Home Security Company Helps With Free Alarm Systems

Home Security Company Helps With Free Alarm Systems

Reporter: Your home might be your castle,
but we know it might not be totally secure. Reporter: So it always helps when someone
is watching over you. Alarm systems can provide that blanket of
security, but what if you can’t afford one? As CBS11 Shari Williams explains, one North
Texas company might be able to help. Reporter: Robbie Fisher lives in a quiet,
gated community in North Dallas County. She’s never had any problems in her neighborhood
and yet, [pause] [beeps] she’s having a special security alarm system installed in
her home and it’s all for free. Robbie: It means a lot to me. Reporter: Smith Monitoring in Dallas recently
launched a program called Smith Cares. Dan Stolzfus: We feel like we’re like very
fortunate, very blessed through the business that we own and we wanted to figure out a
way that we can use our influence to impact the community. Reporter: The program provides free alarms
to victims of child abuse, domestic violence, repeated crimes, or in Fisher’s case, families
with special medical situations. Robbie’s sister-in-law, Diane, is a Vietnam
veteran. While serving her country, she had the difficult
task of working in body retrieval. Robbie: Which was very traumatic and so it’s
been a difficult time for her. Reporter: After Diane suffered several strokes,
Robbie moved her sister-in-law in with her to care for her. The stroke’s have affected Diane’s mobility
and memory and that’s lead to some close calls after she tried wandering out of the
house. Robbie: Sometimes at night, she’ll get confused
and doesn’t know where she is and she forgets to call me, so then that way I’ll be alerted. Reporter: The new alarm system will not only
help deter burglars but will also silently alert Robbie if there’s motion in the house
or at the medicine cabinet, all to help protect Diane. [control panel: garage door]
Robbie: It’s gonna be a big relief for me because my sister-in-law is not that old and
I want her to maintain a normal life as much as possible. Reporter: In Dallas, Shari Williams, CBS11
News. Reporter: Smith Monitoring says it hopes to
spread the free alarm program beyond DFW into other parts of Texas, Georgia, and even California.

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