Home Security | Consumer 101

Home Security | Consumer 101

you love your things cool clothes
awesome video games you want to keep what you have safe from burglars right
you might take summer vacations but they don’t here are some tips from Consumer
Reports to protect your property when you’re not home eliminate hiding places
like those shrubs in front of your windows light up the outside with motion
sensors and path lights no bad guys like those and with the right device your
doorbell can activate the lights make your door harder to kick in these short
screws only go into the trim no match for your average bad guy boot replace
the strike plate with one that has four long screws in a recessed pocket that
fastens into the stud tests discover that a strike plate improved the performance
of every lock they were paired with always lock these burglars hate dogs so
make it look like you have one oh look at you who’s my good little non-existent
doggie have your mail picked up daily leave
your yard looking lived in and enjoy your vacation

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