Home Security – July 18, 2016

Home Security – July 18, 2016

ON THE DOODOOR FROM A SALES PERA WARM SUMMER EVENING. SOME ARE JUST DRUMMING UP BUSINESS, BUT OTHERS COULD BE LURING YOU IN TO SOMETHING YOU DON’T NEED. MIRANDA COMBS IS LOOKING AT SUMMER SCAMS THIS WEEK. AND ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR COMPLAINTS IS SALES PEOPLE SELLING SECURITY SYSTEMS.. the neal family believes in signs… the kind that respectfully tell neighbors what to do….but there’s a new one…one they wish would go away… 14:18:27 “it tells on me. i like to get up every morning and drink my coffee and it wakes her up, “Back door” “front door” they can kind of joke about it now… it’s been about a month since a salesman came to visit. 14:02:50 “he was selling a security system.” they didn’t even want one… 14:19:05 “he’s better than any used car salesman I ever talked to.” and after about 30 minutes… the sales pitch paid off. 14:03:37 “we decided we would do it.” and just a short time later… nat–alarm they had this new addition to thier home.. but after sitting with it for a day…they realized the whole thing just didn’t fit. 14:06:00 “i said we just want it out of our home, we don’t want it.” 14:22:17 “cancel it not later than midnight of 6/21/16 and you called the day before that and the day of that? yes.” but they couldn’t get it canceled. 14:15:45 “i got a little hot and i got a little rude with him.” the only way to get rid of this… is to pay. 14:22:53 “that’s three thousand dollars! yeah, that’s three thousand dollars.” and then they started researching… 14:15:08 “this is a form saying that they’re not a member of hte BBB ey’ve had 204omplaints that ey ven’t coldith.” 17:53:50 ummer is here and that’s when e season picks up the neals called heather cly with the better business re.she knew about the der curity company…the method of le, she says, isn’t uncommon… 17:545 “you’re getting people at the int where they need it, you y wouldn’t yoliek torotect is luable asset of yos and your mily? we can make that ppen.” standup clary says first off… you ouldn t anybody selling anything come in you house…and if you’re interesd in what they are selling slow wn…do researchefore your agree to anything… they’re git they’ll wait. :54:36 “anybody using scare tactics or gh pressure tactics is already reason to put on the breaks d think more refully.” 14:12:40 t’s not righthe way people e taking advangof people ke this.” rightow, they a ntinuing to pay the month charge… they don’t knowhat se to do…but they kn now at they’ll never do ain. 14:09:48 wished i’d ner let him in the door, i shed i’d never let m in the or.” CAMERA ONE MONITOR ANDING RANDA COMBS CALLED ADLER CURITY AND LEFT MESSAGE IDAY. THEY LLED BA D ITHEY CANCELED THE FAMILY’S RVICE AND GAVE THEM A REFD. MIRANDA COMBS CALLED ADLER CURITY AND LEFA MESSAGE FRIDAY. THEY CALLED BACK AND SAID THEY CANCELED THE FAMILY’S SERVICE AND GAVE THEM A REFUND. LATER IN SPORTS … CHANGES ARE COMING TO THE N-C-A-A BASKETBALL

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