Honeywell Lyric Controller – Alarm Monitoring Services

Honeywell Lyric Controller – Alarm Monitoring Services

the alarm sounded now what if your lyric controller alarm sound your home screen will show it’s an alarm state if the alarm sound please assess the situation and get yourself and your family to safety first if the situation is under control just enter your four-digit user code to silence the alarm around this time you should expect a phone call from your alarm monitoring service provider when asked provide the operator with the passcode you created during installation if you do not answer the call or an incorrect passcode is provided the operator will notify the authorities if everything is ok please stay on the phone with the operator to verify your situation once the correct passcode is acknowledged the operator will help you reset your system lyric home screen will show you what triggered the alarm from motion within your home or an open window or door to reset your system simply enter your user code protecting your home another benefit of your Honeywell lyric controller

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