Getting Started: Xtreme N Gigabit Router (DIR-655)

Getting Started: Xtreme N Gigabit Router (DIR-655)

D-Link’s Xtreme N
Gigabit Router Also known as the DIR-655
Let’s see what comes in the box As usual, a cd
and product documentation The DIR-655 wireless router
an ethernet cable 3 detachable antennas
We’ll assemble these in a moment A stand that allows you to set
the router upright A power adapter
and optional mounting pieces Now we’ll put the pieces together
remove the router out of the plastic wrapping and remove the plastic
film covering the router Grab your 3 antennas and screw all three
into the back of the router If you’d like to use the router standing up
fold down the antennas because the antennas should always be pointing up
and place the router into the stand let’s get a closer
look at the router On the front are the power
and network activity LEDS On the side is the WPS button
for easy configuration of devices Four LAN ports and one
internet port, USB SharePort reset button and power Of course you have the
three antenna connectors Alright, let’s power up the router Somewhere near your modem,
Connect the ethernet cable directly from your modem
to the port labeled “internet” Plug the power from the wall
to the back of the DIR-655 When all the lights on the front
turn blue, you’re ready to use the DIR-655 Now that the router is properly setup
we recommend taking an additional few minutes to set up some simple security. Open a web browser and log into the router by typing in the address bar. Leave the password blank for the default After logging in click on Setup
On the left side navigation, click Wireless Settings
and down at the bottom click on Manual Wireless Connection Setup Click on Enable Wireless
to start broadcasting a wireless signal and I’m going to change
the Network Name or SSID You can change the name to personalize your
setup and to distinguish it from other DLink Products we’re also interested in is
Wireless Security Mode From the drop down select
WPA-personal You can leave the WPA settings as their defaults,
but You will need to create a pre-shared key
This can be any 8 or longer password using letters and/or numbers. It’s best to write this password down somewhere
for safe keeping because you will need it when connecting any wireless devices Up top, click save settings and you are finished. Allow the setting to take effect Click on your wireless settings
Select the or DIR-655 Click on connect and when prompted
enter the security key, Click ok Congratulations, Your new DIR-655
Xtreme N Gigabit router is ready to go!

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38 Replies to “Getting Started: Xtreme N Gigabit Router (DIR-655)”

  1. wtaching this helped so much , i was stuck on trying to get my other computer to pick it up. thanks again bud , the internet is so fast now

  2. I will never buy Link again after this product. How can you recommend it? This is the worst rougher ever. I am going to be posting my own review and will do a vid response explaining how what was promised on the box was not delivered or taken away.

  3. everything worked up to the piont when u told me to type in the ip address…. it says that its taking to long to respond …

    PLZ respond

  4. i have HUGE problems with this router.. can't handle to much traffic and it shuts down, and this is in a house with only 3 people and a 40 mbit line… give advice please

  5. I have this router but it won't work 🙁 I plug everything in correctly but I get no internet access.. but when I have the single cable directly from my cable modem internet works perfectly.

  6. Im in a predicament I have DSL and there is only one slot that I can use and thats for the yellow ethernet cabel that gives me access to the internet if I plug the blue one in i have to take out the yellow and I lose my internet connection… I hope that made sense pleas help!

  7. There is only one slot in the back of my computer to connect ethernet cable. So I cant connect the blue cable to my computer bc there is only one slot on the back of my computer.

  8. it says that it works with Comcast but it doesn't look like you can attach a cable to the modem how does that work then?

  9. I need help when installing i cant install since it needs to connect to the Ethernet port. That's the only reason we had bought a router and we upgraded to this, but we need to be able to connect to a wired connection. HELPPP!!!!!!!

  10. I'm having no luck, my netbook can't read disks so that route is out and my provider is using pppoe so when I try to connect accordingly with the password and username provided by my isp I get nothing. I've only successfully managed to get a wireless connection to the router but no luck getting the router to connect to the internet via the modem. Help!

  11. i have this router and i have trouble a xfinity modem/router dir-655 is working but when i try to log in into the router it does not see it it comes back as an error do i have to do something else?

  12. is this me or have u guys noticed that at 2:19 they plug the cable in mac book but at 2:21 they change the settings on pc 🙂

  13. I just ordered this router, How good is it? Right now I have a Linksys WRT54G (Wireless G) and I can't have no more than 14 xbox connected to the WIFI because the Nat type goes strict right away. Could i use more then 1 xbox on this router even though it's a Wireless N router? Please some comment back asap.

  14. I followed the instructions; however, it does not show under my available networks after I unplug ethernet cable from the computer.

  15. How do i reset my password? Its been long since i got my router and i had already set the password and now I've forgotten my password! So yup! How do i reset it??

  16. This is totally crap. The Wifi stops working and i have to power off and on the device every week. I even got a new on warranty (i have 11 years warranty since 2007) but after 2 days the same problem occur again 🙁

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