Guardly – Enterprise Mobile Safety Solutions | 2014

Guardly – Enterprise Mobile Safety Solutions | 2014

Guardly is the market leader in
developing enterprise-grade mobile applications for emergency notification
and communication. We deliver solutions to our customers
that lower cost and organizational risk, and improve reliability and outcomes. When Guardly released its Indoor
Positioning System – providing floor and room-level accuracy for mobile emergency
callers, the security industry took notice. Guardly
is more than an app; it’s an enterprise platform that
integrates with existing security systems to streamline incident management,
response, and reporting procedures. At Universities and Colleges, Guardly’s
solutions transform the smartphones of every student, staff, and faculty member into virtual blue light emergency phones. “Control to CR2: can you 10-19 to the lobby, I’ve got a Code Orange.” “10-4 on my way.” Louis Toromoreno: “This real-time information during situations like lockdowns, active
shooters, and fires on campus allows for the dispatchers
to mitigate a lot of our liabilities and
situations during emergencies on our campus.” “We feel that without Guardly we never
had that kind of information available to us.” When triggered, Guardly’s mobile apps
transmit user identity location, and type of emergency, allowing
dispatchers to react quickly and appropriately. Medical emergencies can
happen anywhere at any time. Our mobile and indoor positioning
technologies can help locate non-responsive emergency callers in minutes, which is critical when life-saving
medical interventions are required. Guardly empowers employees to report
crime and suspicious activity, everybody – whether in an airport, stadium, school, or shopping mall. With
Guardly on their smartphones, your employees get personalized help to
their location in real time. Guardly also integrates with most
Security Operations Centers, and with incident management systems. Is your organization embracing mobile security? Learn more at

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  1. Not sure many people in an emergency situation, have time to get their phone out, unlock it, get the app open and press the button!

  2. Pretty sure if you see an active shooter, your not gonna drop to one knee to pull out your phone to send out an emergency notification.

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