5. No it has nothing to do with the trolley or the chain because even when I disconnect the chain from the drive, The motor will turn one way for three seconds and then back the other way for a half a second and then shut off suddenly. I know I had to unplug the wire plugs when I was changing the gear drive because they were in my way but everything is plugged and secured and it still does it now. This was not a problem before I changed the gear drive.

  33. Man, the trolley doesn’t move at all. I hate not knowing how to fix something. My garage door was working just fine before me, and my family went on vacation. We came back after a week of not being home, then boom, the garage wouldn’t open🤷🏽‍♂️.

  34. Hi, I have a sears craftsman 1/2 HP, it blinks 5 times and motor did not move at all.
    I check the old logic board and did not see any burn or cold solder. I
    just replaced a new Sears Craftsman 41A5021-3M-315 Receiver Logic Board
    and the light still blink 5 times. It did not move at all. Would that be the RPM sensor?

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