Hive View: The Best Smart Home Camera for 2018?

Hive View: The Best Smart Home Camera for 2018?

– [Narrator] Hive is looking
to make a big splash in the United States with the release of its new Hive View smart camera. I was able to check out
the Hive View at CES and in this video, I tell you all about what sets this one apart
from the competition. What’s goin’ on Tech
Squad Andru Edwards here Editor-In-Chief at If this is your first time
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the bell Notification Icon so you don’t miss any future videos. As I said, today we are talking
about this guy right here. This is the brand new
Hive View smart camera, and I’m gonna tell you all
about this guy and why you might wanna consider it for your
next Smart Home purchase. And by the way, big
shout-out to Hive for sending over the Hive View and
for sponsoring this video. Hive is entering an already
crowded market with the Hive View but it does have a few
unique tricks up its sleeve. Biggest one is gonna be
the Grab and Go feature. The Hive View is able to
disconnect from its mount and be taken anywhere. So
if you wanna move the camera for a little while and record another part of your home, you can do that. Hive worked hard to make sure this feature worked well and also
looked good while doing it. And by the way if you’re
based in the US and you don’t know who Hive is, if you’ve
never heard of Hive you’re actually not alone; Hive
is huge over in the UK. In fact my friend Saf from SuperSaf TV, he told me that his home is outfitted with a bunch of different Hive devices. Not something that you’ll
typically find here in the US. Hive again is looking to
change that and make sure people know about them
here in the United States with the release of the Hive View. But before I get back to the Hive View let me tell you about some of the other things that Hive has to offer. Hive is all about sellin’
you different packages of products to get you
started on your Smart Home. Making it super easy to start
integrating things together. There’s a Starter Pack that lets you automate your lights, plugs, and sensors. There’s their Heating & Cooling package for temperature control and their most popular package is the Welcome Home Pack. That one combines everything you need to control everything
in your home with ease. So those are the pre-existing
packages that they sell. But let’s get back to the brand new Hive View and what this guy can do. The Hive View has all the usual features that you’d expect from
an indoor Smart Camera. That includes high-definition
live streaming, with 24 hours of footage
stored in the Cloud. If you wanna save more than 24 hours, Hive offers a 30-day paid service. The Hive Video Playback
Service costs $5.99 in the US and $6.99 if you’re up in Canada. Now like pretty much every
other smart camera out there, the Hive View is not
recording what it sees 24/7, instead it has a motion sensor built in, and when it senses motion it’ll
star recording right away; keep recording while
it senses that motion, and then store that clip up into the Cloud for you to see later. Of course you can also
use a smartphone app to connect directly to the Hive View to see what it sees in real time as well. The actual camera inside the Hive View does offer a wide-angle
viewing experience, it gives you about 130 degrees
for your field-of-view. It’s not quite as wide as
some other cameras out there, but it is still wide enough to get most of your room in view. Now as you can see, the
unique design here allows the camera to rotate on the
arm, it allows the arm to pivot, it allows you to spin and
turn the actual camera module, and again you can also just remove the camera module as well,
and take it with you. It’s got about an hour of
battery life when you do that. Now of course you can just place
the Hive View on a surface, but you can also mount it on a wall, or even hang it from a
ceiling; and that’s a use case that Hive says is very
popular among their customers. If you’re interested in
picking up the Hive View, it is available now for
$199, as I mentioned to you, Hive Video Playback Service
costs $5.99 here in the US and it’ll store up to 30
days of captured footage. And finally, the one I
have here is the Black and Brushed Copper model,
but they do also offer one in White and Champagne Gold. So there you have it
guys, that was your look at the brand new Hive View,
again available now, $199. It allows you to articulate
it a bunch of different ways. Very unique, and of course
like I said you can just remove that, and carry that
with you for a little while. Then you just get it right back on there, and it’ll charge right back up. Any questions about this
one, drop ’em down in the comments below, I’ll meet you
there for further discussion. And if you do comment,
let me know what your favorite smart home devices
are that you’ve started using, or if haven’t started getting into the Smart Home game just yet. If you’re enjoying this one please do drop a Like on this video
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watching as always guys, I appreciate your support;
I’m Andru Edwards, and I will catch you in the next video. (upbeat music)

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19 Replies to “Hive View: The Best Smart Home Camera for 2018?”

  1. Seems to lack local access, thus if they drop support for the camera, it will become an expensive brick. You also get charged ongoing fees for traditionally free features.

  2. A very nice compact looking camera. I’ve only recently started buying smart led bulbs since getting a 2nd gen Echo Dot over the holidays! Thinking about getting smart plugs next.

  3. Seriously hive view
    More robbery to your home SECURITY haha basically showing all thiefs your gadgets in your home if you go LIVE 😂😂🤬🤬😡

  4. I have the full hive package here in England except the Hive View camera, and as I already pay £5.99 a month for that package it’s becoming very expensive to Smart up your home with these devices. Now I will say however that as a user of hive and I eventually will buy the camera and pay the extra monthly subscription, hive is a wonderful way of making you lazy but it’s ultimately a cool product. So you Americans must purchase these products as they will work flawlessly. It’s a British Gas product ultimately owned by a french company called Centrica, so check it out and enjoy

  5. Just boxing mine up ready to send back to Amazon for a refund. I cannot distinguish between the anomalous faults with mine and its design flaws so bare that in mind. Problems were as follows: Defect with magnetic contacts which activated the "disconnected" chime ~5x day. I was once inundated with "Going…", "Going…", "Gone" e-mails from Hive overnight while the camera was mounted. These chimes triggered small recordings when sound detection was enabled. Sound detection triggers could not be heard in playback and it did not detect me stomping around in the same room at high sensitivity. Night vision was OK at short range but the Infrared rendered me unrecognisable. Detected me in the dark at ~1.5 metres but no further. Be sure to eliminate foreground objects that steal its focus in the dark. Enabling motion detection caused it to be triggered by dust ~1x/30mins. People detection, the only workaround was sensitive to my dog. I'd receive notifications with thumbnails of my dog's face when it "detected a person". Not pet friendly as advertised. There you have it. IMO, the Hive view is a fun toy but I don't think it is a market ready security device. Hopefully Hive will address these problems in a V2.

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