Home Security Should Be A Priority | Active Self Protection

Home Security Should Be A Priority | Active Self Protection

there’s a reason I recommend having the ability to see who’s at your door before you open your door welcome to today’s active self-protection lesson I’m your host John Korea active self-protection exists to educate good people like you to better protect yourself and your loved ones today’s video comes to us out of Bakersfield California in the United States and it shows a couple who comes to their front door when a woman knocks on it and it was not a great idea today’s video is brought to you by the generosity of new bold targets new bold targets are self sealing reactive polymer targets that act like steel targets for training and practice but are safer than steel they allow bullets to pass completely through the target without ricochet or lead splatter check out their links in the description and thank them for bringing us today’s video the woman that you see here in the video there’s a link in the description to her talking about what she’s done from jail while she awaits her trial and you can see she is wanted in a string of burglaries and robberies here go read the news stories and you’ll see what’s going on inside this house is a high-stakes poker game and she is going to be the lookout who is going to get them to open the door now let’s listen in and hear how the conversation goes [Music] there’s no video from the inside cops apparently are still looking for a couple of people involved here and that’s where this one ends scary stuff for sure and I have a poll question out of today’s video for you do you open your door when someone knocks on it and you don’t know who’s on the other side hit the poll and let me know if you do or if you just let it go I gotta be honest with you I get a lot of package deliveries at my house and you know whether it’s UPS or FedEx or whatever so I always look outside first but I certainly do open the door when people are not in even for people I don’t know but it’s something for us to really think about first thing I want to think about is door security and how important front door security can be I want to talk about home invasions and the danger that they can face and I want to talk about the thought here of carrying your defensive tools at home so first on this one I want to talk about the value of having a camera or something mounted on your front door because if you have that you don’t even have to open the front door and you can still address whoever it is outside now obviously these people did which is why we get to see this but others did not and even with this they just opened the front door for I’d really recommend to assess who’s out there do I know this person what’s going on can I talk to them through the door because otherwise you open your door to threats into dangers and I get it I just told you I do that all the time as well but I always look out and if it’s somebody that I don’t know I address them through the door first because that way you can kind of assess their intent and what’s going on in their world now she’s gonna come up here and she’s looking around and again if you’re watching on the ring doorbell here you can see the fact that things are squirrely now she could just be you know lost and wondering if anyone’s home and is everybody okay but you can see her kind of communicating with somebody and clearly things aren’t quite right she’s not comfortable she’s got her hands up close to her you can tell she’s not excited to be there and she’s communicating with someone outside now of course I’m gonna say as well even if you do open the door something like a security screen door incredibly important as these guys open the door she asks them an odd question and they don’t understand it which is a great reason to have it again a security screen door that you can talk through now you see this that right there was the sign and now these guys are coming around now you see guys coming around with one handgun and one long gun now I don’t want to have a fight against the guy with the hand getting along good coming for a home invasion especially with you know a bunch of money or whatever in my house with just a little pocket handgun on me on my person but it’s sure better than nothing so I would recommend again that you think about either having something nearby of course secured appropriately or on your person even in your home I get it some people are not going to want to do that they think it’s too far but if you don’t have one or the other some kind of a tool on your person and/or a security screen door and or a hard lock door I think you’re making a big mistake now notice guy comes in here and now our bad guy kicks that door right down so guys trying to get the door closed here but he’s not able to get it closed all the way I highly recommend again a security screen door that is properly secured to the doorframe I highly recommend that your door your front door have way more than the standard you know carriage bolts and stuff like that way more than the standard screws in it at the very least long 3-inch case-hardened screws that connect your door to your door frame even better a reinforced door frame so that it cannot be kicked in like this now of course what time of night is it all these things doing stupid things I think is part of this so these guys are having a high-stakes poker game which I highly doubt is legal in their area and I also think again when you invite a bunch of people into your house and you talk about the fact that I’m gonna have a bunch of valuables around we’re gonna have all kinds of cash around things are gonna be doing all these kinds of things you kind of invite bad folks around so you got to follow the rules of stupid because late at night you’re out with stupid people perhaps doing some stupid things bad things can happen to you so so make sure that our home security is up-to-date and adequate here let’s also make sure that we’re thinking about how good the things are that we are doing let’s make sure we understand body language and not to open the door for people we don’t know so that we can cover our ASP [Music] [Music] [Music]

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100 Replies to “Home Security Should Be A Priority | Active Self Protection”

  1. Watching these videos taught me to not open the door for people that i dont know, even when im carrying.

  2. I use security gate with both nob lock and dead bolt locked and 3 1/2 screws for all parts of both doors into the frame work if that fails I have a G27 for them. But yes having my son with me I would never open the door to someone I don’t know. All talking can be done through the security gate

  3. So they somehow knew a poker game was taking place inside this apparently private residence?
    Sounds like the owners, or at least one of their guests, is closely associated with these criminals and provided them intel of the nights activities.

    Cops are still looking for the other suspects? But the girl is in custody… how can they not have the names and locations of the other suspects? Get to work officers: water boarding, foot burning, and whipping… get some answers!

  4. I got a Ring doorbell a couple months ago. I get a notification on my phone as soon as motion is detected at the front door. It's a nice luxury to have. In my previous home I would never answer my door if I din't know the person on the other side. We had those sidelight windows on either side of the front door. In many cases, the person ringing the doorbell could see me sitting on the sofa and I wouldn't even get up. I'd just look at them like they were crazy.

  5. oh man, look at those criminals going thru all background check and waiting period to get that license to carry them guns.

  6. There is a place to look who's on the other side and at a night time it is absolutely an awful idea to just open the door like that, ask who it is and what they want first then lock the doors if you don't trust them or you just don't feel safe, go away from there and call the cops if they are trying to breach the door. I thought this was a common sense…

  7. I have two doors. The inner door is made of wood. The outer door is strong wire mesh. It cannot stop a bullet but it can stop a human hand or leg. A hammer or pick could dent it or put holes in it. It still allows me to see enough of the person outside so I can smell alcohol or see a weapon. Both doors need a key to open. Even if a gunman shoots me he still cannot open either door.

  8. We actually open our garage door when someone knocks at our front door. This provides 25’ distance and no blind corners for ambush. And that’s with 3 cameras on just the front of our house and three motion activated flood lights. I agree 100% that a “Storm Door” not screen door is a great option. They are a little studier then you would think and would easily give you the time needed to close and relook the front door. We also have a storm door and it is always locked. I also always have my wife answer while I’m posted in a defensive position for counter ambush. And kids sent to their rooms on other end of the house. We don’t have visitors so anytime there is someone at the door it’s out of the norm so kinda makes always being defensive a little easier.

  9. Most wouldn't consider a GIRL as a threat. I think the criminals used this to their advantage to get them to open up. It also sounds like someone got shot before they gunman even entered the home, meaning it was an inside job. Someone inside was already ready for it.

  10. in the words of my great grand mother, "hell, fuck no." I dont open the door for anyone. Leave the package there. Thank you. Or my classic, im naked, go away. Really i have a G17 muzzled too the door at them.

  11. I never answer my door without my firearm in my hand no matter what time of the day it is no matter even if I'm expecting someone coming.

  12. The Ring Video Doorbell is supposed to have a speaker so the owners don’t even have to come to the door to see who it is. They should have used it.

  13. I have a screened in porch before someone gets to the front door. I latch the screen door shut, so if someone comes to my front door I already know they're up to no good.

  14. Same Tactic was used on us . Girl alone. Talked through door and saw car in street. She says the people down the the street were having a party and to come get me.
    I asked who, where . did not recognize name. Did not know anyone down where she said the party was.And I had backup with me. I hate to admit this but it looks and sounds like drugs and
    no moral Christian beliefs are at an all time high, at least in my lifetime. Men are afraid to simply try to go to Church. Afraid of thinking deeper maybe.

  15. Videos like this is why I laugh when I hear anyone complain about law-abiding Americans owning and keeping on them a gun.

  16. common sense. other than that appendix carry with 9+1 ready to roll. never! ever! open your doors after dark! Your house is your fort and you would lower the draw bridge for any fools to plunder and pillage your castle? IQ = that of a squirrel's

  17. I almost never answer the door. 90% of the time it's salespeople that I don't want to talk to. The other 10% it's my neighbors that I don't want to talk to. lol.

  18. Security door. I can open and still keep them out. I can see them, they cannot see me. And they sure as hell can hear my dogs.

  19. I've had our local PD come knocking on my door but I did not answer it, the officer left one of his cards with a note on it.  I don't open my door unless someone has an appointment,  Yeah  I have trust issues.

  20. I live in a nice area but actually worry more about my kid's safety while he is running around the neighborhood after school or on weekends; but I do lock-up after dark and the door is not going to be opened to anyone I don't know. Strangely, my wife is less capable of security than I am. She would open the door or forget to turn on the alarm. Hopefully the worst we ever get is some fool coming to steal my doorbell cam (which I guess is popular in some areas).

  21. Wearing masks when doing crimes with girls involved are pointless. Once she gets caught and starts getting hit with charges, she’ll start to sing like a canary.

  22. Thankfully, my wife and I were able to buy a house in a really peaceful, nice neighborhood where the worst thing that happens is an old guy that jogs at night. Additionally, our door has a window and is always deadbolted. All the same, I ALWAYS have my handgun on me at home, and we plan on installing a home security system. Need to look into reinforcing the door as well.

  23. real simple bring no money to these games and use chips pay the people later somewhere that is safe and at different locations ? who the hell would publicly say that a bunch of money is being brought to an unsecured location kind of stupid

  24. I generally open the door without looking. Though I'd defiantly look and have a gun if I had a high steaks poker game going on. Don't those things generally have door men?

  25. If someone is knocking my glock will be in my hand ready to go. I wouldn't open the door. I'd be calling the cops to squeeze the bastards in from both sides

  26. said a few times already, but this seems like an inside job. 'high stakes' poker game and that just so happens to be the night the home is targeted?

  27. There's an upstairs window above my door I don't open anything for people I don't know. There's also stairs on the inside from the door so I just ask from up top who's knocking. The worst is what I do to Jehovah's Witnesses. They have a tendency to knock early as hell on Saturdays. However when I ask who it is, they never answer. So I just leave them down there. I watch them from up top when they leave, and I don't feel bad about it.

  28. One night somebody came knocking on my door after midnight.
    I am from the country, so i have a camo outfit on.
    I went out of my house from the back and started flanking them.
    The dude saw me go from my house into the trees, and he took off running to a Mustang car waiting for him.
    I scared the shit out of them.
    They was looking to rob a house, and hoping i was an easy victim.
    I am always armed, even in my own house.
    They are lucky to be alive.
    I know they didn't stop robbing houses, but maybe i scared them from doing it again.
    But i doubt it.
    My father is alo ex military and always armed.
    But i am a little more on home protection then he is.
    I even do a perimeter check at night around my property.
    Its my property, I can sleep in my yard if i want to.
    Later i added cameras, alarms, sensor lights and fences to help keep us safe.
    Its a shit life to be a prisoner in your own home.
    But you gotta do what you gotta do.

  29. I will open my door, but I always ask who it is. If I don't know the person and I feel like opening it, I will usually Crack it open and have my glock 19 (carry gun) in my hand so they can't see it behind the door.

  30. I might open the door, but my security storm door is always locked. So even it it turned out to be a bad guy/girl, they can't get in right away…

  31. Even if it’s a young lady, I always have something on me even when speaking to a stranger through the window. I also speak through the cameras

  32. I do open the door but I have a solid security door outside the actual front door, but before opening I do look out my side window to see who is there first, I do also have a front doorbell security camera as well as security cameras on the outside of the house. I usually have my handgun on me upon answering the door but if they would to shoot first it would go thru the openings of the security door, but I am usually ready first while I open the door…

  33. John, my wife and I NEVER open a door when we are not expecting someone. When we do, we assess the situation and ALWAYS have a gun in our hand before opening the door. And we live in a good area in SW Florida. Be prepared and armed and you will never have a problem at home!

  34. I always have my weapon in me in my home (if I've been out) otherwise I have my 12 gage at my bedside

  35. Pardon my language, but fuck no. I don't open my door for anyone. I don't care if you need a can of gas or are trying to preach the good word. Opening the door to talk about spreading the good word, isn't worth me meeting my maker. All cliches aside, even for the government or a package carrier who needs a signature, I don't open the door. I'll pick up the package at the distribution center and if the government really wants in, they're gonna break that bitch down anyways to "talk" to me. Carry at home, never open your door for strangers.

  36. Anyone know if Cops went after the “high stakes poker game?”

    Illegal if government doesn’t get their cut.

  37. There’s an easy solution to this situation. Don’t affiliate with gangbangers and host high-stakes poker games.

  38. My mothers house got shot at 5 months ago. By a group of males. Whyll we were just relaxing and she's 80 years old.

  39. “You got to know when to hold em, when to fold em, when to walk away and when to run” – Kenny Rogers

  40. I’m in Texas. If i open the door, i have my .45 long colt Judge ready behind my back. It doesn’t have a safety 🤷🏼‍♂️

  41. I use Blue Iris software running 24/7 on an old PC. Takes more thought than a system you buy at Home Depot but offers business class performance for $50.

  42. I'm in an apartment so I'm stuck with the door the way it is, at least it's got a peep hole. However, I wear my full EDC until I go to bed. And I never answer my door unless I'm armed. Do the best you can with what you've got. Awesome video, keep up the great work.

  43. No I don't ever open my if I don't know the person on the other side of it and luckily we have a security door.

  44. Most people would benefit more spending the first $1200 on perimeter lighting/cams and a "burglar door" b4 buying firearms.

    If those home invaders were using "concealment vs. Cover" ; could have shot them through the garage door or side window?

    Mas Ayoob's book the truth about self-protection is old but useful on this topic.

    Love your channel and the work you do John!!!

  45. I don't come to the door without my 40 on my hip, and my dog beside me, keyhole first, stay awake, stay alert, stay alive

  46. I NEVER open my door to someone I don’t know, or when I’m not expecting someone to drop by the house.

  47. Re: your poll….I use surveillance camera, then approach strangers from the outside with CCW……. My, how the World has changed !

  48. Anyone can get a UPS or FedEx uniform and pop u right at the front door.. only in america tho

  49. I usually won't, but either way the best case scenario for anyone with a gun and malicious intent is they shoot me while I'm shooting them.

  50. In South Africa you first need to get through the palisade + electric fencing + guard dogs before you can knock. So no

  51. I don't stand on the other side of my door to talk to people either. A battery operated intercom is a good investment.

  52. Bad security camera angle, if it was a Ring doorbell angle you could clearly see and identify faces, and see to the end of their entrance. Also, if I were running a high stakes game inside, I'd be screening anyone knocking at my door unexpectedly and preparing appropriately. Some people have to learn the hard way.

  53. I yell through the door if I can't see who's there Black Belt in Shotokan Karate and any man trying to come through my door with a weapons arm is gonna be broken before he even realizes it broke disarmed and if a second weapon or individual is involved I now have his shotgun "good luck handgun Goon eat your buddies buckshot!" BOW but If they know me when I yell or I see them and if I know them and that's the intent either way that's the plan as that girl might have been someone they know else how would she know the money's there?

  54. Under typical situations I open it but I have a metal security door that opens outward. What happens often FedEx or whatever rings the bell then leaves a package, If I just miss them I do not open the door for a bit JUST in case it was not fedex.

  55. So I grew up in sin city and only lived at night. Grew up seeing more than many others life times combined. I didnt know the rules of stupid, I just thought the world was evil. After growing up, yeah. Bad shit happens at night. Sometimes during the day but the real people too fear come play at night. Rarely during the day.

  56. "A commando is just someone trained to fight under a very specific set of circumstances. When things go right, commandos can appear nearly invincible. When things go wrong – they get killed like anyone else."-Michael Weston, Burn Notice

    I think the world needs self-defense commandos. Normal people who are as ready for the most common self-defense scenarios as SWAT is for hostage-rescue and SEALs are for infiltration/assassination. Content like this is a great start. If more people were truly prepared, the outcomes of the videos shown on this channel would be positively different X% of the time. The world needs wolf-eating sharks in sheep's clothing.

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