Google Home Hub and Nest Cameras Integrated and Working – Chromecast and Smart Displays Too!

Google Home Hub and Nest Cameras Integrated and Working – Chromecast and Smart Displays Too!

Hello Automaters, once you have a smart
home camera in your home you want to know how to integrate it with your other
products. Now of course you have all of the smart home applications that come
with these smart home products but you really want to integrate it with devices
like the Google Home Hub or your your smart display with Google Assistant
onboard now today what I’m going to show you is how to connect your nest cameras
to Google Home Hub and therefore show it on a Google Home Hub a smart display with
Google Assistant on board or even a Google Chromecast so let’s get going this video does assume that you’ve
already gone ahead and you’ve set up your nest cam it doesn’t really matter
what version of the nest cam and truthfully even a nest doorbell is going
to behave relatively similar there’s some additional functions with a nest
hello doorbell but the nest cameras all work on the same premise and so this
video assumes you’ve already set up your nest camera if you haven’t Hey I have
videos here on the channel that will help you set up your nest camera now on
top of that I’m assuming you have a Google Home, Smart Display or a Google
Chromecast that you can go ahead and utilize and that’s already set up in the
application now we’re going to start in the Google Home application and I’m
going to give you a run-through of how to get your Nest account connected
within the Google Home application you can actually go ahead and check if you
already have this service connected or you already have your camera connected
so I just want you to do a quick run-through you will definitely see the
icon for a camera as you roll through here if you don’t see the icon for the
camera then you’re in the right place so we’re going to go to the add button up
here and we’re going to hit setup device now as we get in here we’re going to hit
have something already set up so if you see your linked account right here so
you can see there’s a link to a set of linked accounts and then down below
there’s the add new section so if you see Nest up here you have the ability to
actually go ahead and just find any new cameras that you’ve added already so if
you can’t find cameras you have other cameras on the network or on the Google
Home application then it’s as simple as telling your Google Home device to sync
my devices that’s the exact syntax that you use you just wake up the device and
say sync my devices now if you’re someone who owns a nest thermostat
there’s actually a little trick that Google tells us to do they actually tell
us to unlink your account and then relink it for the nest products so if
you have just a thermostat in your home right now and Nest
thermostat then you’re probably going to want to start by unlinking so all you
have to do is tap on where it says nest here and the length accounts hit unlink
and then what I would suggest is leave the application come back in let it all
be refreshed and then come back here and make sure that nest is not showing up in
your list of linked accounts now if you’re like me then or basically we
should all be at this point we just want to search so I hit the little search and
now I’m looking for a nest and really this process is as easy as linking your
account so you have to log in with your account credentials for nest so I’m just
going ahead and doing that you can see I’m just hitting the sign-in button here
and they’re walking me through basically what it’s all allowing to have happen so
you’re giving lots of access to the nest devices throughout your Google Home
application and you just want to hit allow at the bottom of that statement
right there now it says accounts are linked up at the very top left now if I
just leave it what happens is my Google Home application comes all the way back
and now I can choose the devices that I want to add to Google Home and
essentially I hit that and I’m hitting next I choose a home to put it in now I
have multiple homes you probably only have one but ultimately choose the home
that you want to put in and then scroll to the room that you want to put this in
now I’m putting this in my entryway in my home so I’m going to tap that and hit
next and really the linking process in terms of the camera is done so let me
show you as we scroll down here here’s my entryway so that was the room I chose
to put it in here’s my entryway camera and we can go in and it will make a
direct connection to that camera you can see it’s sitting over there and it’s
looking at my GoPro up there and now you can see up at the top there is the nest
button up there that takes you directly into the nest application to manage your
device and here’s the settings within the home applications so if you made a mistake at some point about which home
to put it in you can actually tap there or if you made a mistake on the room you
can tap there or if you’d like to change the name of that specific device you can
change it there so easy management of your nest cameras here just from the
Google Home application as I mentioned earlier in the video you can actually
get your feed from that camera or any nest camera to play on a Google Home hub
a Lenovo smart display or any smart display with the Google Assistant and or
a Google Chromecast now that doesn’t include obviously a Chromecast Audio
I’ve never tried that anyways and I don’t know what the purpose would be but what I’ve done is I’ve got my Lenovo Smart Display here ready and the syntax
that you can use is basically what’s on play or show so any of those words as
basically you’re you’re initiating words and then you can say on whatever device
you’d like so I’m going to start by just showing the feed here on the Lenovo
Smart Display so show my camera you got it streaming the entryway on kitchen display now there you go it’s showing
and all I said was show my camera now if you had multiple cameras in your house
you can refer to the device name or the room name so I’ll show you that in here
in a second but you also can hear what’s going through the device I just had to
turn down the volume with my Lenovo smart display just because the camera is
right there as well and we get a bunch of echo or a bunch of feedback so let’s
go ahead and do this by room show the entryway sure streaming the entryway on
kitchen display so there you go again it was able to actually show me that
room we can go ahead and we can actually cast that across to either a Google Home
hub or as I said a Google Chromecast now I’m going to show you on the Google Home Hub and then I’ll show you just in the demo that it actually did play on a
Google Chromecast you don’t need to see these commands over and over again the
other thing I’ll tell you is that the stop command is quite simple it is
simply just stop so stop now in terms of a Google Chromecast there is one
difference that I forgot to mention here about stopping that device from
receiving the stream from an ask cam now what I’ll tell you is that device you
can actually tell a Google Chromecast to turn off so you can just say turn off my
whatever your name of your Google Chromecast is so let’s go through the
demo here of casting over to this device and then we’ll go ahead and show you how
it does work on a Google Chromecast so show me my camera on living room hub you got it streaming the entryway on living room home so there you go you can see
that stream is running over here on the living room hub I can tell either device
basically to stop the stream or I can just stop it through the Google Home
application where I can actually hit the pause button and it will pause the video
and I can’t actually physically change that pause there but I can change it
again on the application to actually start streaming the video again so let’s
see how the Google Chromecast looks I think it looks fantastic so there you go guys that’s everything I
have here for getting your nest camera whatever version it is connected and
showing on your Google Home Hubs here today or any of the Google Assistant
enabled smart displays or a google Chromecast now there is subscribe
buttons coming at the end of this and additional videos that will show you how
to do anything really in your smart home related to Google Amazon Samsung and
even Apple so thanks for watching everyone and we’ll see you next time

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28 Replies to “Google Home Hub and Nest Cameras Integrated and Working – Chromecast and Smart Displays Too!”

  1. I like everything about the Nest cams……..apart from the double whammy of a high up front cost & the ongoing subscription!

  2. Is there a way to stream the Lenovo smartdisplay camera to a remote device? Basically using your phone at work to check in the home, like the drop in feature on the Echo show?

  3. Brian…great video…having the Lenovo Smart Display 8" unit, I look forward to your updates. I installed Arlo Pro cam 8 days ago, and added the Arlo device
    to my lenovo. When I ask Google to show Front Cam, it displays a live feed from the camera on the Lenovo screen. Now here's my question: Will there be a
    feature where the Lenovo will display automatically when the Arlo cam detects motion and starts to record? (That happens on my cell phone)
    Thanks again for the time and expertise with the Google assistant devices. Well done!!

  4. Is there a way to have motion in Nest cameras trigger routines? Maybe a way for motion on doorbell to bring up the display like a nest hello button push does?

  5. Ok I have a question for you seeing you have a Logitech harmony which light bulbs are compatible with harmony and Google assistant and which smart plug are compatible

  6. I found that Google cannot distinguish which camera to display if there are multiple cameras in one room. If I ask for it to show me the room followed by the label then it shows me random pictures from a Google search.

    “Hey Google show me the driveway” > “ sorry I’m not sure which camera you’d like to use”

    “ hey Google show me the driveway entrance” > “ showing pictures that match”

  7. Just got a great deal on a Phillips Hue starter kit. 4 white light bulbs, the bridge and the Phillips Hue remote and bought the Phillips Hue motion sensor sepratly. They just arrived, Cant wait to set them uo tomorrow (sorry for the chanjing the subject Yoof.

  8. Any other cams that work with google home hub and doesn't have a bunch of delay? The Nest cams are so overpriced…

  9. Great video. I have a question. Is it video only or sound too? Also is there any lag on the video whether viewing the nest cam on the home hub or via chromecast?

  10. Здравствуйте, а есть возможность в Duo сделать видео звонок используя Nest cam и Google hub?

  11. The email that you used for nest account it has to be the same for the google hub ?please help meeee!!!

  12. Great video! I tried everything to get my cameras to show up and unlinking/relinking my nest account did the trick!

  13. "now I have multiple homes but you probably only have one home". Yeh thanks for that. 🤣🤣🤣

  14. My question is not relating to the top exactly, do you know if I can use google home as an additional alarm speaker for “nest secure”?

  15. Is there a how-to for adding a Bluetooth camera to the Google hub. I know the Max is coming out soon to be sold but if you have a hub can a camera be added?

  16. Question about this. If I don't tell Google to "stop", will the hub stream the camera feed without ending or will the screen eventually timeout? I'm thinking of using this as a baby monitor while sleeping and if the screen times out then I'd lose the audio…

  17. thanks! definitely helped. However, RE: google hub, there is some tactile way (ie, not oral command) to get cameras to display after set-up. i stumbled on it but can't find it again. can you show us that? thereafter, google stopped saying she could not stream. she is now able to show 1 of the 2 nest cams with oral command: "show cameras"

  18. Hi! I’m about to buy a nest indoor cam, according to what I read, this cámara have a movement sensor, is it possible with google home automate this sensor to turn on the lights? Or I need a separate sensor?

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