Home Security Systems St. Louis – SkyBell Smart Video Doorbell in St. Louis!

Home Security Systems St. Louis – SkyBell Smart Video Doorbell in St. Louis!

welcome to Sky Bell we’re making homes
and neighborhoods safer starting at the front door sky Bell is a video doorbell
that sends live video of your front door to your smartphone so you can always
know who’s at the door even when you’re not home can I help you uh somebody
reported power outage everything’s fine at this house you must be mistaken oh
okay sky Bell has already helped customers prevent robberies before they
happen we also believe that the things that
keep you safe should also keep you connected to the ones you love could I
meet you oh that’s great sweetheart and make your life a little easier I have a
package for Rachel great I’ll be home soon can you leave it on the side of the
house with a sky Bell HD at your front door you can see here and speak to a
visitor with the free iOS and Android mobile apps day or night rain or shine
you’ll answer the door on your terms with more control than ever hi I’m here
to discuss some new options about your cable plan no thank you not interested making your home safer has never been so
easy Skye Bell hd’s motion sensor will alert you when an unwanted visitor
doesn’t press the doorbell and full-color night vision helps you see
perfectly at night that Victor no it’s not Victor hit the lights sky Bell HD goes beyond home security
with features that make your life easier keep your home silent while your baby
sleeps ensuring that quiet time stays quiet with the silent mode feature you
can turn off the indoor chime and still receive notifications on your phone sky
Bell HD records each video you see so you can watch or download the video at a
later time even if you didn’t see it live Sky Bell HD is highly regarded by
the press and our customers when combined with other smart home products
like Lux lights and indoor cameras sky Bell HD becomes the eyes to your smart
home we’ve partnered with some of the biggest companies in the world extending
their coverage to your front door sky Bell HD replaces your current doorbell
and connects to the same wires powering your doorbell installation is a snap
Skye Bell HD is weatherproof and made in the USA with a sky Bell HD at your front
door you’re free to leave the house and still answer the door free from
inconvenience free from fear for your family’s safety free to enjoy the
moments that matter most free to live your life
we hope you’ll join us in making your home and neighborhoods safer starting at
the front door you

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