Hartford Crime Center Expands City Surveillance

Hartford Crime Center Expands City Surveillance

so Hartford is a larger city their capital cities so they have similar issues to what you would expect in any metropolitan city theft is an issue vandalism is an issue certainly all sorts of violent crime are problems that we would like to help combat through the use of technology we had spotty cameras around the city before fragmented systems that didn’t communicate with each other that required us to go out on scene and retrieve anything if we could do that we didn’t have the training necessary to implement those type of programs either so what we had was I think a lot of equipment that we really didn’t use to even the half of its potential so we started work with the City of Hartford in 2013 when we were commissioned to deploy cameras and access control in the new police facility downtown so the initial needs of that project were to secure that particular building but also in the back of our minds was that there was the potential that the system would need to be deployed at other police facilities at other city buildings and could eventually grow to including street cameras and other even unforeseen use cases we anticipated building a large number of cameras around the city in a four phase program so we kind of sketched out phase one and deployed that already sketched out two and three and those will be deployed very soon and then phase four will tie everything together I have a downtown district that gets very busy on certain days and certain evenings especially we have certain assets downtown that we like to protect and keep an eye on we have banks downtown we have places people congregate we have parks public parks but we have large festivals and events and this isn’t just to over watch and watch what people are doing this is to protect people this is to find the missing kit that disappears from a large event and apart this is defined and you know the Silver Alert that walks away from a nursing home somewhere like that so we have other ideas besides enforcement this is a to protect and serve so to speak so roughly today there are about 500 access cameras throughout the city ranging from indoor dome cameras to outdoor 360 camera PTZ combos presently all of those access cameras throughout the city are set up on a milestone corporate system with access is a very strong milestone partner we found that all of the camera features that we need are supported we found that installing cameras and setting them up on the VMS is very very simple and very very time-saving so as an integrator that’s huge to be able to deploy a camera sometimes in hard to access areas whether it be in a street pool or a remote building knowing that that camera is going to work with the VMS just by virtue of the testing that goes into it by both companies ahead of time is huge I really like them in low-light I think they’re fantastic for what we use them for it and we do a lot of nighttime stuff here in the police department we’re open 24/7 milestone was an easy pick because there is no limitation and how much you can grow a corporate system knowing that the city had previously invested in other technologies that were somewhat limiting in terms of how they could scale out and build out to multiple buildings that was a principal concern when we chose milestone corporate my big ease-of-use is very nice is that the learning curve is really quick on milestone the VMS I love all of the interfaces that have been developed by our integrators here we’re able to access what we need to access specific locations pretty quickly the the built-in analytics backends are right there on the user interface makes it’s nice I don’t have to drag stuff out and open stuff up I open it all up in milestone you know us utilize it that way it’s been a flawless VMS as far as I’ve seen compared to other VMs as we’ve seen or used in the past very responsive very fluid it’s just really nice when it comes to that stuff it really makes a difference when it comes to stuff for presentation for court presentation when you have a system that is that reliable and that fluid that you don’t have to worry about glitches or things of that nature we’ve added brief cam integration to the system within the past year it’s been wildly successful thus far and video usability capturing events that we otherwise would not have captured the ability to search by color by direction of travel by speed hugely helpful and identifying target vehicles and people integrating brief cam to milestone is very easy users to access the brief camp module from within smart client which is great because it means all of our users don’t have to log into multiple programs it minimizes the system resource draw on their computers and it really lets them accomplish many things from one pane of glass which is a big time-saver I think that’s been our biggest game-changer as an addition to this to the system we have built around and we built up cameras we built up a VMs and brief cam has become kind of the the next generation in the next level it took us to the top in my opinion we can do things with brief cam we couldn’t do before I have examples of we grab large volumes of data now and video feeds from homicides from shootings from car accidents from people from missing people and we can examine that video in a very short quick period of time and broadcast that out we broadcast information that was pertinent to arrests pertinent to location pertinent to finding these people immediately the success stories have become so many I’ve almost lost track which is a good thing that’s why I’m very excited about that product it’s great as an integrator to work with a customer like the City of Hartford and the Harbor Police Department as a whole because they really buy into the concept of a single open platform solution which allows us to use a lot of tools in our belt whether it be video analytics video forensics an integration with access control integration with third-party applications such as ShotSpotter that they give us the wherewithal is a integrator to make recommendations and seriously consider them is very helpful no I think it’s mean a fantastic system very easy to use I come from no technical background at all I was a police officer this is where I learned everything on-the-job training we’ve become pretty proficient up here just with our daily use through the backend support from our vendors from milestone from access from brief cam and fantastic and every time the latest greatest comes out we get to view it and we get to play with it and I think we come up with ideas on how to use it I think that’s been it’s been the biggest benefit to us so what I’m doing in this next phase right now we’re beefing up our mobile service because my our game plan is to push every one of these down to a car all right start with our supervisors cars so they can actually have a visual a scene prior to arriving there they can know what they’re getting themselves into they can deploy based on what they view they can do investigative backhaul they can look things up if they need to if they need to get something out quickly they can do their own investigation were from a vehicle so it’s actually a push we’re making right now pretty heavy because I’d like to arm everybody in the street with everything you see up here and it’s just the efficiency alone we had when we first deployed some of these cameras within three days we did a coordinated narcotic sweep street-level drug dealings made 64 arrests in three days just by watching MOS seeing how people gathering intelligence for a day or two utilizing the cameras the detectives that we’re gonna be involved in the takedown swatch that they figured out where things were being hidden where people are what their hours of operation where what vehicles they were where they were stashing things so when we go out on a sweep like that it’s real easy and it makes a big impact on the community that is just sick and tired of watching it from their windows it doesn’t replace the cop on the street I need those guys you need people on the ground you need boots on the ground but what it does is I arm them with intelligence immediately that makes them that much more effective intelligence we would either not have found or found too late in the past we are now getting it to them in real time we’ve monitored what they did in Detroit with project greenlight and we’ve kind of decided how we’re going to deploy using access milestone to partner with our private businesses probably starting like they did in Detroit with gas stations I think that would just that would expand our capabilities I’ll provide the protection and your surety to these business owners that you know that they expect it and they you know they deserve it in the city we’re trying to promote our local businesses and we’re trying to give them the best coverage we can the best safety we can overall it’s been a very very successful project for all involved I could not have done it without the hard work of access of milestone working together to make sure that their products are in lockstep in terms of development as an integrator having the ability to just sort of turn things on be able to focus on the harder aspects of the integration which is of course the calibration and configuration aspects of it to not be able to focus on avoidable problems like that ability is a big time and a big win for the city helps keeps cost down helps us move on from objective to objective very quickly

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