Home Alarm Systems Reviews: What’s in an Alarm Bill?

Home Alarm Systems Reviews: What’s in an Alarm Bill?

Hello and welcome to the FrontPoint’s podcast
series. This week’s topic is a great one if you’re shopping for a new home security
system. We’re going to talk about hidden fees that sometimes show up in a monthly alarm
bill. Not like the phone or cable company, that initial offer isn’t always often what
you end up paying with a home security system. So what are these hidden fees and how can
you avoid them? That’s this week’s topic. Okay Peter, let’s get right into it. What
are the components of a monthly alarm bill? It depends upon the services that you are
paying for and also who your alarm company is. But let’s look at the core of the alarm
bill. It’s for the intrusion monitoring. That means, when the alarm system is activated
the central station is going to try to verify the alarm and if they can’t they are going
to dispatch the police. So that’s the base. But as we’ve talked about before, alarm
systems can do many other things these days. Like what? What are some of the additions
people like to add to home security? Smoke, fire, water, temperature, other environmental
issues, carbon monoxide and that’s not to mention some of the interactive features that
are available out there. It sounds like those things would cost extra?
Again, depending upon the system that you have and who your alarm company is, you really
have to do your homework. Got it. Alright so talk to me about how an alarm bill can
add up. What is the base and how do they add the price to these things? Well let’s take
$35 as the standard alarm monitoring bill for traditional monitoring. By the time you
add cellular which could be $10, another $3 for fire, $4 for carbon monoxide, who knows
what for some of the addition features. You can be up to $50 or more before you know it
and it can be an unnecessary and unpleasant surprise. So I’m guessing the important
thing to do is ask a bunch of questions and maybe even read in the fine print in these
contracts. Absolutely, do your homework. And tell me how FrontPoint differs? What do
you do differently to make sure consumers aren’t surprised when they get the bill?
Well we came up with a much simpler billing plan. We have two levels of service and for
$32.99 you can have any type of sensor and any type of service. It really doesn’t matter
what type of sensors you’ve got and that’s about the least expensive cellular monitoring
you can find in the United States. For an additional $7, for $39.99, you also get our
interactive suite of services. Which means you got mobile access, online features, and
even video. So where as a lot of companies would charge you a la carte for all of these
additions, FrontPoint has simpler, all you can eat sort of pricing. That’s correct.
Alright well great information once again Peter. Thank you for taking the time. Thank
you for watching the FrontPoint podcast series. We’ll see you next time.

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