Home Security – How To Install – Menards

Home Security – How To Install – Menards

Safety protection and peace of mind are all
just some of the reasons why installing a video surveillance security system can be
a rewarding project. Todays systems use multiple cameras that record
both day and night and save images to a digital video recorder that can be re-played at or
away from home via an internet connection, or through an app on your smartphone.
Installing a home security system is economical and a great do-it-yourself project.
First of all, determine what areas you want to cover and how large of system youll need.
In this case, we want to cover the front door and driveway, the back door and patio area,
so were going to go with this 4 camera system by first alert.
Once youve decided where you want your cameras placed, youll need to determine where the
dvr will be located. Then, you need to determine how you want to run the wires from the cameras
to the dvr. The four cameras work indoors or out and feature
infrared vision to see up to 50 feet away at night.
Mount the cameras with screws and wall anchors and aim them in the direction you wish. The mounting bracket can be installed from
above the camera or below. Then, a hole is drilled to feed the wires
into the house and sealed with caulk. For example, the wires on this eave mounted camera
go through the eave and into the attic. For this gable mounted camera, a hole is drilled
into the wall and the wires are fed into the attic. From there they can be fished through
walls similar to electrical wiring, or can be concealed behind baseboards or crown molding.
Use similar methods for indoor camera installations. The kit includes four sets of 60-foot long
wires that run from the cameras to the dvr, but you can place the cameras up to 300 feet
away by using optional cabling which is sold separately.
Once the power and video cables have been run they can be connected to the dvr and the
system powered up. The system includes a 500 giga-bite digital video recorder that includes
a 7-inch built-in lcd screen and handy remote control. Setup instructions are included with
your system, but briefly, after setting your password, you set the language, date and time.
Then the camera display setup is chosen. For example, the front door camera is displayed
at the top left of the monitor and so on. Then, you can choose the record mode from
three options; continuous, scheduled or motion. Continuous mode is self-explanatory, but you
can also set the system to record only during certain times of the day or only when the
cameras sense motion. Its a great way to save space on your hard
drive. There are two different options for playback.
You can use the play, pause, fast-forward and rewind controls like a vcr, or you can
choose a specific month, day and hour to playback. You can also set up options for remote viewing
through the internet or your smartphone. Whether its surveillance for a business,home,
indoors or out, talk to a helpful Menards team member about your needs and what options
are available.

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