Home Security Reviews: Protect America Home Security System

Home Security Reviews: Protect America Home Security System

Hi, I’m Davis Burns, senior review editor
at InHomeSafetyGuide, the most trusted online source for reviews to help keep you and your
loved ones safe. In this quick overview of Protect America’s
home security system, we’ll cover 4 key components which can serve as your guide to selecting
the best product for your needs. They are…. Setup and ease of use, Equipment and security
features, Cost and value, Customer service Okay, let’s get started – SETUP AND EASE OF
USE. The Protect America system doesn’t have any
wires that are common among older, more traditional systems, which means it is extremely easy
to set up. Because installation is so simple, there’s
no need to schedule an appointment with an installation professional. If you run into trouble when setting up your
system, it is extremely easy to get help. You can always call in and speak with a CARE
representative who will be able to walk you through the process step-by-step, but you
can also visit Protect America’s customer support page to watch installation videos
and view information on each particular piece of equipment. Easy installation also means you have the
ability to arrange the security equipment however you like all over your home. If you move, you can take your system with
you by ordering Protect America’s EasyMove Kit. Now for the second key component – EQUIPMENT
AND SECURITY FEATURES. Protect America offers a wide array of equipment,
package choices, and monitoring options to fit your budget. The Copper Package includes three sensors
and 1 motion detector. The Platinum Package is the best option and
includes 14 sensors and 1 motion detector. Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packages are also
available. No matter which package you choose, it is
completely customizable. Protect America allows you to add additional
equipment like cameras, glass break sensors, monitored smoke detectors, and driveway sensors. All packages include a control panel, but
the kind of panel you get depends on the package you choose. Only the Silver, Gold, and Platinum Packages
include the touchscreen panel. The Copper and Bronze Packages come with a
traditional push-button control panel instead. No matter which panel you choose, it can be
combined with your security equipment, as well as a home automation system. The only downside of having a panel is that
it can be destroyed by an intruder, compromising the entire system. The third key component is COST AND VALUE. Protect America offers outstanding value because
there are multiple options to meet any budget. You can pay as little as $19.99 per month
or up to $42.99 per month with multiple price points in between. The equipment is free, so there is no upfront
cost, and because the equipment comes with a lifetime warranty, you can trust that it
will be replaced for free if you experience any issues. The system is completely customizable, which
means you can choose a basic plan and customize it with additional equipment and features
that meet your needs. You have the choice of additional home security
equipment, but Protect America also offers some other unexpected features, like a medical
alert system pendant. If you have an existing system, Protect America
will allow you to continue using that equipment. They even offer special packages for businesses. You’d be hard pressed to find a more flexible
and low-cost home security system. And lastly, CUSTOMER SERVICE. Protect America takes customer service seriously. They offer multiple ways for you to get a
hold of them. You can call in and speak to a CARE representative,
you can chat with them online, or you can send them an email. You can even contact the CEO directly. As with other systems, you can expect 24/7
support, and with 20 years of experience, you can depend on the quality of the service
they have to offer. The only downside is that Protect America
does not offer a self-monitoring option. Protect America is a leader in technology-enabled,
self-installed home security and automation, and that becomes apparent as soon as you realize
just how many different kinds of equipment and services can be added to their packages. Because there are no up-front costs and plans
are among the most affordable in the industry, InHomeSafetyGuide believes Protect America
is one of the best home security systems available today. It’s also why we gave them an overall score
of 9.3. For complete details on Protect America’s
home security system, our scoring criteria, and ways to save, please read our full review. I’m Davis Burns, thanks for watching.

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