Home Security Camera and a Baby Monitor All In One

Home Security Camera and a Baby Monitor All In One

– The most important thing in
a house is a security system. And today we have eLinkSmart, a very handy and also not expensive camera that can be used wirelessly without any built in connection
and monitor your home. Let’s dig into it. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Three two one! So a couple of weeks ago,
eLinkSmart decided to sponsor this video and send me one
of their unit to review and I was very excited
because I was in need of a new camera and I
wanted something fancy because I wanted to put it in my garage. There is not a lot of
movement, but I like to have something there to keep an
eye on the stuff that I have. And sometimes, without getting outside, going inside the garage to see what I have in there, what I need to get. And be able to look
around, have a 360 view. And if I wanted to opt-in
for one popular camera that is out there, I had
to pay a lot of money to have that 360 field of
view, which is rotatable. So, I was excited, I
was like send one to me. And they sent one of their camera. First glance, I was very
excited because it checked all the things that I wanted it. Right in front of the box
we have the information of things that this little wireless camera can do for you, and back,
we also have couple of other information about what it can do. Again this is a 2-megapixel camera, and it’s actually meant for a baby cam, but you could use it for other
device…other stuff too, because right on the
side it says something interesting that when baby cries, it takes the voice and
it just lets you know, gives you notification. So anyway, exciting! Let’s open it up and let’s
see what we have inside. By the way, although they
sponsored this video, everything that I say is my opinion and I am not being paid to
say something on their behalf, so if there is something
wrong with this camera, I’ll be sure to let you guys know. First thing we have a user manual. This is pretty standard
in any electronic device that you get, they’ll
send you the user manual and I never go to ’em but it’s
nice that they include it. We have a warranty card And cloud storage. Yeah, so again, you have
to pay for cloud storage, but if you don’t want storage, you could use it without storage, or you use internal memory, if there is? I believe there is internal
memory for this camera. So we’re gonna open it up,
we have the camera itself. We have a plug, this
is the adapter for it. We have a stand, and a couple of screws, and of course, silicon gel that comes with everything that you buy now a days. So, first thing first,
this is the stand of it, it is… it is quite…it’s not steady, it’s quite flimsy but it does the job. Again, you’re paying a couple of, I believe like 20 to 30 bucks for this, so this, don’t expect to get really, really high quality stuff. For the money that you’re
paying I think this is perfect. This does the job, so I’m happy with the stand that they provide. Although, I’m not going
to be using this stand. And like I mentioned,
without opening the package, I can see there is a
slot for memory cards, so you can have internal
storage, if you like. So we’re gonna reveal the camera, and this thing doesn’t look
bad, this looks really nice. On the front, we have a
button that has a play on it. I don’t know what it plays. On the back of it we have a reset button, we have an input, and we have
a place for your SD card. It says TF, but I believe it’s SD card. I’m not sure. Anyway, so the way it works is, you could stand it, you
could have it stand alone, or you could connect it to the stand, and angle it in any way that you like if you put it on the wall. And basically use the screws
that are provided to mount it. Again, I’m not gonna
use it to…in that way, so I’m just gonna have it like this. And that’s it, it is plugged in. Turn on. Oh, it’s moving. It’s stuck. Oh no it was my finger in front of it. Okay. (camera beeps) This is loud. Play it, play button. Nothing happens. Okay, so it’s connected. I believe there is an app
that we should download for it to be able to control it, so
I’m gonna go to App Store. There should be a QR
code that you could scan, but if you don’t want
to scan it, which is, these are the QR codes, but
if you don’t wanna scan it, you could go and search it. But in this case, we are
gonna scan the QR code. So it is installed, and it is asking me to send me a notification. Let’s register and we call it AtReef. So right off the bat, the
actual interface is not bad. This sounds really
annoying so add a camera, we are connected and it gives me two, three minutes countdown. (camera beeps) Okay, let’s connect it again. Okay, so it didn’t work. Let’s try it again. This is annoying. – [Camera] Scan the code. – Three minutes countdown again. Ah, so we are connected. This is nice. Okay, so I’m gonna be
honest with you guys, this is not bad. This is a good app that
can offer you a lot of functionality at a very affordable price. This is a good camera, I like it. It does what I need it to do. It is… (phone ringing) Who is it calling? Who is it call? Hello? It’s calling, so when
you press this button, it’s calling someone. (phone rings) Who are you calling? Ah, so it sends me
notification on my phone that somebody is calling you. Okay, I have to be honest, let’s put all this aside
and let’s get honest, and right into it. It is a cool gadget, it is a cool device. It is cheap, it does the job, and it records video at a decent quality. Is it going to replace your Nest Cam? No. Is it going to replace
your Amazon Cam? No. Is it good quality? No. But for the price, it’s not bad. I think this is good for something that you just wanna throw
somewhere and get access to, and then not worry about it being broken or anything happen to it. Do I recommend it?
Depend on your situation. If you have something that
maybe requires monitoring, for example, I used to own an aquarium, and if I had my aquarium, I would have put it in
front of my aquarium to be able to look at my fish tank 24/7. The quality of the video is not bad, compared to some that
I have seen out there. This is a not bad of a quality. This gives out good video, anyway, at the end, this gives out decent video. You could take picture, you could record it to your phone storage, you could record it internally, you could even record it
on a cloud that they offer. Not gonna opt-in for the cloud because I believe that’s too much money but it’s not a bad
camera to recommendation. You could…you could
use in any situation. Check ’em out, I’m gonna
leave the link down below. Let me know what you guys think of it. Do you wanna spend a little money on this? Or do you wanna save up and get the Nest or the Amazon Camera? As always, thank you for watching, I will check you guys on the next one. (techno music) – [Female Narrator] Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. – [Male Narrator] Click, listen, enjoy. (techno music)

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  1. thanks for sharing. actually there are many features about the camera. it could send alarms when detect sound or motion, a moving tracer also. you could play stories and songs through the APP. for more information. no doubt, a wonderful product!

  2. We live in a private house and the problem of leaving the child unattended on the 2nd floor became immediately! But my husband gave me a baby monitor, MonBaby. This is the coolest thing you could think of. Now, without worry, we can leave the child alone to the nursery while he sleeps, while we ourselves are doing household chores.

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